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14th-Feb-2014 11:25 pm - the best valentine's ever
Who: Prowl & Chromedome
What: Partnerships are strained.
When: Feb 14
Where: Laboratory in Liege's Temple
Notes: N/A

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14th-Jan-2014 06:47 am
Who: Prowl & YOU
What: Prowl wakes up from his Lambda-induced coma.
When: Jan 11th
Where: Liege's temple

Liege's Temple

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Solus' Clinic

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22nd-Nov-2013 01:53 pm - Waiting For A Ride In the Dark
WHO: Garrod Ran & Prowl
WHERE: Nexus Prime's Neighborhood
WHEN: ...Now?!
WHAT: In a land of giants, getting around is going to be a pain. Thankfully! there's a lot of free rides around!

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19th-Nov-2013 10:43 pm - I can hear them coming [closed]
WHO: Kagerou, Arcee, Prowl & Chromedome
WHERE: Various locations of dubious purpose
WHEN: A few days Post-Pillar event
WHAT: Kidnap, brainwashing, terrible, terrible things.
Robot brain washing.

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19th-Aug-2013 07:42 pm - When you get back...
Who: Chromedome and anyone
Where: Solus' Temple
When: Shortly after Rewind goes into a coma
What: Sad wife is sad
Warnings: Angst
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WHO: Kaon + Members of the PF Force who responded to this & McCrane
WHERE: Nexus' Quadrant & Tarn's house
WHEN: Backdated to July 30th
WHAT: A) Searching for Ambulon's Body and B) rifling around in Tarn's House 
WARNINGS: Some robogore when they find Ambu's corpse!

With both teams assembled and set in motion, the first hour of each mission began in haste.

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WHO: IDW Perceptor and whoever might be outside the bounds of Haven
WHERE: Beyond Haven's boundaries, into the wastes
WHEN: Right after Wing's display during the Games and Airshow
WHAT: Perceptor's running from himself.
WARNINGS: Wangst of the emo variety.

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2nd-Jul-2013 08:13 pm - [ open ]
WHO: Arcee & anyone
WHERE: Mostly Leige's place, but she's going to be checking other places. Please note where they're at!
WHEN: Over the week
WHAT: Arcee scouting around, clinging to buildings, invading ceilings and vents, perching on roofs, and generally spying on people and being awkward.
WARNINGS: None currently?

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17th-Jun-2013 12:04 am - [CLOSED]
WHO: Prowl, Perceptor, & Liege Maximo
WHERE: The maze within Liege's Temple
WHEN: BACKDATED to May 17th (exactly one month ago) Continued from here
WHAT: Prowl discusses schemes with Perceptor and attracts some company
WARNINGS: Very devious plotting B)

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8th-Jun-2013 06:25 pm - Camping! [Open]
WHO: Cody and his fellow campers
WHERE: In Alpha Trion's quadrant, a short distance from the lake
WHEN: Saturday - Monday
WHAT: Camping!
WARNINGS: Who knows
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6th-Jun-2013 01:55 pm - [Open] Gifts and Making Friends
WHO: Flonne and you~
WHERE: Prima’s Quadrant/Police Headquarters
WHEN: Around now
WHAT: Flonne wandering, but wandering with a purpose in a quest to befriend the one and only Mr. Grumpy who is also known as Prowl. Crayon pictures may be involved.
WARNINGS: None so far, unless you count the fact Flonne is dense as a brick. Will add when needed.

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3rd-Jun-2013 09:26 pm - Triumverate
Who: McCrane, Blurr, and Prowl
What: Organizing the police force, assigning duties, and getting to know each other
When: Now-ish
Where: Police Headquarters...Ultra Magnus's old office.


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14th-May-2013 02:42 pm - bad cop, bad cop
WHO: Prowl, Rewind, and Quickstrike
WHERE: Police HQ
WHEN: Backdated to last Wednesday, early morning
WHAT: Quickstrike's Interrogation
WARNINGS: Nothing physical 8D Just lots of attempts at psychological manipulation.

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