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All Medics on Deck

WHO: Hospital mingle log
WHERE: Solus' Medical Bay
WHEN: Shortly after the Tarn fiasco
WHAT: Injured bots and annoyed medics
WARNINGS: Cranky medics and impatient patients

After the battle with the DJD, there are quite a few who had retained minor to severe injuries, and Red Alert is here to tend to them as they came in. Assuming that they think to come in at all. She realizes that she can't really scold anyone, as the act of taking down one of the Haven's most dangerous inhabitants was completely necessary and unavoidable.

Red Alert can be found fussing over patients, and she will allow guests as long as they're not loud or otherwise disruptive. Please don't try to escape, she'll come after you.
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[personal profile] prettyfly4adinobot 2013-09-01 02:14 pm (UTC)(link)
The only reason that Swoop is still here - aside from the pain - is that he managed to shift back to robot mode when he was being airlifted to the medbay. No wings means no attempting to fly out. He is definitely not in good enough shape to walk out. He's just been here, napping on and off since his gut wound was mostly dealt with.

Being shot with a cannon is not fun in any capacity.

At the moment though Swoop is awake, looking around to see what he can see. Maybe he can get a little information while he's at it; he wasn't entirely conscious of things during the fight after his injury.
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She might not have talked much with Swoop, but it was still Swoop, an alternate of someone she knew and they hadn't gotten along too badly, so checking up on him when she found out what the police force and the Wreckers had done was a given.

She'd passed him earlier when going to Optimus, but he'd been napping then. Now, however, as he was awake...

"How bad was it?" The repaired-but-healing gut wound was obvious and clearly one of the reasons he was present, but that didn't mean it was all of it.
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Swoop remembers her from when he arrived. She'd been nice to him so he's actually happy to see her. Given his relationship (or lack of one) with Slag and the fact that most of the people he knew being here for injuries, he hadn't expected many visitors.

His head is still tilted - limitations of having his crest - but he looks right her.

"It pretty bad. Not as bad as him Wheeljack, though. Not remember most of it..." Just the burning and the pain and being on the ground somehow and then being here. "Me, Swoop hoped... someone else know more, maybe."
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She smiles and then shakes her helm, reaching out to brush a hand briefly over his shoulder.

"I'll ask around, though I was wondering about you, since you obviously got at least one serious wound." She nods at Swoop's middle and since there's an immediate lack of seating, remains standing.

She's relieved none who she knows closely (directly or through an alternate) was killed, even if the few deaths were even one too many.

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It was hard to miss the fact that a certain Dinobot was going to be involved in taking down some 'Con, what with how vocal he'd been about it. Saving the day and whatever else the bird brain said he was going to do. Being part of another team.

Swoop should have listened to him. Being part of another team wasn't a good thing. Only Dinobots look out for Dinobots, and he was going to get himself killed. So it's no surprise when he finds out that Swoop is in the medbay, but what might be a surprise is the fact that he actually visits.

"Lucky you aren't dead."
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Swoop was hardly going to keep quiet about it, really. Slag had been insulting him... and this was his first real chance to prove to Wheeljack that giving him a chance with the Wreckers wasn't a mistake. That he did the right thing. Swoop really just wanted a flock again, for all his protests about not caring.

Given how most of their talks go, the flier hadn't expected to see Slag here at all. He wasn't Dinobot enough for the other bot after all, so why would he show up in the medbay? They could snipe at each other easily enough over the Link.

"Not dead, though. Helped save day, just like me said."

At least, he thinks he did. He'd distracted Tarn from killing Wheeljack and that was enough for him. Agonizing cannon wound to the gut or no.
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Leviathan really, really hates being stuck in the medbay, but even she's willing to capitulate when the shrapnel wounds she suffered practically tore her torso open.

But just because she's agreed it's better for her to stay in the medbay didn't necessarily mean she wanted to stay on a berth all day, so once she's sure all the medics are busy she's slipping away to wander around the medbay, trying to stay out from underfoot.
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After transporting the injured away from the battle in his trailer, Optimus had readily admitted himself to the medbay along with everyone else. The fight with Tarn had been fierce, and being subjected to the Decepticon's vocal spark manipulation abilities...

