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[Open] Gifts and Making Friends

WHO: Flonne and you~
WHERE: Prima’s Quadrant/Police Headquarters
WHEN: Around now
WHAT: Flonne wandering, but wandering with a purpose in a quest to befriend the one and only Mr. Grumpy who is also known as Prowl. Crayon pictures may be involved.
WARNINGS: None so far, unless you count the fact Flonne is dense as a brick. Will add when needed.

Flonne had been content and happy to remain within the temple and only making treks to explore now and again. Even obtaining food was an adventure, sure it was hard but being positive about it all was the best way to get through it and there was also some really interesting things sometimes found in the Junkyard. But this wasn’t exploring time, but a mission of most importance.

She had a robot to befriend and show just how wonderful such love could be.

Which was why she was actually walking with a purpose, she was not going to allow herself to be distracted by anything today. She was going to march right into that Police Headquarters her little sack full of handmade tokens she had made, and was about and give the first blow in the battle of love and kindness. She had made this first strike extra special and had even made a lot of extra things to give to others there. It had taken a lot of time to find all of the supplies and then make the pictures and paper flowers, but she had done so. There was even a special one that she left back where she was sleeping to give to Prima somehow to say thank you for letting her stay here when she had shown up. That one though would be done on a special delivery when she learned how to give it to him.

But that was not now. Today was a day of thanking and brightening up those who were trying to protect them.
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[Blurr was finishing his paperwork when he decided to take a break and go get some low grade hot energon. He was walking back to his office with what it looked like and oversize cup of tea in his hand when he saw the little girl. He recognized her immediately and smiled.]

Hello Flonne, can I help you?
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[Aww, such and energetic little girl. Blurr likes those.
Energetic people, not little girls.]

Hell...oh, what's that? Is it for me?

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[He picks it up really carefully with his free hand, smiling.] No one ever made something like this for me before.

Prime AND Prowl? That's sweet but why those two bots at first? I should get you something in return. Friendship is really important, I agree. Love is hardest to find, though.
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I have friends here. It was a bit different before because of my job. [Blurr kneels down so it's easier for her to talk to him.] I spent a lot of time alone but that was because I was doing something important.

[Oh Flonne, you are such a delusional cute person. Never change.] I'm sure Prime will appreciate it, I doubt that the FirstForget get many presents like this. Prowl, though...are you sure you will like it?
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Ehh...! [It doesn't bother him as much as it surprises him. Blurr doesn't push her away but tries not to lose his balance and fell down by accident, he could hurt her. More friends are always welcome, though.]'s counts right?

[Ah, freedom. Blurr smiles down at her.]

You are a really sweet, caring person, Flonne. [Have a soft pat in the head, girl.]

I think that some might like it, Vector and Solus perhaps, but Me-ga-tro-nus might not even want to see you. He's not a nice FirstForget you should be careful around him.

You know what? I agree. [There's a smirk on Blurr's face.] Prowl could always have more nice things in his life. I don't know him much or at all but he seems lonely. [And that coming from Blurr says a lot.]
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[At that Blurr relaxes marginally and his smile soften. There's still a somewhat sad look in his eyes.] Yes, it does. I might not be as close to others as the Brave police is to each other but I appreciate them a lot.

[And frankly, I hurt a lot when Power joy told him that he couldn't help McCrane because he was not 'his family'.]

Maybe is it that but before you go see Megatronus, might I ask who's your FirstForged? [He knows that Megatronus hates anything related to Prime and Blurr doesn't want her hurt.]Willyougiveprowlahugtoo?
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Some members of the police force were already agents of the law before they arrived here and they were called the BRAVE POLICE. They are McCrane, Power Joe, Drill Boy and Kagerou. Theyarereallyclose.

[Don't worry Flonne, he tries not to think about it too much.]

Oh. Tarn is one of Prima's too, be careful.I never talked much to Prima himself. [He needs to remember to talk more slowly in front of humans.] but I talked to Laharl when I was human. Is he one of your close friends.
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It must be. I don't belong to the same world as the Brave Police members.

[Blurr would like to see a few people too but he's glad he made new friends here. And he's warning you because Tarn is bad juju.]

He's one of the strongest FirstForged, I believe. Let me know how it goes when you talk to him, please.

He's not violent with you, isn't he? [Because that's big NO in Blurr's books.]
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That I have no doubt. [Blurr smiles again, he bets a lot of fight stories have to do with Megatronus as well.

