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WHO: IDW Perceptor and anyone who wants to come help rescue his wangsting aft
WHERE: Beyond the bounds of Haven, out in the badlands
WHEN: BACKDATED to just after Drift's post where he's looking for Perceptor.
WHAT: Perceptor's been missing for a while; that got noticed, and now they're heading out to find him.
WARNINGS: None yet. Just whiny angst of the dumb nerd variety.

notes: actual peril that Perceptor needs rescued from will get posted once the team posts in and is ready.

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WHO: IDW Perceptor and whoever might be outside the bounds of Haven
WHERE: Beyond Haven's boundaries, into the wastes
WHEN: Right after Wing's display during the Games and Airshow
WHAT: Perceptor's running from himself.
WARNINGS: Wangst of the emo variety.

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18th-May-2013 11:12 pm - [OPEN]
WHERE: The bar.
WHEN All day.
WHAT: Meet the newest bartender the bar has to offer... Or complain that a vampire is working somewhere so public to other customers.
WARNINGS: None? Dead End?

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12th-Feb-2013 06:40 pm - [Open]
WHO; Shira and whoever wants to play "chase the kitty"!
WHERE; Between Vector's quadrant and the Junkpile.
WHEN; Before Megatronus goes to fight the Big Bad.
WHAT; Shira is totally not panicking. Well, maybe she is, but just a little!
WARNINGS; nope. Well except if she feels the need to use her teeth. No interruption by Centipedes is expected.

I am not panicked! Not at all! )
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1st-Jan-2013 11:28 am - PRAEXIS
WHO: Kay, Wrex, Rocket, Blurr, Cliffjumper, Ventus, Garrus (holy moley)
WHERE: Junkpile, at the sight of thje crashed frigate PRAEXIS
WHEN: Backdate to DECEMBER 28th
WHAT: Clearing out the site and gathering the goodies
WARNINGS: There will be fighting >8c

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23rd-Dec-2012 02:48 pm - Take a shot...or two...or three.
WHO: Rocket and Fort Max
WHERE: The junk pile, aka makeshift shooting range.
WHEN A day or so after all the Christmas stuff appeared.
WHAT: What better way to celebrate the holidays than to destroy stuff?? BD
WARNINGS: N/A...I think.

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31st-Oct-2012 09:17 am - [Open] The Outer Banks
WHO: Rocket, Open
WHERE: Near the Badlands
WHEN Around the time that everyone is meeting up at the bar.
WHAT: Rocket can't help but want to venture closer, mostly because he's tired of the noise in his head.
WARNINGS: None at the moment.

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21st-Oct-2012 09:21 pm - Unwelcome Furry Invasion. Send Help.
Who: Blades, Rocket, anyone.
What: Trying to get a raccoon out of his cockpit.
When: During/after this.
Where: The Junk Pile, north side.
Notes: Sorry for my absence, school and work are eating me alive. I'll have more time this week to play so jump on board!

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10th-Oct-2012 11:56 pm - WHAT TIME IS IT?
WHO: Fortress Maximus & Entourage
WHERE: Outside the Haven, and that's about as specific as we can get. Generally, south of it.
WHEN Couple days after Max starts organizing things here. Takes place over the course of about a week or so.
WHAT: Max wanted to go exploring and a bunch of people wanted to come with. Sounds like a party.

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WHO: Slipstream and OPEN
WHERE: In and between Nexus Temple and Junkpile
WHEN Nowish; some time after Slipstream talks to Teddie.
WHAT: Searching for specific items in order to trade to Teddie, so he will construct the spectacles to make her look smartaccessory Slipstream might just want to have. Possibly also discussion of who might be able to repair sonic cleaning devices.
WARNINGS: Nothing right now.
NOTE: Slipstream is mod-authorized to find (apart from the usual no-permission-needed stuff) 1) Powell Brand Sound Wave toy, without organic-hypnotizing function; 2) sonic cleaning device(s) in parts or "rough condition". She'll also be looking for typical salvage in form of metal and glass to be used to make the glasses/spectacles.

In which Slipstream probably complains every time something NOT on her list is discovered. )
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