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5th-Sep-2012 11:31 am - the return of the stars [CLOSED]
WHO: Ashitaka, Cliffjumper, and RiD!Starscream
WHERE: Near the Badlands
WHEN Wednesday
WHAT: Ashitaka and Cliffjumper find someone who had been missing.

not so missing after all )
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1st-Sep-2012 09:17 pm - the journey to the badlands
WHO: Ashitaka, Drift, Wing, Cliffjumper, Dinobot, Korra, Luxord, and Mirage.
WHERE: Nearing the corners of the Badlands.
WHEN September 2nd-6th.
WHAT: A task was set by Prima to find a way to contain Ashitaka's curse. After asking for help, Ashitaka has a group and they are setting out to the Badlands. Expect some bumps along the way.
WARNINGS: Violence for battle scenes, no doubt!
NOTES: Since the characters are nearing the Badlands, their Links are much, much weaker. As a result, they cannot connect to the network very well. Ashitaka only knows Japanese, so communication as they get further out will be difficult for him. We can say that, along the way, he might have picked up some very broken English.

I will make a separate thread for various interactions, depending on your preferences! Something more action-filled? Something for socializing? Up to you!

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25th-Aug-2012 01:44 pm - Harvest Cybertronmoon
WHO: Raf & OPEN!
WHERE: Alpha Trion's quadrant; near one of the lakes
WHEN nowish?
WHAT: So there's this farm that's been being set up and maybe you could come visit it if you wanted. Just don't step on any of the plants.

alt title; Punch Trees, Get Wood )
19th-Jul-2012 03:50 pm - the land of the impure [OPEN]
WHO: Ashitaka, Yakul, & OPEN
WHERE: Junkpile
WHEN Afternoon, Thursday.
WHAT: Finally, Ashitaka wakes up -- to find himself in the junkpile, very far away from any forests. Ashitaka's arrival to Cybertron.

the young man from the east )
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