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8th-Jun-2014 04:58 pm - Part patrol, part pondering [OPEN]
WHO:  Thundercracker and anyone
WHERE:  All over Haven - no, really...he's a fighter jet, he can get from end to end in minutes if he wants
WHEN:  This week, spans several days
WHAT:  Someone's out trying to keep himself busy . . . and maybe his mind a little quieter than it's getting
WARNINGS:  Only if you bring any
NOTES:  Don't forget to add your tag to the log.   ^,^  also HAHA I suck at log starts sometimes.  x,x

I suck at cut-text sometimes too XD )

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WHO: Thundercracker, SG Starscream
WHERE: Their shared quarters
WHEN: Shortly after his visit with Knock Out
WHAT: Starscream wastes no time noticing that something is missing from his roommate
Uh, grumpy Seeker? None, really.

But now I have some clarity to show you what I mean )

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WHO: Thundercracker, Knock Out
WHERE: Knock Out's medbay
Backdated to the 5th following this thread
TC's finally gonna do that thing he's been telling himself he should just fragging do for over a year now . . . get the brands removed from his wings.
None.  Will update if needed.
NOTE: If only for my own reference, the convo with Four is here.  Also . . . L-LOL sorry, Lylith - this kind of turned into a wall-o'-text narrative to start things off.  OTL  (and PPS - Yes, I know Fracas is technically no longer here, but at this point in time, TC doesn't know that...)

OMG THIS GOT STUPID LONG and I'm too damned tired for witty text here )

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23rd-Feb-2014 10:46 am - too busy working out to
WHO: Kagerou & OPEN
WHERE: ALL AROUND HAVEN || Police Station || Trion's Temple
WHEN: From TFP!Ratchet's attack -- to now!
WHAT: After his outburst on the Network, Kagerou is rather desperate to prove himself as a capable police officer, hunting nonstop for a fugitive he probably has no hope of locating. It goes about as well as you can expect.
WARNINGS: None now.
Note: If you could put the date and location in the subject, that would be awesome!

work it out )
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WHO: Thundercracker
WHERE: Unknown?  Kinda? (actually, the Pillar Root cavern, then Haven, and back)
WHEN: From Dec 2nd until sometime before Dec 8th
WHAT: One of those foolish enough to agree to help distract the Pillar is trying to deal with the consequences
WARNINGS: If what amounts to giant robot demons is triggery, then warning.  Otherwise, mostly just Cybertronian cursing
NOTE: I'll put up an accidental audio post dated on Dec 8th for people to find him.  (Also SAERU, I tweaked or added a few details, just for emotional/horror/etc effect, but if they conflict with anything somehow, just let me know and I'll edit.  =3)  Also, I enjoyed writing this Way. Too. Damned. Much. LOL Thanks, Saeru!  >D
NOTE #2: Sorry for triple posts - the HTML keeps going into clusterfucks over various issues.  This is my final attempt.  DX

...that out of hell leads up to the light. )

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24th-Nov-2013 02:01 pm - When you've fallen off a horse...
WHO: Thundercracker and OPEN
WHERE: Police HQ in Prima's quadrant
WHEN: Shortly after Blurr's announcement
WHAT:  Haven's token Decepticon police officer returns to HQ for the first time since before the storm
WARNINGS: None at present . . . unless grumpy Seeker counts

the best thing to do is get back on. )

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WHO: Thundercracker and OPEN
WHEN: This afternoon shortly after this post and well into tonight...or whenever either he runs out of energy or someone talks him down. 9,9
WHAT: BLOWIN'. SHIT. UP. ...aka grieving Decepticon coping the only way he knows how...which is to say, not at all. orz
WARNINGS: Uh...well, besides RAEGY Seeker? Probably a lot of cursing, Cybertronian-style . . . property damage (but not to anything anyone owns [unless you WANT him to hit it by accident??]) . . . angst in general?
NOTES: He'll be airborne for the most part, but if someone radios him or just flags him down, especially someone he knows in the latter case, he'll respond and land.

The lone Seeker is all out of copes. )
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3rd-Nov-2013 04:23 pm - i can feel them always right behind
WHO: Warped!Kagerou and OPEN
WHERE: Trion's temple, the police HQ and the general hub area.
WHEN: After the Pillar's arrival, continuing all week.
WHAT: Having wiggled away from the other BPs, and faced with a strange new world to poke at, the bird starts prowling around to get the lay of the land, so to speak.  Stalking people seems like a great way to accomplish this.

