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WHO: Fortress Maximus and Soundwave
WHERE: Borderlands of a haven
WHEN: Thursday afternoon
WHAT: For better or for worst, Fort Max and Soundwave end up crossing paths again with varying results.
WARNINGS: N/A, will update as needed.

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16th-Dec-2012 07:07 pm - Hallways always [OPEN]
who: Vandal and any visitors. [OPEN]
what: Vandal is bed-bound, recovering from her month-long detainment and torture.
when: All this week.
where: The Medbay
warnings: very yes
notes: Tag in your own threads, it can be set during any point in the week.

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7th-Dec-2012 09:58 pm - [Open Log - One last time]
Who: Open
What: Megatron has calmed down enough to say a few last words.
Where: Megatronus Prime's Arena
When: Today
Notes: This follows Megatron's rampage around the Haven. After being subdued, he asks that he be allowed to die fighting Optimus Prime. He's unstable, but he will talk to any who approach. You may also act as one of his bodyguards if you think your character would be so inclined.

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WHO: Ratchet and YOU!
WHERE: Around Solus's Temple
WHEN: Any time from his arrival to... let's say next Monday?
WHAT: Whatever you want
WARNINGS: None thus far!

Basically, this is an open log for people who might want their characters to come visit and/or bump into Ratchet. He'll be cleaning up his old room in the Solian Temple, reading patient files in the Medbay and possibly wandering through the Rec Center (which wasn't around last he remembers), so feel free to start up a thread wherever? I prefer comment spam, but I'll take para-style too c:
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WHO: Soundwave, Wing and EVERYONE.
WHERE: The as-of-yet-unnamed bar at Haven’s Hub. (the rec center)
WHEN: Today until of the Calling event ends.
WHAT: It’s the Calling but in stereo, so we’re having a love-in at the bar.
WARNINGS: Umm, booze. And WEH. And maybe bad renditions of Kumbaya.
NOTES: Communal log: make a post to show you’re there then tag around!

Soundtrack: 1, (more later when there is less brain death)
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9th-Oct-2012 12:47 pm - all decepticons are evil [CLOSED]
WHO: Soundwave, Classics!Cliffjumper, and Fortress Maximus
WHERE: Haven's Hub/Recreational Center
WHEN Sometime prior to Fort Max's unsuccessful visit to Rung.
WHAT: Soundwave is preparing the bar. Cliffjumper swings in for a visit. Fortress Maximus wants to check things out. It's a kerfluffle.
WARNINGS: Mild violence, Soundwave being a kicked puppy

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9th-Sep-2012 07:11 pm - you're in my head [CLOSED]
WHO: Soundwave & RiD!Starscream
WHERE: The recreational center construction site.
WHEN Sometime after Vandal's breakdown.
WHAT: So, in the midst of explaining what was up with Vandal, Soundwave also had to admit he was able to read minds to Starscream. So they have a lot to talk about now.

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2nd-Sep-2012 10:40 pm - [Closed]
WHO: SG!Soundwave and TFA Blurr
WHERE: Nexus's Temple
WHEN after this post
WHAT: Prism is back news again, Blurr decides to check on Soundwave and discuss a possible strategy.

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30th-Aug-2012 11:08 pm - world's smallest ninja [OPEN]
WHO: Kagerou + YOU.
WHERE: All over the medbay, possibly outside of it.
WHEN Shortly after his AI is transferred to the small body.
WHAT: While his engine is replaced and upgraded, Kagerou's AI has been placed into a small vessel. A tiny version of his own body. And starts to wander.
NOTE: Totally open. Feel free to find the little guy wandering anywhere in the vicinity of the medbay.

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26th-Aug-2012 02:23 am - hello, good-bye. [CLOSED]
WHO: Soundwave & Vandal
WHERE: Vandal's Shagpad
WHEN Sometime after Soundwave's discussion with Liege Maximo.
WHAT: Eventually, Soundwave knows he needs to tell people about Starscream's disappearance. He begins with Vandal.
WARNINGS: Sad sad sad.

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19th-Aug-2012 09:26 pm - Remedy
WHO: Wing and First Aid (as Wing wakes up), then anyone who decides to come by...
WHERE: Ratchet's Medibay
WHEN: Now. After this, and this, this, this.
WHAT: Wing wakes up in medibay, mostly recovered from the accident with Soundwave.
WARNINGS: None yet. Probably lots of FEELS though?

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WHO: Soundwave & YOU
WHERE: Junkpile/Outside in general
WHEN Not too long after Soundwave has an accident with Wing.
WHAT: Feeling like a terrible person, Soundwave checks out early from the Medbay.
WARNINGS: Robo-angst, can't be helped.

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13th-Aug-2012 01:14 pm
WHO: SG!Soundwave and Kagerou
WHERE: The medbay
WHEN A while after this.
WHAT: Soundwave drops in to say hello. Social ineptitude ensues.
WARNINGS: None as of now.

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