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WHO: Kagerou + Open
WHERE: A mountain in Alpha Trion's Sector
WHEN: Evening-Late night. Week of 6/3
WHAT: Keeping vigil for those who left. At least, that's what he says he's doing.
WARNINGS: Feelings.

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8th-Apr-2014 02:11 pm - you were in the darkness too
WHO: Kagerou + Shadowmaru (CLOSED)
WHERE: Wherever Shadowmaru is hiding himself.
WHEN: A few days after Kagerou's alcohol escapades.
WHAT: They need to talk. About the energon shenanigans.
WARNINGS: Drama queens. Both of them.

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16th-Mar-2014 02:16 pm - OPEN
WHO: Sora and OPEN
WHERE: Knock Out's Clinic
WHEN: 17th-whenever someone brings him the opposing energon color
WHAT: Sora's sick and pretty much needs company
WARNINGS: Sora deserves his own warning, just saying

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23rd-Feb-2014 10:46 am - too busy working out to
WHO: Kagerou & OPEN
WHERE: ALL AROUND HAVEN || Police Station || Trion's Temple
WHEN: From TFP!Ratchet's attack -- to now!
WHAT: After his outburst on the Network, Kagerou is rather desperate to prove himself as a capable police officer, hunting nonstop for a fugitive he probably has no hope of locating. It goes about as well as you can expect.
WARNINGS: None now.
Note: If you could put the date and location in the subject, that would be awesome!

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3rd-Jan-2014 06:54 pm
WHO: Ratchet and YOU
WHERE: All around Haven and the temples
WHEN: Jan 3rd, Night
WHAT: Ratchet is exploring Haven, trying to learn more about this strange Cybertron
WARNINGS: None as of yet! Will change accordingly
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19th-Nov-2013 10:43 pm - I can hear them coming [closed]
WHO: Kagerou, Arcee, Prowl & Chromedome
WHERE: Various locations of dubious purpose
WHEN: A few days Post-Pillar event
WHAT: Kidnap, brainwashing, terrible, terrible things.
Robot brain washing.

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3rd-Nov-2013 04:23 pm - i can feel them always right behind
WHO: Warped!Kagerou and OPEN
WHERE: Trion's temple, the police HQ and the general hub area.
WHEN: After the Pillar's arrival, continuing all week.
WHAT: Having wiggled away from the other BPs, and faced with a strange new world to poke at, the bird starts prowling around to get the lay of the land, so to speak.  Stalking people seems like a great way to accomplish this.

WARNINGS: Proooobably violence. Just in case.

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24th-Oct-2013 12:31 am - Blast From the Past [Closed]
WHO:  Deckard, Kagerou
WHERE: Library, Alpha Trion's temple
WHEN:  Following this thread
WHAT:  Getting some answers - on a possibly crooked cop and...well...really, almost too many things to list - WHERE THE HELL DOES HE START!?
WARNINGS: None that I know of, will update if needed

There are so many issues wrapped up in all of this, it's hard for him to keep his head and heart clear... )

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WHO: Kay Faraday and Kagerou
WHERE: The skies over Trion's sector.
WHAT: Birdbrain instructs his adopted child in the ways of the ninja. Sort of.
WARNINGS: Cavities, probably.

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WHO: Kaon + Members of the PF Force who responded to this & McCrane
WHERE: Nexus' Quadrant & Tarn's house
WHEN: Backdated to July 30th
WHAT: A) Searching for Ambulon's Body and B) rifling around in Tarn's House 
WARNINGS: Some robogore when they find Ambu's corpse!

With both teams assembled and set in motion, the first hour of each mission began in haste.

Nexus's Quadrant )

Prima's Quadrant )
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26th-Jun-2013 01:43 am - [B-day party | Open]
WHO: Everyone! Open log
WHERE: The Habitation Wing’s common room
WHEN: Tonight. Ignore the fact that Blurr's previous post said in 2 days, we had technical difficulties.
WHAT: Kay surprise b-day party


[Welcome to Kay b-day party. There's plenty of seating for everyone, food and music, and this is a great way to meet your fellow citizens. Just remember that Kay’s the important part of the party, if you cause trouble you will be kicked out.]

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WHO: Rewind and You!
WHERE: Liege Maximo's altar
WHEN: A day after Chromedome's death/body has gone missing
WHAT: One half waits for the other.

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19th-Jun-2013 03:44 pm - can you teach me how to fly [closed]
WHO: Kagerou & Kay Faraday
WHERE: The skies in Trion's sector
WHEN: Sometime soon after Blurr's post
WHAT: Birthday presents.

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12th-Jun-2013 09:03 pm - And All The Stories...
WHO: Kagerou + OPEN
WHERE: Trion's Temple & Library
WHEN: After Kay's post
WHAT: Venturing out of his pity party for a while, in order to do research. Reading. And maybe stalking anyone else prowling around.
WARNINGS: Nothing!

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21st-May-2013 09:54 pm - Doctor, Doctor, gimme the news~
WHO: Rung and whoever wants to stop in!
WHERE: The good doctor's office
WHEN: It's an all day affair at Rung's office~ A few days after he discovered his new abilities.
WHAT: Therapy sessions and go!
WARNINGS: Dark pasts, etc?

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