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Who: Deckard, Garrod
Where: Starting at the Hub
When: Backdated at least to before the current event
What: Deckard meets Garrod's Gundam (that's where the log's gonna head, anyway)
Warnings:  CUTES?

Deckard's patrol was just about over and he found himself by the Hub.  Well, might as well pop in to see who might be around.

He found himself hoping Garrod was there.  He'd been trying really hard not to contact the boy "too often" (whatever that might actually be), but truth be told . . . the boy reminded him of Yuuta so much, it made his Super AI spark sometimes.  He loved spending time with the boy, whenever they happened upon one another.  Deckard was afraid he could very easily become smothering, trying to be around too much or something, but . . . if they happened to be in the same place, he could at least say HI, right?

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14th-Jan-2014 06:47 am
Who: Prowl & YOU
What: Prowl wakes up from his Lambda-induced coma.
When: Jan 11th
Where: Liege's temple

Liege's Temple

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Solus' Clinic

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22nd-Nov-2013 01:53 pm - Waiting For A Ride In the Dark
WHO: Garrod Ran & Prowl
WHERE: Nexus Prime's Neighborhood
WHEN: ...Now?!
WHAT: In a land of giants, getting around is going to be a pain. Thankfully! there's a lot of free rides around!

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