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12th-Sep-2012 09:40 pm - All Around the Mul-Haven Bush! [Open]
WHO: Thundercracker and whoever decides to tag in.
WHERE: All over Haven.
WHEN Any time between the 10th and the 15th (basically, the span of the event)
WHAT: Thundercracker is attempting to learn to control his new teleporting ability. His efforts are taking him - according to him - "all over fragging creation!"
WARNINGS: Grumpy jet? Grumpy jet appearing unannounced in your washrack/shower? 8D;;;
NOTES: Feel free to have him appear wherever. Just be sure to specify the location. And don't forget to add your tag to the post! (Or if you can't, PM me and I'll do it. =3 )

Pit, how did Skywarp manage this!?  He made it look so easy!  He could teleport on a half-fragged thought and still hit his mark with perfection.  Well . . . up to a certain distance, anyway.  But even then, at least he managed to get where he was intending to go!  And didn't just jump without even meaning too!  This was RIDICULOUS!

But . . . ridiculous or not, Thundercracker needed to master this.  And fast.  Because teleporting when he hadn't meant to was inconvenient at best!  Potentially dangerous at worst.  Plus . . . he could certainly see the advantage of having the ability.  That, of course, went without saying, intimately acquainted as he was with the advantage to which his wingmate used it.  And so, Thundercracker had decided to devote time to learning to control this newfound power. 

Unfortunately, it meant a lot of bouncing around to places he hadn't meant to go.  Pit, half the time?  He didn't even know where he was anymore!

He was getting awfully disoriented . . . And frustrated.  Definitely frustrated.

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1st-Sep-2012 09:17 pm - the journey to the badlands
WHO: Ashitaka, Drift, Wing, Cliffjumper, Dinobot, Korra, Luxord, and Mirage.
WHERE: Nearing the corners of the Badlands.
WHEN September 2nd-6th.
WHAT: A task was set by Prima to find a way to contain Ashitaka's curse. After asking for help, Ashitaka has a group and they are setting out to the Badlands. Expect some bumps along the way.
WARNINGS: Violence for battle scenes, no doubt!
NOTES: Since the characters are nearing the Badlands, their Links are much, much weaker. As a result, they cannot connect to the network very well. Ashitaka only knows Japanese, so communication as they get further out will be difficult for him. We can say that, along the way, he might have picked up some very broken English.

I will make a separate thread for various interactions, depending on your preferences! Something more action-filled? Something for socializing? Up to you!

to see with eyes unclouded )
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WHO: G1 Perceptor, Drift, and you!
WHERE: Solus Temple and Medibay
WHEN: Just after Perceptor's arrival
WHAT: Perceptor and Drift have to clean spider good off of them, and then Drift still needs a few repairs.
WARNINGS: Awkward nerd is awkward. Otherwise, none.
NOTE: Open to anyone who might be in or around the Medibay or the temple!

To infinity! And beyo-- oh. To the shower. )
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WHO: Korra and anone
WHERE: the junkyard
WHEN after this
WHAT: Korra wants to learn metalbending, only for self defense and to try to help Ratchet in the infirmary. She's repulsed by the thought of using this against others like Tarrlok used bloodbending against her.
WARNINGS: uh, claustrophobia, maybe?

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25th-Aug-2012 01:44 pm - Harvest Cybertronmoon
WHO: Raf & OPEN!
WHERE: Alpha Trion's quadrant; near one of the lakes
WHEN nowish?
WHAT: So there's this farm that's been being set up and maybe you could come visit it if you wanted. Just don't step on any of the plants.

alt title; Punch Trees, Get Wood )
18th-Aug-2012 11:37 am
WHO: Nexus Prime and *YOU*!
WHERE: Various places in Nexus' quadrant, and some places outside of it in the greater parts of Cybertron. Base setting below, feel free to have your character encounter Nexus - or a part of him - wherever!
WHEN: Backdated to last week whups Over a period of time. Say...a week?
WHAT: Nexus Prime can keep his attentions on a lot of things at once. And he doesn't mind putting some of it towards the Refugees.

