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7th-Dec-2012 09:58 pm - [Open Log - One last time]
Who: Open
What: Megatron has calmed down enough to say a few last words.
Where: Megatronus Prime's Arena
When: Today
Notes: This follows Megatron's rampage around the Haven. After being subdued, he asks that he be allowed to die fighting Optimus Prime. He's unstable, but he will talk to any who approach. You may also act as one of his bodyguards if you think your character would be so inclined.

I owe my soul to the Company Store. )
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7th-Dec-2012 06:20 pm - [ CLOSED ]
WHO: IDW!Rodimus, Ultra Magnus, Drift
WHERE: Junk pile, then... out in the outskirts
WHEN After this
WHAT: Rodimus trying to escape his fate and ultimately going crazy anyway
WARNINGS: Character death (by fire), burning robots, trauma, angst

This our judgement day. The day to say farewell. )
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7th-Dec-2012 05:29 pm - there was only three rules
WHO: Stripe, OPEN
WHERE: Around the junk pile.
WHEN Friday Friday Friday
WHAT: Mayhem in the junk pile! Courtesy of Stripe and his 28 minions.
WARNINGS: Gremlins.

but who listens to rules )
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WHO: Ramjet, Megatronus, Prima
WHERE: Around/above Haven
WHEN:Around now (today/tomorrow)
WHAT: Attempted Herald Smackdown. It's a threesome
WARNINGS: Violence, Ramjet, some temporary mutilation etc.

It didn't matter if things weren't exactly as they should... there was the smell, the taste, the presence of chaos in the air, heady like rariefied energon. It had Ramjet somewhat distracted, and he'd let himself be pulled in towards the Haven and the Junk Pile.

His energies itched.

To lash out, to destroy, to change. To turn this world, or anyone he could come across inside out and maybe empower a Glyphless or two. For now, he'd separated from Prime; the damage was done anyway.

And so he stalked, nearly vibrating, aura flaring about him and burning the reality around him into tortured nothing and then beyond, as it twisted.

It was almost enough to miss the faint, insistent call that something was... coming.
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1st-Dec-2012 11:15 pm - life is essentially a chess game
WHO: [personal profile] chatterbot and [personal profile] sixmillionyears
WHERE: Swerve's room; Alpha Trion's Temple
WHEN On the cusp of the Glyphless going insane
WHAT: Tailgate and Swerve get awkwardly affectionate with each other, and then they stop being affectionate.
WARNINGS: Violence, Gore, Adult situations between robots

you have to plan, and calculate, and... i'm so lonely )
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1st-Dec-2012 12:35 am - louder than the ocean [OPEN]
WHO: Nemesis Prime, & OPEN!
WHERE: around the Haven (wow so specific i am amazing); specifically a path from Solus Prime's quadrant to Liege Maximo's.
WHEN Over the course of the past couple of days.
WHAT: This whole 'Glyphless' thing isn't what it's cracked up to be. Or it just...stinks in general. COME COMMISERATE.
WARNINGS: /shrug?

and brighter than the sun )
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WHO: Nemesis Prime, Barricade, and later on, Ramjet
WHERE: outside/around Solus Prime's temple
WHAT: Nemvoy goes to see Barricade concerning a few...changes.
WARNINGS: hhhmrmrhm nothing right now? will edit if something happens

And I hope I hold a special place with the rest of them )
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23rd-Nov-2012 08:09 pm - Get a Move On
WHO: Hot Rod ([personal profile] young_upstart) and OPEN!
WHERE: Around central Haven
WHAT: No matter what they say, can't keep the madness at bay
WARNINGS: Potential violence?
And when the world won't work, You're feeling like a jerk )
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WHO: Ramjet, Vector Prime, anyone else though the Vector/Ramjet fight is closed.
WHERE: A bit outside Haven, a hill has taken on a decidedly odd look look he can't just sit around in the Badlands and enhancing it, it gets boring.
WHEN: Pretty much now.
WHAT: Vector is stupid, Ramjet whups some ass. Anyone else who wants to meet a thirty-foot tall, melty, evil jet?
WARNINGS: Violence, naturally.

The Badlands were all well and good, but that was established territory, and thus not very interesting. So Ramjet had found a tunnel-riddled hill (which he wasn't entering) and set about judiciously spending his time there.

It was starting to look a bit... wrong. Nevermind the area around the hill, which had strange holes and tears which didn't look so much "attacked" as just... lacking. He didn't really need to do that, but atmosphere was important after all.

Technically, Ramjet didn't even need to do much yet, as his mere presence was disturbing the reality around him, but he was getting bored, even if he could be patient.
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17th-Nov-2012 11:42 pm - like a fluffy angst sponge of fluff
Who: Ironfist and First Aid and open  (if you want to stroll past go for it!)
What: Rooching in Ironfist's head
Where/When:  In the bar at the Hub, shortly after the meeting log.
Warnings: TBD

Ironfist had always believed in hope, had always believed in heroes, in things bigger and braver and bolder than himself. He'd believed in fate, and destiny and glory and honor.

He didn't know what he believed in, now. Aequitas squatted in his brain module like some enormous toad, like a too-sharp lens that cast everything into violent focus. There weren't any heroes.  There wasn't anything like glory or noble sacrifice or any of the things he'd tried to convince himself was more important than the pain of losing friends.

It was fitting, symbolic in a way that Fisitron could appreciate, that it was Skyfall's fault that he had the bullet slowly eating its way toward his brain. It was a weight he'd lived under, before Garrus-9, that he was going to die. He'd fantasized about dying a hero, but now?

There were no heroes. All he wanted to do was just...not hurt anyone anymore.

He didn't expect anything to come of it: he was only here because First Aid wanted it so badly and his bruised hope could take another blow better than First Aid. Let him try, though it was probably cruel.  At least First Aid would get to feel like he'd helped, and sometimes, Ironfist knew, that meant everything.

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