WARNINGS: Proooobably violence. Just in case.

casting a shadow on my mind )
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WHO: Thundercracker, Blurr
WHERE: Blurr's place
WHEN: Uh, technically the day after this, but we'll say tonight for easy's sake...
WHAT: Blurr's gonna teach Thundercracker to cook with energon.  Or anyway...that's the idea.

Now that there's some downtime... )

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25th-Aug-2013 06:34 pm - Buddy cops - flight edition
Who: Drill Boy and Thundercracker
Where: Flying around Haven/patrol
When: Before the big showdown with Tarn
What: Some Police Force bro interaction for two of the flyers on the team.
Warnings: Dumb Drill Boy flying?

I wanna fly like an eagle, into the future )
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WHO: Kaon + Members of the PF Force who responded to this & McCrane
WHERE: Nexus' Quadrant & Tarn's house
WHEN: Backdated to July 30th
WHAT: A) Searching for Ambulon's Body and B) rifling around in Tarn's House 
WARNINGS: Some robogore when they find Ambu's corpse!

With both teams assembled and set in motion, the first hour of each mission began in haste.

Nexus's Quadrant )

Prima's Quadrant )
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1st-Aug-2013 12:22 am - Too Close to the Edge
WHO: Thundercracker and Ventus
WHERE: The Badlands
WHEN: About the fourth day of the Badlands expedition
WHAT: At Megatron's request for them to scout ahead, the two have set out to do just that- but it turns out to be less than smooth flying for either of them.

What kind of dream were you drawing and fell into That time when you lost your footing on the other side of the border? )
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WHO: Thundercracker and whoever decides to visit
WHERE: One of the medbays
WHEN: Backdated to during and just after the Air Show
WHAT: Convalescing.  And complaining.  Mostly in silence.  ...mostly.
WARNINGS: Irritable Seeker being irritable?
NOTES: It's too late in my mind to get into the air show log (hiatuses suck like that sometimes 9,9), but TC would have been there.  If he could.  So here's why he wasn't.  Anyone wanna come try to cheer up Mr. Cranky McJetpants?  8D

As the humans would say, this sucked. )

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8th-Jul-2013 09:44 pm - Fundamental Failure to Fly
WHO: Fracas and YOU! Yes, YOU!
WHERE: All over the Haven
WHEN: Over the course of the next week (7/8 to 7/13)
WHAT: Fracas is practicing flying... unfortunately he's not so good at it yet.
WARNINGS: n/a, to be updated as needed

Seriously, even trucks fly better than him )
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Who: Tarn and/or his (giant) undead demon wolf-beast and You!
What: Choose your own adventure. Put a 1, 2, 3, or 4 in the subject line if you can't think of how you'd like to start things off. No number is also more than perfect!
Where: New DJD Territory [nearly 3 'neighbourhoods' of Prima's abandoned little micro city now belong to THIS guy. He's been redecorating.]
When: Now. [After Rung's death, and after Tarn's been placed on the Defense Committe]
Warnings: Animal abuse / hunting. Will update if things get worse. [PS: Permission Post]

Option 1: A guy's gotta eat right? In this case that 'guy' would be a turbofox. Tarn is either in the midst of feeding his pet live game, or he's helping the wittle cutie-paws play with its prey. This option will probably be gruesome and this machine WAS tested on animals. You're welcome to come check out the death bellow of a geardeer.

Option 2: Decepticon eye for the tasteless guy. Tarn is continuing his redecorating. Sure Prima's half-finished city looks super classy but why not watch Tarn bust down some walls he doesn't need, or admire how lovingly he paints those new Decepticon emblems onto the other walls he will allow to continue existing?

Option 3: Santa's little helpers (Frenzy and Dirge) have been going through the trash for their new boss (because, let's face it, that's a little beneath him) and have found him some of those precision rifles he's been looking for. Also a giant blender, a hot tub, and a chair. Oh god he's so alone. Feel free to find Tarn chilling on a balcony above you, trying out a collection of sniper rifles on for size.

Option 4: You were just going for a walk, minding your own business in this super swanky little golden city when you're found by the cutest little elephant-sized, drooling, undead, wild wolf-monster. It would like to say hello. And if you're a robot, it would like to say hello to your insides.

Other: None of the above, let's rock this improv style!
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