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Who: Prowl & YOU
What: Prowl wakes up from his Lambda-induced coma.
When: Jan 11th
Where: Liege's temple

Liege's Temple

A lot happened in the last four days, all of which left Prowl feeling exhausted despite the fact he'd been bedridden and unconscious. His awakening had been an unpleasant one, more of a sharp jostling into consciousness than anything. He was starting to get a little used to it at this point. 

When he woke up to Liege's Acolytes, he didn't demand to see the Firstforged for this. He didn't even ask for an explanation. All he could do was sit at the edge of the metal berth he'd been placed on, and stare. Stare at the floor and at his reflection off it's surface. He had been changed in both mind and body, and was far from feeling sociable.

There was... a lot of things he had to think about. 

Solus' Clinic

Prowl had enough sense to get a check-up at the Medbay after he had regained his drive. While being brainwashed by Decepticons in his world had cut quite a gash into his pride - and more importantly, his sense of agency, he hadn't endured four million years of war to just allow it to control his life. 

He had to look at this objectively. He'd clearly been affected by the Lambda somehow, and was in a body he was uncomfortably unfamiliar with. It was time to get a doctor to look at this and see what they could figure out - if there was anything to figure out.

So, after a quick drive to Solus' quadrant, he waited by the entrance in robot mode.
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Chromedome arrives probably about half an hour later. Why was he even bothering anymore? Well, some part of him, some seriously twisted and dark part of him, still saw Prowl as a friend. You'd think after threatening and manipulating each other he would take a hint and leave it alone.

But no, here he was being concerned for the one person who made his life utterly miserable. It was like something he couldn't bring himself to leave, no matter how much common sense screamed in his audio receptors.

"You're looking better."

Chromedome said casually as he strolled into the medbay. He gave Prowl a once-over before raising an eyeridge.

"So, how are you feeling? Not everyday you pass out for no reason. It's been quiet around here without you."
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"What the hell crawled up your exhaust ports?"

Chromedome knew instantly what Prowl was talking about, but chose to continue pretending that he didn't. He was not going to feel any regret about what he had to do. Besides, it was Prowl's fault anyway.

"Remind me not to feel concerned over your well-being in the future if you're going to be an ass about it."
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Chromedome slapped the hand away from him and instantly took the defensive. Some part of him said that it would probably be better to come clean about this, but Chromedome refused to make anything easier for Prowl. If he had to deny his actions until the sun died then so be it.

"I have no idea what you're talking about! Did the coma scramble your circuits? I mean more than usual."

He let out a sound of disgust before waving a hand irritably at him.

"Whatever, I don't have to take this."

That was his cue to turn towards the door to leave.
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That was enough to cause Chromedome to pause mid-step. He didn't turn around though, that would mean facing Prowl when all he wanted to do was get out of there. What stopped him wasn't any desire to take responsibility for his actions, but rather how hilarious it was that Prowl thought he regretted anything.

"Except I didn't do anything, and I'm not running from anything either. You don't scare me, Prowl."
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No. He didn't.

Because at his core Chromedome was a very selfish person. On the surface he might seem friendly and sociable, but really that was the biggest lie he could ever tell. He wasn't a good person and he could never bring himself to say otherwise. Rewind was the only one to see that part of him and love him anyway.

"Believe me, I'm going."

Prowl got one last cold look before Chromedome left the medical bay.

If Prowl caught on then that would complicate things for Chromedome. It would probably be best to find a way to contain the situation somehow. There really wasn't any line Chromedome wouldn't cross to keep his own life relatively stable. He'll think of something, count on it.
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     He was a little anxious ever since he'd found out that Prowl had somehow passed out- power down? What did giant robots even call that sort of thing?

     It had been purely by coincidence that the boy caught sight of Prowl, as that vehicle was definitely unmistakable, especially one that you tried to break into. Unfortunately, Garrod wasn't within reach of his Link, and the guy was too far off to hear him holler. Thus it resulted in a scramble for his Gundam, and since places around here were large enough for it to enter, he hadn't stopped at the door.


