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9th-Sep-2013 08:42 pm - [Open]
WHO: Ravage and anyone who wants to interact with he derpykitty
WHERE: All over Haven.
WHAT: Ravage is advertising for karaoke night.
Nyanya Nyan~ )

((Ravage is advertising for this. It is still open for sign ups and I will try to get that post up by this weekend, since I didn't do it this past one.))
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3rd-Jul-2013 09:28 pm - [OPEN] Haven Games and Air Show!
WHERE: Games Caldera, Nexus Territory and other parts of Haven
WHEN: Starting Friday (7/05) and running for three days.
WHAT: A festival of games not unlike the Highland Games with a 'junkyard eclectic' carnival feel.
WARNINGS: None, but subject to change.

((ooc: Putting this up early since I'm not sure I'll be able to on Friday. And it gives people a chance to get sub-threads up.))

Come one, come all! )
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