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i can feel them always right behind

WHO: Warped!Kagerou and OPEN
WHERE: Trion's temple, the police HQ and the general hub area.
WHEN: After the Pillar's arrival, continuing all week.
WHAT: Having wiggled away from the other BPs, and faced with a strange new world to poke at, the bird starts prowling around to get the lay of the land, so to speak.  Stalking people seems like a great way to accomplish this.

WARNINGS: Proooobably violence. Just in case.

Not Earth.

Some other world. Nothing like he was familiar with. None of the other Brave Police were acting as they should. Even their leader seemed altered, somehow. He was too gentle. Too weak. He hadn't even lashed out, when he'd been challenged. All the more reason to dismiss him entirely. Why should someone such as Kagerou listen to such a fool?

He'd survived. He'd won his place. He was strong, and they were weak.

But this world... this world was different. He needed to see more of it. To understand it -- if he were going to make his mark on it, to be remembered by it -- he needed to explore. To examine.

To stalk.

No one was going to keep him locked away now. Not when there was so much to see. So many to impress his existence upon. McCrane -- the strangely coherent, strangely intelligent, McCrane -- wanted him to see the world. Very well, then.

He made his way throughout the area he'd awoken in. He poked his head into every room, wove his way through every shadow. There was so much to see. Stacks of books bored him, so he moved on.

After that, he set his sights on the supposed "police station". On the headquarters of the other residents. Their little hub was quickly infiltrated. He still remained in shadow, however, observing, lurking...

... at least, until he saw someone worthy of notice.

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