Cybertronians are so used to battle that talking about them doesn't faze them anymore. He is surprised to hear that she used to fight him too.]

That's good. You fought against him? really? But you seem so...nice and peaceful.
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[Blurr is a bit confused, no lie. He decided that since she seems happy with the way things are he's just going to nod and agree.]

Ah well..if he is your friend I guess all is...fine.

[Scoof.] Are you hungry? We have some organics food here, some of the Police Force members are humans or almost human.
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hope this isn't too late ;-;

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Drift wasn't a huge fan of the police, but he does try to do a circuit of the First Forged temples, just to make sure everything's all right. And to clear his head. Today, he's rolling through Prima's when he spots the small figure, rolling to a stop. Wasn't she the one who insisted Laharl was a nice guy? She clearly needed someone to dissuade her from bad ideas.

CLEARLY that someone was Drift.

He rolls to a slow pace beside her. "Haven't seen you in a while, Flonne." Okay, he's not the greatest with icebreakers. Decepticons weren't really that hot with social graces.
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He debates transforming, but she doesn't seem freaked out by his alt, so he keeps rolling beside her.

"Making gifts? For what? Is there a holiday?" Has he missed one?
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"Oh." He sounds a little sheepish. It's a little opposite his usual borderline resentment. And better, he realizes. Gratitude is always better.

"I, uh, I hope the one to Prowl works." And one day Flonne might not try to befriend the grumpiest people ever. "Can I ask what you made him or is it a surprise?"

He considers. "I think with gifts it's really the thought that counts? What you intend, and what you feel when you were getting it ready." At least he hopes so because he is pretty lame at gifts.
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"I can guarantee he won't have anything like it already." And if he isn't appreciative enough, Drift may have to have words with him. "He was on Earth, at one point. Maybe you could ask him about it and get to know him better that way."

Yet another Brilliant Idea by Drift.

"I'm not sure how anyone could find a surprise gift to be rude, Flonne."

He transforms, pushing up from his alt mode, to kneel in front of her as she holds it out. "That's...amazing." He reaches a hand to touch it. "How did you learn to do that?"
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"If anyone can make him focus on the positives, it's you." Really, she's almost relentless. He can remember enough of his former self to know she'd have driven him crazy. But that he would have deserved it.

He takes the flower, carefully holding it in the palm of his hand. "Anything that's a sign of life is good, I think. Especially here." He doesn't think any 'angel' could do much better, himself.
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"That's all anyone can ask." He almost wants to see this: an epic combat between Flonne's cheerful optimism and....Prowl.

All it needs is theme music.

He smiles. She reminds him of some of the people on Earth. Only nicer. "You could decorate part of the Hub with these?" Wing would like that, he thinks, part of their building turned into a bower of color and creativity.

He laughs. "Not a lot of people are happy with me being me, but thank you, Flonne."
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i am so late to the party and i am sorry

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Once she entered the HQ, Flonne would find the door to Prowl's office to be open. It was a little off to the side, but some brief wandering should reveal it to her soon enough.

If one had to describe the room in three words, it'd be gray, rectilinear, and desolate. Given time and proper supplies, he had organized all his material into carefully dated and labeled rows. His workplace was kept as colorless and sterile as a Level 4 Biosafety laboratory. He may as well have planned to use it as an operating room rather than a desk.

But as dreary and depressing as it looked from the outside, Prowl himself seemed perfectly content to sit in his orderly space. Everything was where it belonged and in control. Right now, he was fixed in front of a monitor, helping with whatever secondary tasks he had assigned himself.
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Prowl's gaze slowly wanders down from eye level upon seeing his doorframe empty. Oh. there you are. He's not irritated at the interruption, just puzzled. Particularly because he'd only seen this girl once before. And she's holding some sort of paper token?

He doesn't get up from his desk, though he does look from his work.

"Are you lost?"
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Flonne what even are you.

He is dead silent as she - well, prances up to him with the paper flowers. There's an awkward pause as he decides what's the appropriate response.

Because he could just tell her to beat it, but that seemed a little too cold-hearted, even for him.

".....Make it quick."
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People give gifts, don't they?

A white hand reaches down to pick up the tiny card and flowers. His expression didn't exude any particular warmth as he accepted it, but he was careful not to damage them. Which, considering they were made of paper, required some degree of finesse.

"....Thank you."