     His voice came from the comm shortly before he powered the Gundam down after having it peer inside, popping open the cockpit to hop out.
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     The boy couldn't help but grin. "I piloted it, duh. It's too far to walk and you didn't hear me when I was yelling at you."

     He looked back at the Gundam's head, a little fondly. It had been through a lot, and it was his only reminder of home, not to mention it made it highly convenient to get around here. "Found it around that Junk Pile place some time after you dropped me off. I guess whatever brought me over here decided to bring this too."

     Oh right. "But never mind that- you okay? Last I saw you, that red guy was carrying you over a shoulder cuz you were unconscious or something!"
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     "Good! Um... wait, so how can that thing make you go into a coma?" Or maybe he should be asking why? This place just made no sense sometimes.

     Still, if Prowl said he was fine, then Garrod wasn't going to worry. So far as he could see, there didn't seem to be anything wrong with the guy, but he was secretly relieved that Prowl was going to get a second opinion on that.
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"The scrap do you mean he ain't here?"

Sorry, Prowl, did you want quiet?

He'd just left for a day or so. Hadn't he? Other bots needed checking in on, and the medics all said Prowl was pretty much comatose. So... he'd judged it safe enough to step out for a while. Except when he'd come back, Prowl was nowhere to be seen. And there was an Acolyte on the receiving end of a long, heated tirade from the big soldier.

He didn't realize the bot in question was standing at the entrance -- probably understandable, since his back was to it.
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"You can't just go around losin' unconscious bots!"

There was more he was going to shout. But the voice caught his attention. His head snapped around, and the angry tension in his frame faded. He lowered the hand he'd raised -- presumably to punch something.


He gave the drone a look, before turning to the other bot. "Hey." Then his head tilted. "You look like scrap."
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"Guess that figures, huh?"

He rubbed awkwardly at the back of his neck, managing to look as sheepish now as he had enraged moments before. After a beat, he held a hand out, intending to clasp it with the other bot's. He was relieved to see him up and about, regardless of everything.

"You really expect I wasn't gonna?" he asked. Sure, he might have dinged the other's paint a little, on account of PJ. "What're bots for?"

Another pause.

"Nice uh... mods there, I guess."
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[On the ground near him there was a blue and orange robolizard with a hammer in his tail, staring at Prowl.

He looked back for a moment to make sure Knock Out heard him and then looked up at the newcomer one more time before letting out a high and loud:] ....CRAAAAAWWW!!!
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Re: Clinic

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[You, ungrateful mech. He was making noise to get the attention of the medic. The lizard flies up, close to Prowl's face, and let's out another loud screech.]

CRAAAAAW!!!! [Then he flies away to sit on Knock Out's shoulder, who's already approaching Prowl with a datapand in his hands and a grin on his face.] Back from your beauty sleep?
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Re: Clinic

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[Knock Out pets the dragon's back a few times, not bothering to answer Prowl immediately.]

Currently, yes. Trust me I would call someone else if I could. But given that I was the one who checked on you when you passed out it's only logical that I will be the one who makes sure everything's still normal. See it as closing the circle.

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"So you've returned."

Metalhawk was standing in the Medical Bay, testing the kinks and bends of his new arm. The Autobot had probably left while he was still recovering from the attachment surgery, as he didn't see him walk out.

Not that he expected Prowl to show any interest in telling him.

Still, he was a Cybertronian, and Metalhawk wasn't sparkless enough to not at least acknowledge his existence. (Unlike SOME people.)

"You never were one to really stand around."

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Charming to the last, Prowl.

"Of course not. Please don't assume I would think that of you, anyway."

The response was just as dry, as if he were being forced to socialize if anything. Darn those morals and actually caring about Cybertronian life. He walks over though, noticing the build.

Not that he hadn't before, but this was the first good look he'd gotten.

"You appeared like that one morning. It was the strangest thing."