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Who: Drift and hopefully others
What: After the latest wave of mysterious disappearances, it's time to start throwing in theories.
Where: Near where the Rec Center is, which is as close to neutral territory as Drift can figure.
When: After Ultra Magnus's pep talk.
Warnings: none?

Drift does one last sweep of the area. Not that he's expecting to find much in the way of danger. It was mostly nervous energy. He's not a leader. He knows he's not a leader. That was Rodimus's role. Or Optimus Prime's. Not his. The last time he was a leader, he was Deadlock and his leadership skills....were pretty questionable. And violent.

But they need to talk, and the Link is not a safe place. Hopefully, this is. They need to find out about this Unicron, how this Calling happens, what they can do to prevent it...if anything.

He's lit a small bonfire in the center of the place, figuring at least it'll be a site for mourning. In all their haste, they haven't really done that as a community.

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28th-Sep-2012 06:36 pm - Searching for the perfect
WHO: Cheetor and anyone else
WHERE: Junk Pile
WHEN: Today!
WHAT: Cheetor is on a mission to find a desk for Ultra Magnus
A Desk job )
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WHO: Wreck-Gar and whoever shows up
WHERE: Solian temple
WHEN now
WHAT: Wreck-Gar returns to the temple with entertainment!
WARNINGS: Excessive tv talk?

It was, with a giddy laugh, that Wreck-Gar returned to the Solian Temple, having just come from the Junkpile.  In addition to all kinds of useful little bits of discarded trash, he had found something worth finding.  A television.  It didn't look like it would pick up anything, but it did look like it came with a video player.  And that was when he'd also found a virtual smorgasbord of videos.  It was like a gift from above.

Of course, such a gift had to be shared.  So Wreck-Gar found a good spot to set the TV up, where plenty of people could gather.  He took a long look at the power cable before removing something from his insides and ramming the plug into that.  The TV started up.

Carefully, he selected one of the videos and pushed it into the machine.  In a moment, familiar band strains of music started up, following by the appearance of a green felt puppet on the screen.

"It's the Muppet Show!  With out very special guest....  ALICE COOPER!   YAAAAAAAY!"

Wreck-Gar clapped with glee as the show started up. 
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WHO: G1 Perceptor, Drift, and you!
WHERE: Solus Temple and Medibay
WHEN: Just after Perceptor's arrival
WHAT: Perceptor and Drift have to clean spider good off of them, and then Drift still needs a few repairs.
WARNINGS: Awkward nerd is awkward. Otherwise, none.
NOTE: Open to anyone who might be in or around the Medibay or the temple!

To infinity! And beyo-- oh. To the shower. )
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13th-Aug-2012 08:46 pm - Just Like Home (open)
WHO: Wreck-Gar and whoever comes his way
WHERE: The Junkpile
WHEN Sometime after Wreck-Gar learned of the Junkpile from Soundwave
WHAT: Wreck-Gar explores the Junkpile.
WARNINGS: Wreck-Gar remains as moderately comprehensible as ever when talking.

Cybertron. It was not Wreck-Gar's, and even if it were, it was not his world in the first place. Blaster's cassette Rewind had once theorized that the Junkions, along with some of the other robot-races of the galaxy, were descended from Cybertronians who had left the planet during its numerous Great Wars. Wreck-Gar, though, had never been much for reruns, and only occasionally appreciated a retrospective, and had opted not to give much thought to the matter. He was content to be an ally to Rodimus Prime and his Autobots, when it did not distract from his responsibilities to his people. He owed them much, for helping the Junkions step into the future and opening vast trade routes that had made them a very rich people indeed.

This, however, was not that Cybertron. And Wreck-Gar was utterly uncertain of his place here. His people needed him, and he missed his friends, and his main squeeze, Nancy. But most of all, he missed his home, the Planet of Junk. The massive fields of junk, as far as the eye could see, the vast sorting machines, the soft crunch of compacted metal and plastics under his feet, the warm glow of televisions scavenged from the junk and loving restored to functional condition, the gentle hum of the planetary power sources.

But here, in the Junkpile... this felt like familiar territory. He walked through it, looking this way and that, pausing once and a while to dig into a pile and pull something out, sometimes tossing it away, sometimes letting the junk just run through his fingers.

"Ooooh, Luuuucy," he said, to no one in particular, "I'm hoooOOOoome."
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Who: Liege Maximo and ALL THE PEOPLE
What: Following the 'Second Wave,' Liege has collected a number of living (and dead) Monster samples to be studied. He has sent out the call: all scientists/medics or otherwise capable persons are welcome to attend his laboratory conference to look over the critters and find out what can be found!
When: Now-ish. Liege took a bit to set this up, so all new and old characters can come!
Where: Liege's Temple

Bring any characters you want, scientists or not! Anyone who comes (IE posts or threads below) will get some samples of Sharkticons or other monster types to work with, and they will also receive a special LABORATORY KIT from an Acolyte, which features a few simple tools sized to your character so they can do their own experiments in the future!
Your character is welcome to learn the following:

-Monsters have superior strength/stamina to their non-lambda counterparts. (IE a Monster Sharkticon would be more brutal, spikier, and nastier than a standard Sharkticon.)
-Beyond the increased attributes there is no physical difference to their makeup. (IE a Sharkticon is still a Sharkticon, a dragon is still a dragon, DNA, scales, and all.)
-Particularly perceptive individuals may notice a trace of an energy signature on the creatures which matches the 'feel' of the badlands. There may be a link between the two...

Liege won't be able to interact with everyone, so this is your chance to MINGLE with others. Tag around, have fun, spend the night, and enjoy the Maximo's superior wash-racks! If you'd rather just explore the temple, you can do that too.

In the dark of the night evil will find you... )
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