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8th-Dec-2013 04:03 pm - Wouldn't it be ironic if... [CLOSED]
WHO: Deckard, Drill Boy
WHERE: Somewhere outside of Haven
WHEN: BACKDATED LIKE WHOA about two weeks to shortly after this (because life's been eating me for the past 3-4 weeks orz)
WHAT: Deckard's out patrolling in general and finally finds his MIA teammate
WARNINGS: Well...Drill Boy's in this so...some measure of cute, I'm guessing? XD
NOTES:  RC, if you want to say PJ went out with Deckard, that's awesome - just figure they got split up at some point before this?

He'd gotten stuck and couldn't get himself out, like he was built to be able to, OOPS. )

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25th-Aug-2013 06:34 pm - Buddy cops - flight edition
Who: Drill Boy and Thundercracker
Where: Flying around Haven/patrol
When: Before the big showdown with Tarn
What: Some Police Force bro interaction for two of the flyers on the team.
Warnings: Dumb Drill Boy flying?

I wanna fly like an eagle, into the future )
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12th-Nov-2012 07:31 pm - Just want to say
WHO: Drill Boy & McCrane
WHERE: Police HQ, main branch
WHEN: Current
WHAT: After somehow missing a chance to notice McCrane's return Drill Boy finally gets to see him.
WARNINGS: Possibly over cute robots?

I've been missing you. )
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WHO: Gunmax | open to Blurr, McCrane, Drill Boy, Wing, and Kagerou.
WHERE: From the Badlands to the Haven.
WHEN Sometime after Gunmax and everyone else attempt to find Deckerd.
WHAT: The group return from their fruitless search. Gunmax quietly loathes the human heart.

knock a little harder )
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30th-Aug-2012 11:08 pm - world's smallest ninja [OPEN]
WHO: Kagerou + YOU.
WHERE: All over the medbay, possibly outside of it.
WHEN Shortly after his AI is transferred to the small body.
WHAT: While his engine is replaced and upgraded, Kagerou's AI has been placed into a small vessel. A tiny version of his own body. And starts to wander.
NOTE: Totally open. Feel free to find the little guy wandering anywhere in the vicinity of the medbay.

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