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A gift he really didn't want

WHO: Cliffjumper and Blurr
WHERE: The entrance hall of Vector's temple
WHEN: around now
WHAT: flight trainiiinggg

Cliffjumper had been a bit slow about this. Sure, there'd been another incident here and there, but nothing as bad as getting stuck on top of a tower in Vector's temple. So he'd dragged it out and preferred to ignore it.

He had a jetpack, that was more than enough!

But, really, he couldn't just leave this, because what if something happened and he had another "incident"? Or he didn't have his jetpack... then it would be useful.

So, he'd gotten Blurr to meet him in the entrance hall - inside, limited chance of getting too far up - for some training, liking it or no.

"Ugh, okay. So what... just start thinkin' 'up' to get this started?"
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Hmm...fine ;w;

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Blurr grinned further and then did as he was told. "I really wish that this sort of extra powers came with a 'how to use it' guide."

Blurr floats around, not too fast and not too far away.
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"Don't bother asking the acolytes about it, I already tried. I even asked Buddy but he only stared at me, blinked, and went back to what he was doing." not very useful at all, his assigned acolyte.

Blurr gives Cliffjumper's hand a encouraging squeeze.He knows his friend is a fast learner, he's sure Cliffjumper will master the art of flying in no time.
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"...OUCH." If he were human his ribs would have been crushed under the force of the impact. Blurr was glad he was not an organic but he still rubbed at his now sore chest.

"ItsokayItdidn'thurtatall..." He regained his composture after a few seconds. "YOU DID IT! By accident and not perfectly but ey you moved! Try to do it again!"

And after a mom net he added. "On the opposite direction of where I am."
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Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I never got the notif for this 8'[

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" okayithurtalittlebit... But we are though mechs! So stop thinking about it." He already forgot it. Even if is chest is still hurting.

"Try thinking about 'lower' instead of just 'down'. Perhaps your body will listen to your mind that way."

But seeing how Cliff flies away so quickly that's clearly not working. Blurr moves forward and grabs his hand.

"Easy, easy. Turn around and move to the opposite direction. The rooms' big enough, you just need to keep trying."
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I don't really know what happened, I am sorry. Never worry about asking! D:

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"Didn't you gain a better sense of direction too? It's the first thing that changed on me when my glyph grew in size. I think all our powers are related, we just need to make them work together."

Blurr scratches his chin, thinking how this could help Cliffjumper. He's throwing theories into the wind, since nothing seems to work 100% for his friend.

"Try thinking in terms of time and not space? As in, you know how much will take you to reach the door at the end of teh room, right? The exact number of milliseconds.
Think about where you should be once those milliseconds pass, maybe that way you will float towards said point while controlling the speed. Thinking about more milliseconds would imply moving at a slower pace, since you are thinking that it should take you more time to reach your objective."

Does anything make sense? It does to Blurr, a little bit.
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"YouDIDit!" Blurr let out a small cry of joy and quickly flied towards his friend. he put and arm around Cliffjumper, a proud expression on his face.

"Well done! Now you just need to keep practicing. Did you really not know about the calculations?"

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"Ey, as long as you find a way that works for you...then that will be the right way, calculations or not." Blurr smiles and then shakes his head.

"I wonder what other thing you missed, silly bot." Then he punches him friendly on the arm. "Do you want to keep trying or you think you already hit enough walls? We can call it a day if you are tired."
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Blurr gave him a 'SURE BRO' look but said nothing else, just grinned further. More so when Cliff says that last part.

"Oh I just know the best moving target possible." Blurr taps at his chest, right in the center of his Elite Guard insignia. It moves (like it moved away when their chest connected so it didn't get squished) and it *flaps* a pair of wings.

What it looked like Blurr's insignia was really the small firelizard Barricade had made specially for him. The creature turns, stretches its neck and lets out a brief 'graw' while looking at Cliffjumper.

"Do you think you could catch him?"
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The little dragon huffed at being called a 'that'. "Barricade made him specially for me, it's supposed to be hard to spot. He's really fast and smart, his name is Scout."

Blurr's baby is special like that. Isn't he cute? Scout flaps his wings some more and starts flying really fast around Cliffjumper.

"Well..he's much smaller and hard to catch. Good luck to you two." And with that, Scout flies away to the other side of the room.-
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"That was the point." Blurr uses the dragon as a little spy or to have someone recording important conversations. It was really useful when Prowl was around.

"If someone attacks you in the air is not going to be fair either. And you like challenges."

Scout chirped and started to fly in circles, but not moving from his new spot in mid air, waiting for Cliff to catch up on him.
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"This remind me when you were teaching me how to fire." Remember all those times he failed or fell on his ass? Yep, good memories. Learning is painful sometimes.

However, even the little dragon can tell the red mech is trying. he flies over to Cliffjumper until he's an arm's reach. "Chirp!"
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"Learning is learning, is never easy. I know you didn't choose it but since you can't get rid of it either might as well take advantage of it."

Blurr easily moves on the air and next to his two boys. Scout chirps, flies over him and jumps over his arm. Then he runs up all the way until he's perched on top of one of Blurr's pointy shoulders.

"He likes you, you know. Do you want to try to chase me instead?"

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