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17th-Aug-2012 05:25 pm
WHO: Korra(&her polarbeardog mount Naga--they're now a matched set because Korra's wary about letting Naga out of her sight again) and Prime!Starscream
WHERE: Temple of Megatronus Prime, in shadow of twin towers
WHEN: after and
WHAT: Korra's waiting to meet with Starscream.
WARNINGS: Uh, Prime!Scream scheming and Korra's naivete?

just waiting for Commander Scream )
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WHO: Korra and Naga and whoever comes their way [so open to all]
WHERE: southwest of Solus' temple, on the far side of the gorge
WHEN: after talking with Knock Out
WHAT: Korra tries looking for Breakdown, ends up finding Naga instead!
WARNINGS: FLUFF AND SAPPY/HEARTWARMING REUNION AND GUSHING.  If Korra perceives any threat against Naga after just finding her, SHE WILL FREAK OUT.  Naga will similarly freak out against anyone who may threaten her human.  Picture and information on Korra's polarbeardog mount and companion here at

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13th-Aug-2012 08:46 pm - Just Like Home (open)
WHO: Wreck-Gar and whoever comes his way
WHERE: The Junkpile
WHEN Sometime after Wreck-Gar learned of the Junkpile from Soundwave
WHAT: Wreck-Gar explores the Junkpile.
WARNINGS: Wreck-Gar remains as moderately comprehensible as ever when talking.

Cybertron. It was not Wreck-Gar's, and even if it were, it was not his world in the first place. Blaster's cassette Rewind had once theorized that the Junkions, along with some of the other robot-races of the galaxy, were descended from Cybertronians who had left the planet during its numerous Great Wars. Wreck-Gar, though, had never been much for reruns, and only occasionally appreciated a retrospective, and had opted not to give much thought to the matter. He was content to be an ally to Rodimus Prime and his Autobots, when it did not distract from his responsibilities to his people. He owed them much, for helping the Junkions step into the future and opening vast trade routes that had made them a very rich people indeed.

This, however, was not that Cybertron. And Wreck-Gar was utterly uncertain of his place here. His people needed him, and he missed his friends, and his main squeeze, Nancy. But most of all, he missed his home, the Planet of Junk. The massive fields of junk, as far as the eye could see, the vast sorting machines, the soft crunch of compacted metal and plastics under his feet, the warm glow of televisions scavenged from the junk and loving restored to functional condition, the gentle hum of the planetary power sources.

But here, in the Junkpile... this felt like familiar territory. He walked through it, looking this way and that, pausing once and a while to dig into a pile and pull something out, sometimes tossing it away, sometimes letting the junk just run through his fingers.

"Ooooh, Luuuucy," he said, to no one in particular, "I'm hoooOOOoome."
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5th-Aug-2012 11:15 am - mysterious post-Invasion illness
who: Korra, Gunmax (other Brave Police can join), Ratchet (and any other medically trained fellows who are even just curious)
what: doctor's appointment
when: After this thread  After Invasion.
where: med bay, Solus Prime's temple
warnings: Uh, backtagged?

Korra was dreaming again.  Another delusion.  Fire, earth, water--fighting fighting fighting, then a bright light....

The girl stirs in her sleep, feeling as if she were in a cold dark cage.
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8th-Jul-2012 07:23 pm - The Cold Resolve of Steel
WHO: Dinobot and anyone
WHERE: By the lambada
WHEN: Just after the invasion
WHAT:  Dinobot goes samurai mode
WARNINGS: Some battle carnage

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8th-Jul-2012 07:50 pm - ARMS UP!
[[ooc : I just posted this to the LINKS community.  Could a mod tell me which place it's best suited?  because I'm really unsure which community we're supposed to be playing in, or where this post would be most appropriate.  I'm really super not trying to be disruptive to this community by double posting, but I wasn't sure which comm to go in!]]

