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WHO: Sora and Knock Out
WHERE: Sora's room
WHEN After the Firsforget announced the incoming end of the world
WHAT: Knock Out wants to make sure Sora stay out of trouble. He might as well ask for the moon too.

[He knocked at the door and waited, hoping it wasn't too late and the Kid was already out doing something stupid that could get him killed.

Things weren't looking great out there. There were no zombie predacons roaring outside the temples (yet), so that was a small relief. He couldn't believe it was happening again. ]
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16th-Mar-2014 02:16 pm - OPEN
WHO: Sora and OPEN
WHERE: Knock Out's Clinic
WHEN: 17th-whenever someone brings him the opposing energon color
WHAT: Sora's sick and pretty much needs company
WARNINGS: Sora deserves his own warning, just saying

visitors welcome! )
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4th-Mar-2014 02:40 am
Who: Sora and Blurr
Where: Around the Haven
When: Afternoon....?
What: Sora is eloping with Blurr. Not really.
Warnings: None so far. Will update if needed.

[Blurr promised Sora a ride and he was a mech of his word. He wanted to do it sooner and not make the teen wait but it was really hard for him to find free time.

The odds were on his favor today and he finished the patrols and the datafiles he had to reorganize sooner than usual. He parked in front  of Soras's temple and waited.]
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28th-Feb-2014 10:53 pm - Faded memories...
Who: Axel and Sora
Where: A quiet corner of the human-scale part of the bar
When: After Knockout lets Sora out of his clinic
What: Axel tells Sora about Castle Oblivion, among other things
Warnings: 95% chance of feels. Also talk of Axel being a general violent asshole.

Linger beside me... )

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6th-Jan-2014 02:49 am - Hazardous Highway
WHO: Wheeljack and Sora
WHERE: All around Haven
WHEN: Backdated to Sora's arrival
WHAT: Wheeljack is taking Sora off-roading as a welcome to the place. And to get some fresh air for himself.

Gummi Ship Level: Wheeljack )
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