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17th-Jul-2013 11:53 pm - [CLOSED] De-stressing
WHO: Optimus Prime and Fortress Maximus
WHERE: Empty room in Prima's temple
WHEN: Recently
WHAT: Optimus and Fort Max have a spar and probably end up venting and/or pummeling each other WITH FEELS IDEK.
WARNINGS: Fighting and violence for now

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8th-Jul-2013 09:44 pm - Fundamental Failure to Fly
WHO: Fracas and YOU! Yes, YOU!
WHERE: All over the Haven
WHEN: Over the course of the next week (7/8 to 7/13)
WHAT: Fracas is practicing flying... unfortunately he's not so good at it yet.
WARNINGS: n/a, to be updated as needed

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13th-May-2013 06:55 pm - [Closed] Just a little conversation
WHO: Optimus and Elita
WHERE: Optimus' room in Prima's temple.
WHEN: Around now/perhaps backdated a little to last night.
WHAT: Talking about people who are gone and perhaps some sparring.

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22nd-Feb-2013 08:15 am - A formal dance.
WHO: Everyone!
WHERE: The Atrium, Haven's Hub.
WHEN: Today! The dance will go on from the late afternoon until the early hours of the morning.
WHAT: Have your top hat and cane? This is a formal ball. The origination is a drunken Vandal and battle-worn Saber.
WARNINGS: Could be anything from bar fights to drunken swearing to people tripping over their own feet or people making out in a corner.

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Reception Area
Dance Floor
Lounging Areas
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28th-Jan-2013 09:11 pm - CLOSED; that i am just nothing
WHO; Fortress Maximus, Optimus Prime, later a medic or summat
WHERE; Outskirts (inskirts?) of Prima's quadrant, closer to the Junkyard.
WHEN; Not overly long after Max's conversation with Whirl.
WHAT; Maximus has a drunken tantrum.
WARNINGS; SOMETIMES BEING DRUNK DOESN'T HELP THINGS and just gets you thinking dark things

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7th-Dec-2012 09:58 pm - [Open Log - One last time]
Who: Open
What: Megatron has calmed down enough to say a few last words.
Where: Megatronus Prime's Arena
When: Today
Notes: This follows Megatron's rampage around the Haven. After being subdued, he asks that he be allowed to die fighting Optimus Prime. He's unstable, but he will talk to any who approach. You may also act as one of his bodyguards if you think your character would be so inclined.

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WHO: Optimus Prime Orion Pax, Elita One
WHERE: The junk pile, on the way toward Alpha Trion's temple
WHEN Yesterday/today, not long after Blurr planted his bombs...whoops?
WHAT: Elita runs into Optimus. Who...isn't currently Optimus.
WARNINGS: Some violence, maybe some sads

This world wasn't home, but he had never been so pleased to be in a place that wasn't.

Firstforged. The Thirteen. The creation of Cybertron. Legends and rumor and old tales, long lost to time.

And here he was, able to experience them himself!

Despite his current location - trudging through the junk pile on foot, until he escaped back on to proper roads - Orion Pax couldn't be happier. Waking up in a room he didn't know, around people he didn't know, in a time he didn't know; all forgiven the moment he was told he was within a Temple of Prima. Everything around was a fascination all it's own (again), even the Lambda in the sky shooting junk everywhere.

He was confident he'd get home eventually. He just didn't want it to happen before he'd had his fill of living history.
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21st-Jun-2012 04:54 pm - OPENING LOG: Awakening
WHO: Everybody!
WHERE: The Junk Pile.
WHEN: Right here, right now.
WHAT: Game opening! Our Heroes find themselves in a strange place not of their own world, however familiar (or not) it may be.

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((OOC: This is it, you guys! Have a blast! Please remember to keep everything under the first thread for now; we'll be adding the Firstforged in in a little bit...

OKAY There is now a second thread to post in! Feel free to make new threads there to react to the arrival of the Firstforged, or respond directly to the Firstforged themselves.))
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