Well. That was a new thing to add to the Prime's (distressingly long) list of 'Most Unpleasant Experiences Ever'.

He still ached, and the idea of dragging his damaged frame out of the berth became more daunting the longer he lay there, exhaustion creeping in now that the danger had passed. So skipping out of the medbay and away from the medics was the last thing on his mind.
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Cliffjumper had followed along to the medbay mostly because it seemed the right thing; well there, he'd avoided any overt fussing, since dents, scratches and some scorch marks were hardly enough to get yourself landed in a berth.

But he wasn't going to leave yet, not when he caught Optimus in there.

"Hey." Cliffjumper muttered, quiet in the case the Prime was recharging, but he wanted to check on him considering how the last bit of the battle went. He'd go looking for Blurr after.
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Optimus' optics relit at the sound of the voice; he had not been recharging, simply teetering on the edge of dozing off.

"Cliffjumper." He managed a weak nod at the red Autobot, pleased by the familiar company.

"How are you holding up?"
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"Probably better than you." He waved a hand over Optimus, indicating their... relative difference of status in injuries. "'Cause I ain't the mech who got themselves pummeled takin' down that rustin' slag-heap."

He'd actually gotten away surprisingly light, even in the last bit where he'd been right there and helping Optimus.

"... So, uh. How're you doin'?"

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Elita came by later, mostly to give the medic time to work so she wouldn't have to dodge anyone or be in the way, and hopefully give some time for recuperation. But not coming, when she found out what had happened, wasn't something that occurred to her at all.

So there she was, sliding up to Optimus' berth and quietly sitting down, reaching out a little hesitantly to lay her hand on his arm.
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[personal profile] ichooseboth 2013-09-06 08:15 am (UTC)(link)
It took Optimus a few moments to notice the touch, dozing and exhausted as he was, but when he recognized the figure next to him he managed a tired smile.


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[personal profile] fun_police 2013-09-05 01:48 am (UTC)(link)
Hi Optimus.

Prowl appears to be well enough to walk around and pay him a visit. The leaking fuel lines and circuits of his torn arm have been sealed and soldered. The joint had been repaired as well. Now he was just waiting to get the rest of the arm reattached after more urgent, critical cases were taken care of.

He.. hadn't approached the Prime very often after their arrival into the Haven. But despite the disagreements he had with Optimus before their arrival, and the distance he kept, it didn't mean he disliked Optimus' company.

It was... complicated.

"Recovering well?"
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[personal profile] ichooseboth 2013-09-06 08:48 am (UTC)(link)
Well then. That was one person he wasn't expecting to see here today. Especially not while he was still stuck in a medbay berth.


With only the barest of sighs, Optimus onlined his optics, glancing up at Prowl's battered frame. At least they were in a similar state.

"...Probably about as well as you feel, at this point."


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never letting this go ever

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[personal profile] fun_police 2013-09-05 02:11 am (UTC)(link)
While Prowl didn't look particularly good with cables and sealed fuel lines hanging out of his right shoulder joint, the fact that he'd been able to participate through most of the battle should say enough about the extent of his injuries. The first few moments of the limb's removal had been agony. White hot agony. But soon enough, it had faded enough to allow him to recover, get back up, and keep going. It wouldn't be the first time he'd gotten torn up.

He'd lost a considerable amount of energon from the previously leaking fuel lines and other physical injuries, which is what kept him in the med bay the past few days. He was far from an irritating patient - Prowl knew better than to try and piss off a medic. That, and making a fuss about whatever they planned would just delay his recovery longer.

His other injuries weren't nearly as severe, a blaster shot here and there. The sniper's wound had been relatively minor, fortunately, and was easy to seal. He was well enough to get up and stand on his own, he just needed to get the remaining limb reattached to his shoulder.

