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WHO: Kaon + Members of the PF Force who responded to this & McCrane
WHERE: Nexus' Quadrant & Tarn's house
WHEN: Backdated to July 30th
WHAT: A) Searching for Ambulon's Body and B) rifling around in Tarn's House 
WARNINGS: Some robogore when they find Ambu's corpse!

With both teams assembled and set in motion, the first hour of each mission began in haste.

Nexus's Quadrant )

Prima's Quadrant )
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3rd-Jul-2013 09:28 pm - [OPEN] Haven Games and Air Show!
WHERE: Games Caldera, Nexus Territory and other parts of Haven
WHEN: Starting Friday (7/05) and running for three days.
WHAT: A festival of games not unlike the Highland Games with a 'junkyard eclectic' carnival feel.
WARNINGS: None, but subject to change.

((ooc: Putting this up early since I'm not sure I'll be able to on Friday. And it gives people a chance to get sub-threads up.))

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20th-Apr-2013 07:11 pm - Can someone lend me a hand?
Who:  Knockout and Albert Heinrich
What: Albert makes a deal with a shiny-devil
Where: Solus' quadrant, the medbay
When: backdated to last week
Warnings: Surgery and possible deals with the devil.

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22nd-Feb-2013 08:15 am - A formal dance.
WHO: Everyone!
WHERE: The Atrium, Haven's Hub.
WHEN: Today! The dance will go on from the late afternoon until the early hours of the morning.
WHAT: Have your top hat and cane? This is a formal ball. The origination is a drunken Vandal and battle-worn Saber.
WARNINGS: Could be anything from bar fights to drunken swearing to people tripping over their own feet or people making out in a corner.

Details inside! Please read! )

Reception Area
Dance Floor
Lounging Areas
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18th-Jan-2013 12:21 pm - I'm a Cyborg not a Babysitter
Who: Ratchet and Albert
What: Albert meets the medic, discussions about the raising of certain Rafs soon follow
When: Around afternoon
Where: In the Solian temple
WARNINGS: Just stoic-faced shenanigans

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26th-Dec-2012 11:59 am - [Open]
Who: Albert/004 and whoever finds him
Where: Alpha Trion's quadrant, the graveyard
When: The day after Christmas
What: Albert pays his respects
Warnings: Just the usual Albert depressiveness

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26th-Dec-2012 01:10 am - [Open!]
WHO: Blurr and YOU~
WHERE: The junkpile
WHEN: Afternoon
WHAT: Blurr found his Christmas's present. He's not taking it very well.
WARNINGS: Racers having metal breakdowns over tiny cubes.

His systems seemed to be overheating badly, and he wasn't being particularly successful at cooling them down no matter how hard he tried. His engine revved a depressed tune as he observed the cube and tried to not break down into hysterics or laugh at the irony of it all.

Blurr knew that he probably looked pathetic, sitting in the middle of the junk pile and staring at a crushed mass that looked too much like himself for his liking, completely incapable of standing up. If this was a joke it wasn't a funny one. His hands twitched. He couldn't ignore the cube, nor he could throw it away. Who knew what it really was. It was wrapped when he found it and it had a tag with his name on it after all. And the stupid santa hat.

Blurr cradled his head in the crook of his arm and wrapped his other arm around his legs, trying to ignore how much his spark chamber hurt right now.
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WHO: Sissel and YOU
WHERE: Alpha Trion Quadrant, by the graveyard
WHEN Christmas Eve
WHAT: Sissel makes/visits his own grave for the anniversary of his death.
WARNINGS: None I don't think...

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WHO: Ratchet and YOU!
WHERE: Around Solus's Temple
WHEN: Any time from his arrival to... let's say next Monday?
WHAT: Whatever you want
WARNINGS: None thus far!

Basically, this is an open log for people who might want their characters to come visit and/or bump into Ratchet. He'll be cleaning up his old room in the Solian Temple, reading patient files in the Medbay and possibly wandering through the Rec Center (which wasn't around last he remembers), so feel free to start up a thread wherever? I prefer comment spam, but I'll take para-style too c:
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WHO: Soundwave, Wing and EVERYONE.
WHERE: The as-of-yet-unnamed bar at Haven’s Hub. (the rec center)
WHEN: Today until of the Calling event ends.
WHAT: It’s the Calling but in stereo, so we’re having a love-in at the bar.
WARNINGS: Umm, booze. And WEH. And maybe bad renditions of Kumbaya.
NOTES: Communal log: make a post to show you’re there then tag around!

Soundtrack: 1, (more later when there is less brain death)
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30th-Sep-2012 05:22 pm - Your Best is Not Enough
WHO: 004 and whoever runs into him
WHERE: Over by Solus' temple
WHEN: Sometime in the afternoon
WHAT: 004 goes on patrol
WARNINGS: 00moping
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WHO: Wreck-Gar and whoever shows up
WHERE: Solian temple
WHEN now
WHAT: Wreck-Gar returns to the temple with entertainment!
WARNINGS: Excessive tv talk?

It was, with a giddy laugh, that Wreck-Gar returned to the Solian Temple, having just come from the Junkpile.  In addition to all kinds of useful little bits of discarded trash, he had found something worth finding.  A television.  It didn't look like it would pick up anything, but it did look like it came with a video player.  And that was when he'd also found a virtual smorgasbord of videos.  It was like a gift from above.

Of course, such a gift had to be shared.  So Wreck-Gar found a good spot to set the TV up, where plenty of people could gather.  He took a long look at the power cable before removing something from his insides and ramming the plug into that.  The TV started up.

Carefully, he selected one of the videos and pushed it into the machine.  In a moment, familiar band strains of music started up, following by the appearance of a green felt puppet on the screen.

"It's the Muppet Show!  With out very special guest....  ALICE COOPER!   YAAAAAAAY!"

Wreck-Gar clapped with glee as the show started up. 
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