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4th-Feb-2013 12:30 am - [Open]
WHO: Blurr and you! But there's also a closed thread for X-23.
WHERE: All around the Junk Pile
WHEN: During the insect invasion
WHAT: Tiny mech vs Giant insect robots.
WARNINGS: Violence?

[One day Blur would learn to ask for backup when he needs it. Today was not that day. Frank got hurt because of him and he was not about to get someone else hurt again because of him anytime soon.

He had to admit that the creatures were stubborn, too difficutl to handcuff (if not impossible) and hard to kill. He was not made for hand to hand combat and thus he chose to do the next best thing: Ram into the giant bugs to flip them over.

Miraculously, it worked so far. Moslty because most of the monsters didn't see him coming due the the fast speed and because they ended buried under the debris on the junk pile.

Blurr speeded again, wheels screeching against pavement, and rammed into a robotic centipede knocking him to the ground and rolling him over into the dirt.]
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WHO: Rex Salazar and OPEN
WHERE: Near and just inside the Junk Pile
WHEN: Not long after Rex's arrival, prior to the end of the 2 week invasion period
WHAT: As he is sometimes prone to do, Rex separates from Six and manages to wander off in another direction. His path leads him to the Junk Pile and another bug that needs squashing.
WARNINGS: Monster violence.

Er, the Junk Pile. )
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2nd-Feb-2013 08:50 pm - Of Stone and Metal
Who: X-23 and TFP Ratchet
What: X-23 is chasing down an offensive centipede monster and Ratchet wants to check on the bloody organic
When: Sometime during the 2 week invasion from the Badlands (Jan 2013)
Where: Outer edge of the junkpile
Warnings: Blood, grump vs. grump
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19th-Jan-2013 11:35 pm - A Second Crossing of Paths
Who: X-23 and Shattered Glass Megatron
What: X-23 brought down a pair of small centipedelike invaders and Megatron locates her before more find her in her wounded state
When: Night of January 19th/Morning of the 20th
Where: Border between the junkpile and Prima’s quadrant
Warnings: Graphic wound description, mild profanity

Wounds and apologies )
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4th-Jan-2013 03:42 am - Not What You Seem
Who: X-23, Shattered Glass Megatron
Where: Near Liege Maximo’s temple
What: X-23 attacks SG Megatron
When: Within the hour following X-23 waking, and just prior to the video post from SG Megatron requesting assistance
Warnings: Violence

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