All in all, he actually welcomed the quiet that came from being in a medbay for a few days. He could distract himself fairly easily with a datapad(there's plenty of data to log after this incident), since his communicator was attacked to his other arm, or stretch his joints where necessary.
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[personal profile] fun_police 2013-09-26 10:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Prowl watched her examine the shoulder joint, doing what we could to not obstruct whatever scanning process she had in mind.

He'd never formally gotten familiarized this medic in particular, but her work ethic and no-nonsense attitude was already a plus in his book.

"Good to hear. There is still unfinished business to take care of back at headquarters."

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[personal profile] arnhaid 2013-09-06 06:18 am (UTC)(link)
Ironhide wasn't all that badly damaged, by comparison. Minor injuries weren't much, far as his frame was concerned, so he hadn't bothered getting them looked at yet -- not while others needed attention a lot more than he did.

Like a certain law enforcement officer.

He was why Ironhide still stuck around. The soldier poked his head into the room on occasion, just to check. Then went back to skulking in the hallway. He wasn't really one to blend in anywhere, but. Hey. Points for trying, right?

There's a lot he wants to say, but, after the way the fight went down, it's probably not the best time. So he just sort of lurks, leaning against the wall of the room Prowl's been in, when he figures the other Autobot isn't paying attention.

... or a lot of attention, anyway.
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[personal profile] fun_police 2013-09-26 10:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Peeking at Prowl's activities in a medical berth was about as boring as one would expect. It was only marginally more interesting than a day at his office, largely because he wasn't often at the receiving end of a battle. It's been a while since his frame sported the battle-damaged look.

Prowl was preoccupied with his log(how the hell did he get that in there?) and didn't pay much attention to Ironhide as he peeked inside. He was aware of his surroundings, of course. He'd just figured Ironhide would talk to him if he had anything to say.

There was only so much fidgeting he could take, however, and the datapad drops into his lap as he looks up,"You've been pacing around like an anxious turbofox."
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[personal profile] rstlsslegsyndrm 2013-09-06 12:10 am (UTC)(link)
Well, back to work. Ambulon was... sort of missing it. Actually, no, he missed it a lot. Work was a great distraction; it was also an unhealthy way of keeping oneself busy so you can't focus on or deal with your problems. But he was a doctor, not a therapist, so... whatever. They were the worst patients anyway.

Ambulon had tried his best to help those who returned, wounded, dying. In the end, he wasn't much of a help, he believed. There were reasons, some obvious, some not; exhaustion was a major problem, and he knew that, but... Here he was. Back to work. Running on spare batteries and doing whatever he could not to think about it.
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[personal profile] glitteratimedic 2013-09-12 06:19 am (UTC)(link)

Even in the most busy medbay, after the worst of crisis, there is always a lull in activity, even if for only a few moments. Which is, of course, the best time to strike...

"I think you need this more than I do," Glit said from somewhere down by Ambulon's knee. Sitting on his hunches as though he'd always been there, carefully not glancing in his fellow medic's direction, he casually slid a cube in front of the larger mech's foot.

"Don't even think of arguing. Professional diagnosis here."
rstlsslegsyndrm: by lylith_st (i'm converse wit u)

[personal profile] rstlsslegsyndrm 2013-10-26 05:41 am (UTC)(link)
Ambulon is momentarily startled by the voice. It's been a very tense day, and given his recent run-in with death, he's more on edge than ever before. At least he doesn't kick Glit, though that was honestly one of his knee-jerk reactions for a moment. He sighs, and it seems as if he is going to decline Glit's offer--

"I'm not even going to bother," Ambulon says and picks up the cube. He sits on the nearest slab and knocks back a huge swallow. The flow of patients has almost trickled to a halt. He can do this. "Thank you," he says after nearly downing the entire thing. "How are you holding up?"

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[personal profile] adamndoctor 2013-09-10 03:09 am (UTC)(link)
McCoy sighed as he finally took a break from work. Not many human patients, for which he was grateful, but with his limited knowledge on Cybertronian medicine, he wasn't much of a help either. And being useless as a doctor frustrated him to no end.

Ah, well. He was off the clock now and there was a small bottle of vodka with his name on it shoved beneath a sink.