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29th-Nov-2012 03:38 pm - [Open] Egg painting!
Who: Yuuta and you!
What: Painting eggs and finding shiny things to glue on them
When: Backdated to maybe a few days ago.
Where: The edge of the Junkyard - closer to Police HQ
Warnings: None, unless you're allergic to arts and crafts.

Come and sit a while! There's much to be done. )
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WHO: Soundwave, Wing and EVERYONE.
WHERE: The as-of-yet-unnamed bar at Haven’s Hub. (the rec center)
WHEN: Today until of the Calling event ends.
WHAT: It’s the Calling but in stereo, so we’re having a love-in at the bar.
WARNINGS: Umm, booze. And WEH. And maybe bad renditions of Kumbaya.
NOTES: Communal log: make a post to show you’re there then tag around!

Soundtrack: 1, (more later when there is less brain death)
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21st-Oct-2012 09:21 pm - Unwelcome Furry Invasion. Send Help.
Who: Blades, Rocket, anyone.
What: Trying to get a raccoon out of his cockpit.
When: During/after this.
Where: The Junk Pile, north side.
Notes: Sorry for my absence, school and work are eating me alive. I'll have more time this week to play so jump on board!

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Who: Thundercracker, anyone
What: Flying…just for the pure joy of it
When: Now
Where: ALL OVER EVERYWHERE . . . seriously – he’s a fighter jet, an F-15 Eagle, they devour ground distances in miles per second . . . short of the Badlands, he’s just streaking All. The. Hell. Over. Haven and hundreds of miles surrounding. Because he can. He is, though, being careful not to get TOO far away at any given time.
Notes: No real point to this except that I’m still coming down from a high from last weekend, LOL. Despite the quip in TC’s username, I’m a BIG fan of the Blue Angels Naval Flight Demonstration Team (which technically are FA-18 Hornets, the next model /after/ the Eagle, but yeah…I just adore combat jets in general), and I FINALLY got to see them last Saturday at the Miramar Air Show! *DANCES AROUND IN GLEE!!!* So, yeah, got this in my head and it won’t let go, so I’m going with it.

If you’re flight capable, feel free to join him. If you’re not, feel free to get his attention somehow and he’ll come down to you. Posting this as a log because we don’t really have incidental cameras around Haven for random, accidental video, but if you’d like, feel free to comm him with Video or Voice instead. Really, anything’s awesome!

…and the ecstasy of flight! )
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10th-Oct-2012 08:01 am - Moving Forward Without a Master
Who: Yuzuki, OPEN TO ALL
Where: Junk Pile
When: The fourth day after her arrival and some days after (October 09-12)
What: Yuzuki is out in the Junk Pile searching and exploring. She hopes to find some means of recharging herself, but at the very least she’ll find her back up system.
Warnings: None. Will be updated as needed.

Where do I begin...? )
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