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2nd-Aug-2014 02:49 pm - It's now or never...
Who: Lea and Elsa [Closed]
Where: The Hub, the room Elsa occupied due to radiation
When: Just before Lea goes off to battle
What: Lea has a special gift for Elsa, and needs to give it to her while there's still time

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28th-Apr-2014 08:22 pm - ❄ thin air (closed/backdated)
WHO: Elsa & Axel
WHERE: Outside Prima's Temple, Megatronus' Arena following.
WHEN: Following their conversation after Elsa's arrival (backdated)
WHAT: Axel offered Elsa some help with her powers, Elsa, with no other ideas on how to keep herself contained in this new and quite frightening environment, agrees to practicing with them. Who better than with Axel, anyways?
WARNINGS: Elsa's typical self-defeating thought processes. Otherwise, none.

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16th-Mar-2014 02:16 pm - OPEN
WHO: Sora and OPEN
WHERE: Knock Out's Clinic
WHEN: 17th-whenever someone brings him the opposing energon color
WHAT: Sora's sick and pretty much needs company
WARNINGS: Sora deserves his own warning, just saying

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28th-Feb-2014 10:53 pm - Faded memories...
Who: Axel and Sora
Where: A quiet corner of the human-scale part of the bar
When: After Knockout lets Sora out of his clinic
What: Axel tells Sora about Castle Oblivion, among other things
Warnings: 95% chance of feels. Also talk of Axel being a general violent asshole.

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