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3rd-Jul-2013 09:28 pm - [OPEN] Haven Games and Air Show!
WHERE: Games Caldera, Nexus Territory and other parts of Haven
WHEN: Starting Friday (7/05) and running for three days.
WHAT: A festival of games not unlike the Highland Games with a 'junkyard eclectic' carnival feel.
WARNINGS: None, but subject to change.

((ooc: Putting this up early since I'm not sure I'll be able to on Friday. And it gives people a chance to get sub-threads up.))

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21st-May-2013 09:54 pm - Doctor, Doctor, gimme the news~
WHO: Rung and whoever wants to stop in!
WHERE: The good doctor's office
WHEN: It's an all day affair at Rung's office~ A few days after he discovered his new abilities.
WHAT: Therapy sessions and go!
WARNINGS: Dark pasts, etc?

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19th-Jan-2013 08:48 pm
Who: Miko and Nexus
Where: Somewhere between the medbay and Nexus' place?
When: a little while after Elita's post but before Miko ends up put somewhere safe.
What: Miko is trying to think up a way to help, and has an idea when she crosses paths with a portion of Nexus.
Warnings: Miko... yeah that's about it.

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17th-Jan-2013 03:36 pm - stray cat strut
WHO: Ultra Magnus & YOU.
WHERE: Outside, not far from the medbay.
WHAT: Transformed into the body of a cat, Ultra Catness Magnus has found himself abruptly being adopted by Vandal. Desperate to try to get someone realize who he really is, he starts to wander outside in hopes in running into someone.

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WHO: Dead End & Miko
WHERE: The Junkpile.
WHEN After Glyphless event?
WHAT: Miko looks through the junk pile. Finds a brightly coloured Decepticon instead of what she's looking for. Dead End wasn't really looking for a human kid either.

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18th-Aug-2012 11:37 am
WHO: Nexus Prime and *YOU*!
WHERE: Various places in Nexus' quadrant, and some places outside of it in the greater parts of Cybertron. Base setting below, feel free to have your character encounter Nexus - or a part of him - wherever!
WHEN: Backdated to last week whups Over a period of time. Say...a week?
WHAT: Nexus Prime can keep his attentions on a lot of things at once. And he doesn't mind putting some of it towards the Refugees.

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WHO: Soundwave & YOU
WHERE: Junkpile/Outside in general
WHEN Not too long after Soundwave has an accident with Wing.
WHAT: Feeling like a terrible person, Soundwave checks out early from the Medbay.
WARNINGS: Robo-angst, can't be helped.

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8th-Aug-2012 07:57 pm
Who: Miko and You~!
Where: Ratchet’s Medbay
When: Earlier today
What: Miko has some art she wants to put in the Medbay for Ratchet, but she’s kind of hoping to make it a surprise.
Warnings: Miko? Nothing I can think of.

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8th-Aug-2012 10:19 am - THE SHOW MUST GO ON [open]
WHO: Soundwave & OPEN
WHERE: Medbay
WHEN Some hours after Barricade & Driller find him/repair him.
WHAT: Eventually, Soundwave wakes up from repairs in a very unfortunate location for him. Visitations, anyone?
WARNINGS: Trauma, mention of robotgore/robotdeath.

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28th-Jul-2012 10:38 am - [Open - Communal] Meet 'n' Greet!
WHO: Anyone! Hosted by Wing, Vectorians especially encouraged.
WHERE: One of the larger upper platforms in Vector Prime's Quadrant.
WHAT: Mixer for Vectorians and general social gathering for everyone.
WARNINGS: None yet. (But there's booze the very least there might be bad karaoke)

Upon entering Vector Prime's domain it's obvious that things are a foot. The typically serene atmosphere is enlivened with notes of music and the murmur of voices punctuated by the occasional bubble of laughter that filters down from the upper heights, a soft glow of illuminating one of the larger platforms with a structure built on it. Colorful streamers fly from crystalline light poles, marking the way through the various crystal bridges and small platforms, until one reaches the large terrace on which the gathering is situated.

A large pavilion-like structure, enclosed on two sides but otherwise open to a majestic view of the gorge and beyond, shelters the bulk of the gathering. Its roof is several stories tall, enough to accommodate their First Forged benefactor should he choose to join them, and what could be considered a dance floor sprawls off to the side. The platform edges have been lined with a railing here unlike most of the others, to waylay any highgrade assisted trips into the gorge itself. Along another wall, nearest the open area, speakers and other equipment have been setup to provide music and other entertainment. One of Vector Prime's Acolytes greets newcomers with a simple nod, and may later be seen looking after the replenishent of refreshments as needed.

Tables of typical Cybertronian height line one wall, where tapped cylinders of softly glowing energon, both standard and highgrade, sit alongside cubes waiting to be filled. Various pieces of make-shift seating suitable to the average mech are scattered around. Central to the pavilion is a wide raised platform, about waist height to the average Cybertronian, designed to allow the shorter attendees to converse with their taller robotic fellows at eye level. Human scale ladders allow access to and from the floor, and occupying the platform is a buffet table accompanied by several mis-matched chairs.

The buffet table is covered with an eclectic assortment of refreshments and serving implements more suitable to organics, mostly non-perishable pantry type goods, (you can be certain there's Twinkies!) along with a odd collection of various alcohols including a bottle or two of whiskey. At the end of one table sits an old refrigerator on its back, now tasked with being a simple ice box, filled entirely with chunks of clean snow and ice from Liege Maximo's quadrant. Accompanying it are wax paper cups and a pitcher of fruity syrup that smells reminiscent of Kool-Aid. (make yourself a snow cone!)

The pavilion is attached to a larger building, two doors at the rear of the pavilion each lead to two separate rooms. One that appears to be in use for the storage of unused supplies and materials while the other is filled with makeshift seating of various sizes, creating a more relaxed atmosphere. To the rear there is access to a second floor, the rooms of which appear to be currently unused.

Barricade and Soundwave have agreed to provide musical entertainment for the evening.

Miko may play some guitar for us if we can find a way to power her amp.

Wing will perform a traditional narrative sword kata with some musical accompaniment.

Vector Prime himself may make an appearance at some point as well.

((---This is COMMUNAL log and designed to be a mixer, so post to note your attendance and then tag around!---))

((If you'd like to do a game, performance or other activity feel free to make a post for it and let me know, then I'll highlight it here.))

((I tried to set a foundation for the scene but leave a lot of stuff open, so feel free to embellish where you like. We have access to pretty much anything that's mundane though likely it comes from the Junk Pile. Feel free to have your character bring something if they want.))
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