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8th-Apr-2013 10:15 am
WHO: Mordin, Open!
WHERE: Liege's Quadrant - Mountain caves~
WHEN: Late evening-ish
WHAT: Bored, a certain Salarian scientist is out and about
WARNINGS: N/A--well, mentions of death I guess?

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18th-Feb-2013 10:03 pm
WHO: Shepard, Garrus, Mordin, and Wrex. Also anyone else who wants to pop in.
WHERE: Near Liege's temple.
WHEN: After Shepard and Mordin arrive.
WHAT: Reunion!
WARNINGS: None? Maybe Krogan head bashing.

So the reunion with Garrus hadn't gone well. Rather than indulging him in the conversation he wanted about why she was now giving him the cold soldier, Shepard found ways to conveniently cut him off to respond to another comm every time he tried to talk. She did, after all, have to gather information on this new location.

It was a convenient excuse, anyhow.

But now they were reaching the place where Mordin's signature was originating. Thank whatever.

"Mordin, are you alright?" she called out to the Salarian as soon as they were in visual and auditory range, her pace picking up a bit to close the last bit of distance.

Wrex, Mordin, and Garrus. Two of the three had a large piece of their memory missing. She was under the impression Mordin didn't. He just didn't know what happened after he died, and that was acceptable. Well, he never should have died in the first place, but that was her fault. At least she thought it was. But as long as he remembered... She just needed someone.
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