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Who: Prowl & YOU
What: Prowl wakes up from his Lambda-induced coma.
When: Jan 11th
Where: Liege's temple

Liege's Temple

A lot happened in the last four days, all of which left Prowl feeling exhausted despite the fact he'd been bedridden and unconscious. His awakening had been an unpleasant one, more of a sharp jostling into consciousness than anything. He was starting to get a little used to it at this point. 

When he woke up to Liege's Acolytes, he didn't demand to see the Firstforged for this. He didn't even ask for an explanation. All he could do was sit at the edge of the metal berth he'd been placed on, and stare. Stare at the floor and at his reflection off it's surface. He had been changed in both mind and body, and was far from feeling sociable.

There was... a lot of things he had to think about. 

Solus' Clinic

Prowl had enough sense to get a check-up at the Medbay after he had regained his drive. While being brainwashed by Decepticons in his world had cut quite a gash into his pride - and more importantly, his sense of agency, he hadn't endured four million years of war to just allow it to control his life. 

He had to look at this objectively. He'd clearly been affected by the Lambda somehow, and was in a body he was uncomfortably unfamiliar with. It was time to get a doctor to look at this and see what they could figure out - if there was anything to figure out.

So, after a quick drive to Solus' quadrant, he waited by the entrance in robot mode.

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