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1st-Oct-2012 07:30 pm - A day off
WHO: Drift and Vandal
WHERE: The lake out near... somewhere. I forget where, but I know it's there.
WHEN Monday to Wednesday
WHAT: Camping! And drinking. Vandal and Drift go on a vacation.
WARNINGS: Vandal's mouth.

Feels like reckless driving when we're talking, fun while it lasts and faster than walking. )
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15th-Sep-2012 09:19 pm - Noping right off Cybertron
Who: Wing, Drift and Sweary McCurseface
What: Close encounters of the NOPE kind.
Where: Vandal's House of Nope.
When: Shortly after Wing's creeper post.
Warnings: Vandallllllllll.

Nope Nope Nope )
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13th-Sep-2012 06:03 am - shadows and slip
Who: Drift
What: walkabout
Where: the Junk Pile
When: nowish
Warnings: weeaboo emo

ooc: cut bc long )

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WHO: G1 Perceptor, Drift, and you!
WHERE: Solus Temple and Medibay
WHEN: Just after Perceptor's arrival
WHAT: Perceptor and Drift have to clean spider good off of them, and then Drift still needs a few repairs.
WARNINGS: Awkward nerd is awkward. Otherwise, none.
NOTE: Open to anyone who might be in or around the Medibay or the temple!

To infinity! And beyo-- oh. To the shower. )
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28th-Aug-2012 03:16 am
WHO: Ambulon, Vandal (I'm not sure if anyone else wants to pop in?)
WHERE: Vector Prime's temple
WHEN Not long after this conversation.
WHAT: Ambulon wants to learn more about humans to expand his doctoral knowledge. Vandal has offered to help him out like a bro.
WARNINGS: I'd say standard warning for Vandal's saucy mouth, but I don't know if we'll reach territories concerning human reproduction and organs. (Still, you never know; crazy stuff happens here.)

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26th-Aug-2012 02:23 am - hello, good-bye. [CLOSED]
WHO: Soundwave & Vandal
WHERE: Vandal's Shagpad
WHEN Sometime after Soundwave's discussion with Liege Maximo.
WHAT: Eventually, Soundwave knows he needs to tell people about Starscream's disappearance. He begins with Vandal.
WARNINGS: Sad sad sad.

in my world, you would never die )
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22nd-Aug-2012 12:48 am - [ closed ]
WHO: Waspinator and Vandal
WHERE: Just outside Vector's temple.
WHAT: Waspinator's life sucks no matter where he is.
WARNINGS: Vandal's mouth. Robo guro.

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19th-Aug-2012 08:19 pm - The fog hissed away like a movie
WHO: Vandal and her whipped guard dog- Drift.
WHERE: Junkpile!
WHEN: Shortly after Prism's post!
WHAT: Vandal does some fishing around to see if she can disarm Prism's chip... only to make an interesting discovery.
WARNINGS: Semi-robot-surgery? Nothing horrible. OH. Vandal swears a lot too.

and serpents go home for the night )
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8th-Aug-2012 10:19 am - THE SHOW MUST GO ON [open]
WHO: Soundwave & OPEN
WHERE: Medbay
WHEN Some hours after Barricade & Driller find him/repair him.
WHAT: Eventually, Soundwave wakes up from repairs in a very unfortunate location for him. Visitations, anyone?
WARNINGS: Trauma, mention of robotgore/robotdeath.

i'm aching to be free )
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8th-Aug-2012 12:39 am - bang bang [closed]
who; Perceptor and Vandal
what; happy fun shooty times
when; shit idek WHENEVER
where; medbay → junk pile
warnings; Vandal's mouth whoops

my baby shot me down )
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WHO: Vandal and Starscream
WHERE: Medical Bay
WHEN 08/06/12
WHAT: Starscream pays a visit to Vandal as she recuperates. He has brought no presents because he's a jerkwad.

I don't find myself complaining about the possibility that you're mistaken )
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4th-Aug-2012 06:38 pm - Tick Tock BANG!
WHO: Whirl, Perceptor and the local Yellow Hat.
WHERE: The Medibayyyyish? Outside the Medbay.
WHEN: Nowwwwwwwwww?
WHAT: Whirl decides to take Vandal for an uninvited ride. Perceptor shoots him.
WARNINGS: Whirl. Vandal. Vandal, Vandal, Vandal.

Well that went well. )
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2nd-Aug-2012 04:59 pm - ....bento in bed?

WHO: Drift and Vandal (semi-closed ish? Ping us if you want in)
WHERE: The Medibay
WHEN: Nowish?
WHAT: Drift has found actual food with sufficient weeaboo content and thinks of the woman who is screamingly tired of twinkies
WARNINGS: it starts with a pink bento box with cherry blossoms and a bunny on it. WHO KNOWS what horrors await!!??

Wreckers don't do subtle, but on occasion, Drift still does stealth.  And so he slips into the Medibay, late in the afternoon, carefully timing it so that he's not seen.  He still has a few smears of gunk from the Junk Pile on his armor, but he didn't want to wait. 

"Vandal?" he whispers, slipping toward the back where they'd set up a smaller berth for her. "I have something for you."

Something, in fact, that he's holding behind his back.
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1st-Aug-2012 12:29 am - Pathogen [NARRATIVE]
WHO: Vandal This is meant to be a narrative for the sake of storytelling, but if you think of something and want to tag this, let me know so we can work it out!
WHERE: The Medbay
WHEN: Wednesday morning, early.
WHAT: Karrie struggles with the Marker's infection of her mind.
WARNINGS: Yes very. Probably gore, talk of self harm, violence... it's a horror game.
Soundtrack start.

Unity after death, Unity Forever )
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