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25th-Jun-2013 10:56 pm - We're On Your Property
WHO: R2-D2, Starscream (no, the other one) and our lovely Police Force members
WHERE: Prima's Quadrant; Police Headquarters
WHEN: Some time after this thread.
WHAT: The Police Force adopt a new mascot/pet Current jailbird!Starscream has coerced our intrepid astromech into attempting to bust him out. Things don't quite go as planned, though.

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17th-Aug-2012 05:25 pm
WHO: Korra(&her polarbeardog mount Naga--they're now a matched set because Korra's wary about letting Naga out of her sight again) and Prime!Starscream
WHERE: Temple of Megatronus Prime, in shadow of twin towers
WHEN: after and
WHAT: Korra's waiting to meet with Starscream.
WARNINGS: Uh, Prime!Scream scheming and Korra's naivete?

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WHO: RiDScream and Primescream
WHERE: Liege's temple, Primescream's quarters.
WHEN Soon after this
WHAT: Two guys named Starscream. Meeting faceplate to faceplate. This will go well, right?
WARNINGS: Just look at who is involved (but probably nothing).

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26th-Jul-2012 07:51 pm - A Little Curiosity
WHO: Four and Prime!Starscream
WHERE: Liege's Fortress
WHEN: Forward dated to... whenever Drift's party is
WHAT: Four
WARNINGS: Stitchpunk mauling
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10th-Jul-2012 02:22 pm - [Closed]
WHO: Transformers: Prime Starscream and Blurr.
WHERE: It starts in Liege's Quadrant.
WHEN: Now.
WHAT: Meetings.
WARNINGS:   where do I start with this two.  Violence at least. Handcuffs involved.

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4th-Jul-2012 06:12 pm - INDEPENDENCE DAY | open log
WHERE: The Haven area -- a clearing's been picked out.
WHAT: Gunmax has stated that there will be FIREWORKS. So here is the place to celebrate the fireworks going off! Completely open and anyone is welcome. Chances are the Brave Police will frown upon any scuffles between 'Con and 'Bot, so if something comes up, they will probably escort your afts. This is an opportunity to socialize a bit the best you can BEFORE THE IMPENDING ATTACK.
NOTES: For those that Gunmax promised to pick up on his motorcycle, assume that he already has, for your own convenience!

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21st-Jun-2012 04:54 pm - OPENING LOG: Awakening
WHO: Everybody!
WHERE: The Junk Pile.
WHEN: Right here, right now.
WHAT: Game opening! Our Heroes find themselves in a strange place not of their own world, however familiar (or not) it may be.

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((OOC: This is it, you guys! Have a blast! Please remember to keep everything under the first thread for now; we'll be adding the Firstforged in in a little bit...

OKAY There is now a second thread to post in! Feel free to make new threads there to react to the arrival of the Firstforged, or respond directly to the Firstforged themselves.))
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