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A gift he really didn't want

WHO: Cliffjumper and Blurr
WHERE: The entrance hall of Vector's temple
WHEN: around now
WHAT: flight trainiiinggg

Cliffjumper had been a bit slow about this. Sure, there'd been another incident here and there, but nothing as bad as getting stuck on top of a tower in Vector's temple. So he'd dragged it out and preferred to ignore it.

He had a jetpack, that was more than enough!

But, really, he couldn't just leave this, because what if something happened and he had another "incident"? Or he didn't have his jetpack... then it would be useful.

So, he'd gotten Blurr to meet him in the entrance hall - inside, limited chance of getting too far up - for some training, liking it or no.

"Ugh, okay. So what... just start thinkin' 'up' to get this started?"
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"Learning is learning, is never easy. I know you didn't choose it but since you can't get rid of it either might as well take advantage of it."

Blurr easily moves on the air and next to his two boys. Scout chirps, flies over him and jumps over his arm. Then he runs up all the way until he's perched on top of one of Blurr's pointy shoulders.

"He likes you, you know. Do you want to try to chase me instead?"
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"I am an intelligent Agent, Cliff." Blurr starts, trying to look serious and professional and not laugh, something he wants to do. "Being a smartass is what we do best."

Scout likes to watch things from there when he's not latched to Blurr's chest. There's good views. "Do you realize that he knows you, right? I had him for a long time now and he's been acting as my insignia for months. Scout knows we are friend so he likes you too."
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"Well how do you think we became so smart in the first place? We already done that. All the intelligence gathered. That's why some people has so few left." He was still trying to keep a poker face but the corner of his lips twitched at that last statement.

"It didn't seemed important at the time. You never seemed to worry about me bringing Frank along so I thought this was no different." Blurr wasn't so bold or clueless as to not notice the annoyance. The humor in his face disappeared. "Sorry,I guess I should have told you sooner."
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Scout knew they were talking about him and they didn't sound too happy. The fire lizard chirping softly and run down the shoulder again. Then he flied to Blurr's chest, sat on his usual spot and stood still, the colors of his back resembling the Elite Guard insignia. Blurr could tell that the little guy got upset too.

"I know it probably doesn't help but I only told another person before you and that's because we were talking about security. Scout was created so I could have back up when I needed it."

And thus a situation like the one he had to face with Longarm-Shockwave could be avoided. Even if Blurr got captured or hurt, the little robot dragon could fly away unnoticed and warn others. "I'm sorry I upset you, Cliffjumper."
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Blurr didn't buy that Cliffjumper wasn't really annoyed but he let it gone. Blurr fidgeted in the air, nervous as ever. "That's good enough when things go really wrong."

The soy part Blurr can't help it but he understands the disdain for disguises.
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"Thanks." It doesn't reach his optics his time but he gives Cliffjumper a small smile in return.

"Are you planning another trip close to dangerous places?" Count him in, they haven't had one of those in some time.
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"We are. I don't pass out anymore when I try to do youknowwhat." Definitely an improvement, now he can stop his own time without worrying. When it comes to stop others,'s a different story.
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"Vectr asked if I really wanted that power, at least? WellkindasortawhenheaskedmeifIwantedtobeaninitiate. It was implied."

He didn't know WHAT was implied back them but he knew it was something important.
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His reply is a laugh and there might be a soft chirp coming from his 'insignia' as well. Knock that Scout is aware that cliff knows of him, he's more vocal when he's amused.

"That sounds almost romantic, Cliff." Blurr gives him a lopsided grin. "What would your boyfriend say?"
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"You are one who asked for a walk together. Well, a fly~" Blurr would enjoy seeing Starscream tease Cliff, the mechs were just too stupidly cute together.

"I certainly did. he enjoys pulling my wheel from time to time too."
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Blurr dropped the subject but he was smiling nonetheless. His eyes followed Cliff and then he flew backwards, trying to see if the red mech will follow.

"Maybe all the Starscream have a little mischief in them."
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"Yes and that's certainly a relief." The world doesn't need more nasty Starscream. "I wish more of them where like your boyfriend, Cliffjumper."

BLurr's going to float up instead of the side this time, they have to practice that as well.
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It's okay, I got it! Don't worry, it happens to me too. Tech is hard

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STILL BLUSHING now, Cliff? Blurr noticed but doesn't say anything. He's just amazed at the reaction.

"Very true." He keep floating away, smiling at Cliffjumper. "Our firstForged flies, are you really that surprised? I wonder what the mechs associated with Liege get."


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