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A gift he really didn't want

WHO: Cliffjumper and Blurr
WHERE: The entrance hall of Vector's temple
WHEN: around now
WHAT: flight trainiiinggg

Cliffjumper had been a bit slow about this. Sure, there'd been another incident here and there, but nothing as bad as getting stuck on top of a tower in Vector's temple. So he'd dragged it out and preferred to ignore it.

He had a jetpack, that was more than enough!

But, really, he couldn't just leave this, because what if something happened and he had another "incident"? Or he didn't have his jetpack... then it would be useful.

So, he'd gotten Blurr to meet him in the entrance hall - inside, limited chance of getting too far up - for some training, liking it or no.

"Ugh, okay. So what... just start thinkin' 'up' to get this started?"
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Cliff stop yo whining it's a magical gift

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Blurr was wondering how much it would take Cliff to accept his new gif and try to take advantage of it. Maybe forever, he told himself, but at least they agreed to have a few flying lessons.

"WellwellwellIamGLADthatyoudecidedtogiveitatry. You won't regret it my friend I assure you, I've seen some really beautiful things up there NO WONDER why the seekers believe themselves so superior, they have a really different view of the world. " Blurr's maybe a bit too eager about all this.

"First we could start with something simple, like controlled hover."