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3rd-Jan-2014 06:54 pm
WHO: Ratchet and YOU
WHERE: All around Haven and the temples
WHEN: Jan 3rd, Night
WHAT: Ratchet is exploring Haven, trying to learn more about this strange Cybertron
WARNINGS: None as of yet! Will change accordingly
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2nd-Feb-2013 08:50 pm - Of Stone and Metal
Who: X-23 and TFP Ratchet
What: X-23 is chasing down an offensive centipede monster and Ratchet wants to check on the bloody organic
When: Sometime during the 2 week invasion from the Badlands (Jan 2013)
Where: Outer edge of the junkpile
Warnings: Blood, grump vs. grump
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31st-Jan-2013 09:34 am
WHO: Smokescreen, Ratchet
WHERE: Solus' temple~
WHEN: During the work creature invasion.
WHAT: Worried about his mombot, Smokes heads over to check things out.
WARNINGS: Worm parts BD

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20th-Jan-2013 05:17 pm
WHO: Ratchet and Ambulon
WHERE: At the border of the Badlands
WHEN Sometime at the very beginning of Part 2 of the Badlands plot
WHAT: Ratchet wakes up from a blackout on the edge of the Badlands and is promptly attacked by a creature. Ambulon comes to his rescue.
WARNINGS: Given that it's these two, there will probably be angst and cursing.

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19th-Jan-2013 07:55 pm - grab your gun
WHERE: Probably in the vague vicinity of the medbay.
WHEN When the monster bugs start crawling through the Haven.
WHAT: Exterminatin' a few bugs.
WARNINGS: Violence against insects?

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18th-Jan-2013 12:21 pm - I'm a Cyborg not a Babysitter
Who: Ratchet and Albert
What: Albert meets the medic, discussions about the raising of certain Rafs soon follow
When: Around afternoon
Where: In the Solian temple
WARNINGS: Just stoic-faced shenanigans

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WHO: Ratchet and Dead End
WHERE: The bar
WHEN Before Deaders creepers on Cliff, so ... Last night?
WHAT: Two strangers drinking together. Because Ratchet's social life revolves around high-grade, apparently.
WARNINGS: Drunkenness?

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WHO: [personal profile] docbot and [personal profile] rstlsslegsyndrm
WHERE: Ratchet's room
WHEN: Last night
WHAT: Ambulon comes to Ratchet about his fears regarding Tarn and the DJD. They talk and conversation turns into Ratchet angst, and then rolls back to planning defenses. And then there's more angst.
WARNINGS: Angst. Lots of angst. Also, mentions of Ratchet's substance abuse problem.

NOTES: It's been a while since I last formatted an AIM log, so forgive me if it's unclear what's going on, or who wrote what.

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2nd-Jan-2013 06:29 pm - growing up is hard [OPEN]
WHO: Gunmax & YOU! [OPEN]
WHERE: Around, because it helps that he's driving a robot-sized motorcycle.
WHEN Sometime after New Year's Day.
WHAT: The best way to think and dwell is to go for a drive and have a few drinks. Or at least, that's true for Gunmax. Feel free to come across him.
WARNINGS: At worst, mentions of dead people.

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20th-Dec-2012 12:23 am - [Open]
WHO: Bulkhead, Blurr and YOU
WHERE: Solus's Temple
WHEN: Right now
WHAT: Sneaking out of the mebay our of boredom, getting lost and also lots of metallic mistletoe around.
WARNINGS: Not so sneaky bots doing absurd things and chrismasy moments. And kisses if they get lucky.

[Leaving the medbay unnoticed was not an easy task. Bulk was a bit mech and Ambulon was watching Blurr closely to make sure he got the rest he needed. But they got bored and anxious, knowing that they could be doing better things than just sit on their aft and wait.

Frank was thankfully more than happy to proportionate a distraction. Blurr's turbofx decided to go and chew on one of the medical tools, gaining a frustrated yell from one of the medics. It was their opportunity to flee.]
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WHO: Ratchet and YOU!
WHERE: Around Solus's Temple
WHEN: Any time from his arrival to... let's say next Monday?
WHAT: Whatever you want
WARNINGS: None thus far!

Basically, this is an open log for people who might want their characters to come visit and/or bump into Ratchet. He'll be cleaning up his old room in the Solian Temple, reading patient files in the Medbay and possibly wandering through the Rec Center (which wasn't around last he remembers), so feel free to start up a thread wherever? I prefer comment spam, but I'll take para-style too c:
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25th-Sep-2012 04:16 pm - Yellow and Red [Closed]
WHO: Ratchet [Bayverse] and Ratchet [Prime]
WHERE: The Junk Pile
WHEN Tuesday
WHAT: Two medics in a junk pile
WARNINGS: medic talk, discussion of torture (?), medic snark. will edit if needed

Between watching over his Autobots, and occasional skims of the Link, Ratchet spent time in the Junk pile, gathering materials for reserves and repairs, and today will find him there, clambering over the piles, tossing keepers into his own little pile, and using his laser and buzzsaws to cut pieces to a more reasonable size. Light glinted off the neon chartreuse paint and his metalwork while he worked, all the while keeping a light sensor net active, just in case there were others with less than savory intentions.
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22nd-Sep-2012 03:51 pm - [Semi-Closed] Shine Your Light On Me
WHO: Wing, possibly others: see notes below
WHERE: The Brave Police Headquarters
WHEN: A 1-2 week period, starting near the end of the pages event. Following this which follows this.
WHAT: After stalking Vandal and Drift in the Junk Pile, Wing wrests control back from his evil self and insists on being confined. He's been holed up in a holding cell in the Brave Police headquarters ever since. Even after returning to normal he insists on staying, and is there at least a week, refusing visitors (with only a few exceptions) and limiting Link activity.
WARNINGS: Dark, depressing things? Very mild references to implied/potential mental and physical abuse, dubcon/noncon, murder and other violence.
NOTES: This is mostly a narrative since Wing states he's accepting no visitors except Drift, though he can be convinced to see Ratchet and Blurr, and any of the Brave Police members can attempt to converse since it's their headquarters, (someone needs to make sure he refuels. D:). ;) If you want to find a way to tag into this though, just ask.

Feel free to tag on a specific day or anywhere in between, but give me an idea which since his mental state varies. ;)

Soundtrack: 1 (all mood, less lyric), 2, 3.

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4th-Sep-2012 12:50 am - [ CLOSED ]
WHO: TFP!Ratchet and IDW First Aid
WHERE: Medbay, Solus's temple
WHAT: First Aid try hard every day. Sometimes he just gets tired out. :c
WARNINGS: kawaii

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1st-Sep-2012 08:22 pm - Nowhere To Go This Time
WHO: Barricade and TFP!Ratchet
WHERE: The Medbay in Solus Prime's temple
WHEN: Now-ish or so.
WHAT: Barricade would like to lodge a formal complaint about Ratchet's recent exploding episode.
WARNINGS: None so far!

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