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20th-May-2014 06:42 pm - Hangin' out [open]
Who: Wing and anyone who wants to drop by (but especially aimed at those he promised to call and meet up with later)
Where: The Hub's bar and likely various other places around the city, feel free to say where you want to meet him.
When: All week.
What: Meeting up with anyone who wants to come have a drink with the knight.
Warnings: Drinking and anything others might bring.

Over the next week, Wing would be spending a lot of time in the bar, or meeting people in various places.  Some he promised to contact later the day he arrived, he would be calling each of them over the next few days, looking forward to meeting up with them and getting to know them.

Whether meeting in the bar, or coming across someone in the city, Wing was always one to greet the other with a grin.  Hello, Haven, come meet this derpy hippie knight.

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18th-May-2014 02:43 pm
WHO: Blurr, Bulkhead
WHERE: The Hub's bar
WHEN: A few days after this convo
WHAT: Hanging out, seriously, these two need a break.
WARNINGS: Drinking? Otherwise none.

It was a few days later when Bulkhead called Blurr about meeting up at the bar. Once they agreed on a time, he headed there, transforming up before heading into the bar. He's got his hammer with him(because leaving it behind didn't feel right), hooked onto his back plating. He's also got rookie with him, cause the guy never leaves him alone.

"Blurr?" He calls once inside, as he looks around, to seeif the other bot was here yet.
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14th-May-2014 09:06 pm - Hard workin' pony
WHO: Applejack, OPEN
WHERE: The garden by Trion's temple
WHEN: Around mid-day
WHAT: Gardening!
WARNINGS: Dirt, idk what else?

Give a pony some time... )
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14th-May-2014 08:00 pm
WHO: Jetfire and DW!Starscream
WHERE: Starscream's room in Megatronus' temple.
WHEN: Backdated to the 13th, after the two Starscreams'... confrontation.
WHAT: Disapproval. A lot of it.

He'd been keeping an optic out, so when Starscream returned he waited a bit and then came inside, stopping right inside the room by the door, arms crossed over his chestplates.

"Was that absolutely necessary?"
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13th-May-2014 10:54 pm
WHO: Sentinel, Blackarachnia and Blurr
WHERE: the Police Force headquarters
WHEN: A day after this and this conversations.
WHAT: Blurr's trying to figure out what really happened between Sentinel and BA
WARNINGS:  Adult robots behaving like little children. Most likely snark and bitchiness.

[Blurr decided that sitting between the two of them would be the wiser idea but as he rested his arms on the table he started to reconsider his life decisions. He's been doing that more and more often this last year.]

So...who wants to start?

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13th-May-2014 08:49 am - [ closed ]

WHO: Starscream (SG), Cliffjumper, and special best buddy star Blurr
WHERE: Starscream's place
WHEN: 5/13, after the whole underwater lab escapade
WHAT: Starscream being scolded and Blurr gets what he wants
WARNINGS: Yelling and fluff

aaaaand here it comes )
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29th-Apr-2014 09:30 am
WHO: Shadowmaru and YOU
WHERE: Around Haven
WHAT: Shadowmaru feels renewed, determined to make his friend, Kagerou proud. So, he takes some training into his own hands, as a wolf dog.
WARNINGS: Cuteness

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28th-Apr-2014 08:22 pm - ❄ thin air (closed/backdated)
WHO: Elsa & Axel
WHERE: Outside Prima's Temple, Megatronus' Arena following.
WHEN: Following their conversation after Elsa's arrival (backdated)
WHAT: Axel offered Elsa some help with her powers, Elsa, with no other ideas on how to keep herself contained in this new and quite frightening environment, agrees to practicing with them. Who better than with Axel, anyways?
WARNINGS: Elsa's typical self-defeating thought processes. Otherwise, none.

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WHO: Thundercracker, SG Starscream
WHERE: Their shared quarters
WHEN: Shortly after his visit with Knock Out
WHAT: Starscream wastes no time noticing that something is missing from his roommate
Uh, grumpy Seeker? None, really.

But now I have some clarity to show you what I mean )

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WHO: Thundercracker, Knock Out
WHERE: Knock Out's medbay
Backdated to the 5th following this thread
TC's finally gonna do that thing he's been telling himself he should just fragging do for over a year now . . . get the brands removed from his wings.
None.  Will update if needed.
NOTE: If only for my own reference, the convo with Four is here.  Also . . . L-LOL sorry, Lylith - this kind of turned into a wall-o'-text narrative to start things off.  OTL  (and PPS - Yes, I know Fracas is technically no longer here, but at this point in time, TC doesn't know that...)

OMG THIS GOT STUPID LONG and I'm too damned tired for witty text here )

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12th-Apr-2014 08:38 am - closed

WHO: Starscream (SG) + Cliffjumper
WHERE: Beating down CJ's door
WHEN: 4/14
WHAT: More energon event aftermath - CJ stop ignoring your friend.
WARNINGS: Dumb robots being dumb. Looking mostly at you, Cliffjumper

CJ is that guy that uses the same password for everything ever )
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8th-Apr-2014 02:11 pm - you were in the darkness too
WHO: Kagerou + Shadowmaru (CLOSED)
WHERE: Wherever Shadowmaru is hiding himself.
WHEN: A few days after Kagerou's alcohol escapades.
WHAT: They need to talk. About the energon shenanigans.
WARNINGS: Drama queens. Both of them.

so I stayed in the darkness with you )
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7th-Apr-2014 11:52 pm - [Closed]
Who: Sg Starscream and Blurr
Where: Solus Washracks
When: The day after Starscream got drunk with Kagerou.
What: Tired robots need a relaxing oil bath
Warnings: None!

[Blurr waits in front of the washracks 's gates for Starscream to show up. Being alone and having time to think about the last days makes him cringe internally. He's been acting like such a pompous idiot, even yelling at his friends. He knows has to make an official apology but he finds himself too embarrassed to do so today. Perhaps tomorrow will be easier.]
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7th-Apr-2014 08:55 pm - closed
Who: sentinel and elita
Where: haven bar
When: just after the energon event
What: elita disapproves of sentinel's coping methods
Warnings: MANPAIN

i'd put something deep here but let's be real all he's doing is being a total shitbaby )
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3rd-Apr-2014 08:45 pm - [Closed]
Who: Sentinel and Knock Out
What: Post event shenanigans.
When: Tonight
Where: Sentinel's temple/room
Notes/Warnings: Bitchy roots being bitchy and mentions of a one night stand (PG?)

Knock Out can’t say that he was all that surprised with Sentinel’s reaction after the whole debacle with the crystals.

He wanted to punch himself for some of the things he said or thought, but hell be dammed if he was going to the mech that. He knocked on the Prime’s door and waited.

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