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WHO: Ambulon, Elita One, Solus Prime
WHERE: Solus Prime's temple/HQ
WHEN: A reasonable amount of time after this post (backdating this kind of to Saturday haha)
WHAT: Ambulon takes Elita with him to consult Solus in regards to getting a nice new alt mode, with kibbles and bits and all!

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WHO: Don Dogoier and any of the inhabitants of the Solian Temple, but he's aiming for Solus and the acolytes.
WHAT: As a creepy weird sociopathic alien, Don is really excited about now being a creepy weird sociopathic alien. It's time to go to his First Forged and ask for a boon.
WHEN: Nowish
WHERE: Solian Temple

Don saunters vaguely into the temple, looking around for anything interesting going on. "Heyyyy!" He says, to no one in particular. "I need to talk to Solus! I have a favor to ask, where should I go?" He leans against the doorway. "It's kind of important."
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2nd-Jan-2013 10:46 am - Questions, Questions [CLOSED]
WHO: Barricade and Solus Prime
WHERE: Solus's workshop under her temple
WHEN Today or so
WHAT: Barricade and Solus have things to discuss

Barricade follows the map he was given carefully, noting side tunnels but sticking to the path he was given. The last thing he wants is to get lost under his own FirstForged's temple. That would just be embarrassing. He doesn't even really know how far down he's gotten.

He shifts back to base mode shortly before reaching the marked destination, exventing quietly. Better to enter a meeting walking, really.

... maybe he ought to knock.
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24th-Aug-2012 11:44 pm - Open: Just doing my job, ma'am
WHO: Elita One and anyone in/near Solus' Temple/AKA YOU
WHERE: Solus Temple and Quadrant, just note where you are and she can be there!
WHEN: NOW (plus minus a few days)
WHAT: Exploring the temple, conversations, etc.

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21st-Jun-2012 04:54 pm - OPENING LOG: Awakening
WHO: Everybody!
WHERE: The Junk Pile.
WHEN: Right here, right now.
WHAT: Game opening! Our Heroes find themselves in a strange place not of their own world, however familiar (or not) it may be.

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((OOC: This is it, you guys! Have a blast! Please remember to keep everything under the first thread for now; we'll be adding the Firstforged in in a little bit...

OKAY There is now a second thread to post in! Feel free to make new threads there to react to the arrival of the Firstforged, or respond directly to the Firstforged themselves.))
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