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17th-Aug-2014 04:11 pm - this is absolutely a good idea
Who: sentinel and blurr
What: come betray everyone with me bruh
Where: the bar
When: after liege sends out his message but before blurr goes to fight
Warnings: sentinel

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1st-Aug-2014 02:50 am - [OPEN] drink yourself dead
WHERE: The bar.
WHEN After that big news about Unicron coming is dropped. What fun.
WHAT: Everyone's doomed. We're all gonna die. Why not drink until you can't remember that fact!

it's the end of the world after all )
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15th-Jul-2014 10:34 pm - [Closed]
WHO: Drift, Sentinel, Blurr and a brief appearance of Knock Out.
WHERE: The clinic at Solus's temple, later the washracks.
WHEN:  A bit after they get rescued and dragged to the medbay
WHAT: The boys waking up in the clinic in need of some rest and a proper bath.
WARNINGS: Team Losers and friendship shenanigans.

[Knock Out was really glad that a year ago he had the wits to set a Quarantine Room in the medbay but he never imagined he'll had to use it. From behind the glass, he studied the three current occupants of the room, each one in one of the berth and all of them still passed out. Blurr's paintjob was even back to its vivid blue.

One of the medi-drones approached the medic and handled him a data pad that he studied with a cocky smile on his lips. As expected, his decontamination procedure was over and a total success. The risk of the trio potentially contaminating the medical personnel and the environment was gone but Knock Out kept them in there just to check their reactions when they woke up. Those were always interesting.]
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20th-Jun-2014 03:59 pm - A gift he really didn't want
WHO: Cliffjumper and Blurr
WHERE: The entrance hall of Vector's temple
WHEN: around now
WHAT: flight trainiiinggg

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18th-May-2014 02:43 pm
WHO: Blurr, Bulkhead
WHERE: The Hub's bar
WHEN: A few days after this convo
WHAT: Hanging out, seriously, these two need a break.
WARNINGS: Drinking? Otherwise none.

It was a few days later when Bulkhead called Blurr about meeting up at the bar. Once they agreed on a time, he headed there, transforming up before heading into the bar. He's got his hammer with him(because leaving it behind didn't feel right), hooked onto his back plating. He's also got rookie with him, cause the guy never leaves him alone.

"Blurr?" He calls once inside, as he looks around, to seeif the other bot was here yet.
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13th-May-2014 10:54 pm
WHO: Sentinel, Blackarachnia and Blurr
WHERE: the Police Force headquarters
WHEN: A day after this and this conversations.
WHAT: Blurr's trying to figure out what really happened between Sentinel and BA
WARNINGS:  Adult robots behaving like little children. Most likely snark and bitchiness.

[Blurr decided that sitting between the two of them would be the wiser idea but as he rested his arms on the table he started to reconsider his life decisions. He's been doing that more and more often this last year.]

So...who wants to start?

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7th-Apr-2014 11:52 pm - [Closed]
Who: Sg Starscream and Blurr
Where: Solus Washracks
When: The day after Starscream got drunk with Kagerou.
What: Tired robots need a relaxing oil bath
Warnings: None!

[Blurr waits in front of the washracks 's gates for Starscream to show up. Being alone and having time to think about the last days makes him cringe internally. He's been acting like such a pompous idiot, even yelling at his friends. He knows has to make an official apology but he finds himself too embarrassed to do so today. Perhaps tomorrow will be easier.]
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21st-Mar-2014 02:38 pm
WHO: Blurr and Cliffjumper
WHERE: Blurr's room
WHEN: Backdated to before the event's start!
WHAT: Flustered yelling over Blurr's attempt at match-making
WARNINGS: yelling?

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16th-Mar-2014 02:32 pm - Open log!
WHO: Rose and anyone
WHERE: All over Haven but mainly going from Liege's temple, to the Hub and then to Solus' temple
WHEN: The day the energon crystals start appearing.
WHAT: Rose found these strange energon crystals and now she's invisible.
WARNINGS: None at the moment

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4th-Mar-2014 02:40 am
Who: Sora and Blurr
Where: Around the Haven
When: Afternoon....?
What: Sora is eloping with Blurr. Not really.
Warnings: None so far. Will update if needed.

[Blurr promised Sora a ride and he was a mech of his word. He wanted to do it sooner and not make the teen wait but it was really hard for him to find free time.

The odds were on his favor today and he finished the patrols and the datafiles he had to reorganize sooner than usual. He parked in front  of Soras's temple and waited.]
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Who: Starscream & Blurr ( and maybe Cliffjumper )
What: Blurr needs to stop passing out.
When: Feb 21st
Where: Alpha Trion's quadrant
Notes: Tiny Blurr is tiny.

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3rd-Jan-2014 06:54 pm
WHO: Ratchet and YOU
WHERE: All around Haven and the temples
WHEN: Jan 3rd, Night
WHAT: Ratchet is exploring Haven, trying to learn more about this strange Cybertron
WARNINGS: None as of yet! Will change accordingly
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WHO: Thundercracker, Blurr
WHERE: Blurr's place
WHEN: Uh, technically the day after this, but we'll say tonight for easy's sake...
WHAT: Blurr's gonna teach Thundercracker to cook with energon.  Or anyway...that's the idea.

Now that there's some downtime... )

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3rd-Oct-2013 02:34 pm - He's not right for youuuuu
WHO: Cliffjumper and Blurr
WHERE: Somewhere in Vector's temple/Cliffjumper's room.
WHEN: Around now.
WHAT: Cliffjumper's been good, and not said anything about Barricade right when Blurr came back. Now he can't just keep his giant trap closed anymore.
WARNINGS: None. Yelling?

Disapproval is imminent. )
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