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Who: Sentinel and Knock Out
What: Post event shenanigans.
When: Tonight
Where: Sentinel's temple/room
Notes/Warnings: Bitchy roots being bitchy and mentions of a one night stand (PG?)

Knock Out can’t say that he was all that surprised with Sentinel’s reaction after the whole debacle with the crystals.

He wanted to punch himself for some of the things he said or thought, but hell be dammed if he was going to the mech that. He knocked on the Prime’s door and waited.

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Sitting at his desk, Sentinel barely even raised his head when he heard the knock. He knew who it would be, of course, but still wasn't looking forward to their... meeting in the least. Oh well, Knock Out was right out there and he knows that the medic won't let him avoid the topic completely like he wants to.

About five minutes after the initial knock, he gets up and pulls the door open, leaning against the door frame with crossed arms and completely blocking the entrance to his room. This is exactly how welcome in his space you are, Knock Out.

He raises an optic ridge and tilts his head slightly. Which is "what do you want" in asshole speak.
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The expression that crosses his features probably looks like he's about to activate his lance and straight up stab Knock Out. It's tempting.

He gets the hint, thanks, and moves to the side so Knock Out can enter the room.

"I really, really hope you're not expecting that to happen ever again. Or for anything to come of it."
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"I can never tell with you."

Ah, already bitching at each other like an old married couple. How foreboding. He can already feel the icy fingers of honeymoon future gripping his spark - or maybe that's just the hatred. Who knows!

"Either way, the answer is no."
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"Only because I'm pretty sure you'll take the opportunity to mention it whenever you think it'll get a rise out of me. I'm not stupid."

Don't you dare laugh at that.

"Not to mention the entire thing only happened because of those energon crystals... doesn't that bother you?"
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NOOOT EVEN GONNA TOUCH THAT. Once again, his expression betrays how he actually feels about what Knock Out is saying, despite trying to hide it.

"It's the principle. It wouldn't have happened otherwise."

No, he doesn't he hates clutter. "I'm not lying to myself. There's no point denying what happened but like I said, the fact we were essentially drugged is kind of. Really messed up?"
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"If that helps you recharge at night, then sure. Why not. It's not true, though."

He hasn't found anything he likes enough, ok. 'Interior decorator' is not one of his skills.

Incidentally, pretending things didn't happen or straight up ignoring them is also what Sentinel does. He's not the one who insisted they have this meeting, anyway. He just wanted to make sure Knock Out knew it was because of the energon and it's never happening again.

"Your advice is terrible."

Jerk-mode to avoid problems is go!
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"I'm not whining, nor do I feel sorry for myself. I just don't like doing things under the influence, alright?" Unless it's passing out drunk. He is ok with that. "And no, it's not. Bad advice is more harmful than no advice."

Sentinel flexes one of his claw hands and frowns, staring at it instead of Knock Out, tension very apparent. "Great." That's all he can really think to say. Nothing else would go down with Knock Out and he knows Jetstorm can take care of himself. Plus, he isn't the type of person to try and hold the Jettwin back from contacting certain people.
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How annoying; Knock Out is right.

Whatever, he's going to seize that opportunity to change the subject.

"I don't know, I haven't asked Ratchet. Maybe?"
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"Maybe as in I need to go to the Solian temple medbay and see if he's been working on them or slacking off. I've been kind of busy, recently."

Y'know, between the green energon and drinking enough high grade to put a small brewery out of business.

"I assumed I was given these because there were no materials for a better temporary alternative."
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Uuuugh you stop that, he thinks without even attempting to pull away.

"Sure. Nice to know he could've made them better but didn't bother."
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"Do you know how hard it is to use the link device when you have no hands? Seriously, I pretty much just slammed by face onto it until it called someone."

A joke, perhaps?
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Ok, now he pulls his arm back.

"Too bad."

Said very flatly and with a scowl.
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"Like what?"

There are about a million things he's certain Knock Out will say next.
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"No. You done?"

Hates you so much, Knock Out.
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"I'm not-- he's young and impressionable, alright? I really don't want to have to deal with the million questions brought on by you being unable to restrain yourself from innuendo."

Well, that and some other stuff. He'd rather Jetstorm go to an Autobot medic because lol racism
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"Yeah, let me just go to that Ratchet's cell and point out specifically who I want him to avoid. That isn't everyone."

What happened with the energon meant literally nothing to Sentinel and he never considered Knock Out a friend to begin with. Woops.
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"Yes. Again."

Idiot incompetent McCrane let him out the first time. Sentinel wants him in one of the stronger cells but that's bias because of the whole... hand thing.
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"I fully intend to. Assuming the police force here can actually do something right for a change."

Sentinel doesn't personally believe that he's bad at his job, but realises the police force is pretty... shit.

Plus, that got Knock Out off the topic he didn't want to talk about. Win/win!
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Sentinel crosses his arms over his chest and scowls at Knock Out.

"Yeah, great. Was there anything else you wanted or are you planning to finally leave?"
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Don't mind him herding you out into the hall. When Knock Out is ...out, he'll make a point to slam the door.