WHERE: Entrance to Solus' Forge
WHEN: A few hours after the announcement of the second wave.
WARNINGS: battle planning, interfaction interaction
WHAT: Breakdown's reaction to "invasion" is not going to be to hide. He's the highest ranked mech from the Nemesis present, representing not just the Decepticon army he knew, but also the very world he once knew, and he has a partner he needs to protect. There are lots of robots out there he knows are up to the challenge of protecting what they believe in too. Time to go on a bug hunt.
Already discussed it with Knock Out. Time to give out the general call :

Fellow Cybertronians, and Brave Police from Earth, calling all units! Convene at the steps of Solus, right here [coords provided], and let's talk about protecting ourselves, and those who need protection. It's about damn time we started working together, like physically together.

I am Breakdown, Commander of Decepticon ground troops from the Nemesis. I've lived through invasions worse than this. But yanno what? Right now I don't give a slag if I or you are a bot or a con.  The best way for us to survive this planet together is by working together.

We need everyone who needs protection in a secure area.  We need warriors with a game plan ; I look forward to meeting my battle brothers and sisters.  We need medics, we need scientists, and we need defence planners and barricade builders.

I hope people come.  I'll wait until the sky shifts colour again.  There's a medic inside the building for anyone that's hurt.  And even if no one comes to fight alongside me, I'll go ahead with the best battle plan I know : just hit each of these buggers one by one.  But uh... if you have a better idea, please come and tell us.

Arms Up.  Breakdown out.

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4th-Jul-2012 06:12 pm - INDEPENDENCE DAY | open log
WHERE: The Haven area -- a clearing's been picked out.
WHAT: Gunmax has stated that there will be FIREWORKS. So here is the place to celebrate the fireworks going off! Completely open and anyone is welcome. Chances are the Brave Police will frown upon any scuffles between 'Con and 'Bot, so if something comes up, they will probably escort your afts. This is an opportunity to socialize a bit the best you can BEFORE THE IMPENDING ATTACK.
NOTES: For those that Gunmax promised to pick up on his motorcycle, assume that he already has, for your own convenience!

...well, okay, i never technically lived there but it counts )
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3rd-Jul-2012 11:11 pm - Noticing similarities
WHO: Jetfire, Megatronus, anyone else in Megatronus' Quadrant
WHERE: The arena.
WHEN: Around now.
WHAT: Jetfire's waiting for Starscream, and checking out the near surroundings of the temple, he comes upon the arena, which brings up some thoughts about the past. He's a huge white jet hanging in the air, you're welcome to spot him.

It was strange how easy it'd been to get used to having Starscream close while at the Keep. Closer than before the war, that was. Maybe it was that train of thought that actually made him pay attention to the arena, coming to a stop above it.

It wasn't similar in the least to the arena Starscream had fought in before the war, but these sort of buildings did have a similar design considering their function. Such a simple thing that had laid the base for a war that hadn't just engulfed the (more than one) planet, but the galaxy.

He didn't set down, merely drifted in the air above the arena, and despite the fact that it was empty and no one else was currently around, felt out of place even if he wasn't on the ground in the ring.
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30th-Jun-2012 07:50 pm - Something Worthwhile
Who: Annie, OPEN TO ALL
Where: The Junk Pile
What: Annie is scavenging for items for herself and others
When: Just less than a week after arriving on Cybertron, over the span of a few days
Warnings: None yet? Potential for adorable and violence alike.
Note: Everyone that posts will get an individualized response. Annie might be catching a nap, digging somewhere deeper, or doing all sorts of different things for the days she’ll be searching.

Hiding away in the refuge provided by Nexus would not solve anything in the end, though it had certainly given her time to think and adjust somewhat to the extraordinary surroundings in which she had found herself. She is on new planet, with new people of both a robotic and organic nature. It is all so surreal, especially considering that her final memories of her time in Gotham had been of her death. The memories were painful, and without fail had haunted her each time she attempted to sleep for very long.

Annie could only stand to be in one place for so long, even with such a big room to wander through.

So setting off for the Junk Pile, she had put her mind to focusing on gathering supplies. Walking steadily until arriving at her destination, she rested briefly at the edge of the Junk Pile before starting the hunt for useful items. Rather quickly she was fortunate to enough to find a duffle bag to use for carrying her finds with her.

Even if she could be of no particular use to anyone, Annie would at least do her best to give herself a purpose. She didn’t want to run away forever.
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