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standing on stone you stand beside me

WHO: Kagerou + Open
WHERE: A mountain in Alpha Trion's Sector
WHEN: Evening-Late night. Week of 6/3
WHAT: Keeping vigil for those who left. At least, that's what he says he's doing.
WARNINGS: Feelings.

He's listened to her last message more times than he can count. Of course, they'd said their goodbyes in person, but, she'd left it for him, all the same, knowing he would need it. Knowing he needed such a reassurance. It's good to hear her voice, but, as always, when the recording ends, he feels the empty ache take over again, and turns his attention to the horizon once more.

Power Joe's stupid golf clubs are in his room now. Along with the trinkets and pieces of life Kay left behind her. He's proud of them. Proud of her. And hopeful. They're not lost. They're doing what must be done -- making their own choices.

They promised they would be all right. He made sure they promised him that.

So he has to remain. He has to stay here, or else what will they have to come back to? He would be a poor friend, a poor parent, not to stand here, stand guard... and wait for them.

Maybe there's a better place to do it. But he can't think of one. He's standing alone, somewhere high and wild, where the wind blows lonely through the panes of his wings, over the rocky heights around him. It's the place he can best see. Where he'd seen her off... The place he'd held Kay in his hands for the last time. Wished her luck -- wished her to stay brave and strong -- wished for her to come back as soon as she could.

"It's okay, Kagerou..."

His thoughts are a mess. He wants to be strong. To be brave -- for their sakes. He wants to make them proud when they return. And he believes they will. He knows they will.

But the knowledge does nothing to fill the ache in his AI. The way his hands feel empty. How he knows tomorrow, when he goes to check in on the police headquarters, there won't be any bright, amused voice calling out to him, using that stupid nickname. How when he finally returns to his room... it's going to be too quiet. There won't be any quiet footsteps in the night.

He folds his arms over his chest, bowing his head.

"I'll come home. That's a promise."

He wants to be prouder than he is. He wants to be braver than he is. But all he can do is stand here, bowed against the wind, and cling to the memories he's always held so dear.
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"You thought nothin'. Shut up. There's nothing. Just..."

Just shit. The entire world is a disaster right now and Gunmax just buries his face in his hands to hide from it.

In the manliest way possible.
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"This is so stupid."

He's just mumbling into his hands at this point. All mature like. Fuck it all, he'd come up here to help Kagerou deal with things, and here he was having some kind of stupid crisis. Oops huh.

"This is so stupid. He can do way better than... just, you know what. Forget we ever talked about this. It never happened."
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"Fine, fine then, don't forget it." Have it your way, pigeon. Gunmax just runs a hand down his face, looking like he's talking about the most horrible thing in the world.

"Uh, because I'm kind of a shitty person and a selfish prick and a horrible influence, and he's this perfect little boyscout who is literally nice to everybody and can practically do no wrong ever? We'll start with that."
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"Okay, maybe I'm givin' him a little too much credit."

Gunmax actually winces at that. Fuck, right, he hadn't been around for any of that. It kind of did sound shitty. Now he felt like an asshole and kind of just wanted to crawl in a hole somewhere.

"Man I don't know what he thinks about me. I mean, I know it can't be all bad, considerin' what he did for me, but I don't exactly go out of my way to not be a jerk."
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Gunmax and caring, they just didn't go together, okay. He had this aloof badass loner image he was trying to keep up. This was totally throwing a wrench in it.

"I can't do that. There's no way. He'd immediately know something was up. When the hell have I ever asked people how they feel about me? That's not very me, y'know. It's not very Gunmax. He'd see right through it."
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"Of course he's my friend. I'd do anything for him. And I don't even mean that in a feelingsy sort of way. Just in general."

Gunmax was horrible at this sort of thing. His engine felt like it was trying to punch it's way out of his chest. Wow life had been a hell of a lot easier up until a few minutes ago.
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Bottling feelings is one of Gunmax's greatest talents, aside from popping wheelies and annoying people. He liked to think he was content to keep living that way, but now he was feeling unsure about it. About a lot of things. And Gunmax hated feeling unsure of himself.

"I... I guess. I don't know. It's kind of hard to get on his bad side, y'know?"
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"I'll think about it."

He had absolutely no intention whatsoever to do so, but that would have just seemed like... kind of a jerk thing to say.

And maybe he actually would think about it.

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Gunmax let himself relax, now that all that was over. All that feelingsy crap.

Feelingsy crap that apparently Gunmax was trying to practice. Or something.

"Y'know... This might sound weird because I'm really bad at saying shit like this, but I'm glad I got a chance to meet you. You're... you're all right."
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That reaction somehow managed to startle the fuck out of Gunmax. He jumped a bit, looking concerned for a second. Shit, had he said something wrong? What the hell was wrong with that?

"Of course I mean it! All of it!"

It was about then that he realized that he'd put his hands up defensively. He slowly lowered them, almost cautiously. Man Kagerou was cool and all but he sure did react weird to some things.

"You're a hell of a lot more mature about some things than I am, that's for sure. I'd say you've grown up."
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Yeaaah, Gunmax was kind of confused, but as long as Kagerou was happy, then he could deal with it. Still kinda completely weird though.

Gunmax thumped Kagerou on the shoulder a couple times. "Absolutely meant 'em buddy."
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"I'd say you don't have to thank me, but you're probably just going to do it anyway."

Yep totally weird, but Gunmax kind of felt good about it, too. He'd come up here to try to cheer Kagerou up, and as far as he could tell, he seemed to be kind of maybe doing that.
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"Right, no take backs."

He sees what you did there Kagerou. And man don't tell Gunmax you envy him, he just wouldn't get it.

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