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standing on stone you stand beside me

WHO: Kagerou + Open
WHERE: A mountain in Alpha Trion's Sector
WHEN: Evening-Late night. Week of 6/3
WHAT: Keeping vigil for those who left. At least, that's what he says he's doing.
WARNINGS: Feelings.

He's listened to her last message more times than he can count. Of course, they'd said their goodbyes in person, but, she'd left it for him, all the same, knowing he would need it. Knowing he needed such a reassurance. It's good to hear her voice, but, as always, when the recording ends, he feels the empty ache take over again, and turns his attention to the horizon once more.

Power Joe's stupid golf clubs are in his room now. Along with the trinkets and pieces of life Kay left behind her. He's proud of them. Proud of her. And hopeful. They're not lost. They're doing what must be done -- making their own choices.

They promised they would be all right. He made sure they promised him that.

So he has to remain. He has to stay here, or else what will they have to come back to? He would be a poor friend, a poor parent, not to stand here, stand guard... and wait for them.

Maybe there's a better place to do it. But he can't think of one. He's standing alone, somewhere high and wild, where the wind blows lonely through the panes of his wings, over the rocky heights around him. It's the place he can best see. Where he'd seen her off... The place he'd held Kay in his hands for the last time. Wished her luck -- wished her to stay brave and strong -- wished for her to come back as soon as she could.

"It's okay, Kagerou..."

His thoughts are a mess. He wants to be strong. To be brave -- for their sakes. He wants to make them proud when they return. And he believes they will. He knows they will.

But the knowledge does nothing to fill the ache in his AI. The way his hands feel empty. How he knows tomorrow, when he goes to check in on the police headquarters, there won't be any bright, amused voice calling out to him, using that stupid nickname. How when he finally returns to his room... it's going to be too quiet. There won't be any quiet footsteps in the night.

He folds his arms over his chest, bowing his head.

"I'll come home. That's a promise."

He wants to be prouder than he is. He wants to be braver than he is. But all he can do is stand here, bowed against the wind, and cling to the memories he's always held so dear.
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As promised when they'd been texting earlier, Gunmax tried not to keep Kagerou waiting too long.

--Is what Gunmax would have liked to have happened, but what actually happened was that Gunmax ended up driving around for an hour trying to find a convenient way to get himself and Gunbike up to wherever Kagerou had decided to perch his birdself, gave up, and ended up climbing the rest of the way. Like sure, he'd wanted to pop on out here to make sure Kagerou was okay, maybe try to cheer him up if he needed it, but that was going to have to wait until he was done bitching.

When he finally got to his destination, he plopped down on his ass and started picking little branches out of one of his knee joints. Hi Kagerou.

"Oh my God, Kagebird. Not all of us can fly. Some of us losers are stuck on the ground, y'know. I mean, look at this! I've got pebbles in places I didn't even know I had!"
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Wing was still exploring the city. The place was large, and there were so many sights to see. Tonight he found himself here, in the mountains in one of the sectors...Alpha Trion's he was pretty sure.

He's not trying to be quiet, but he is naturally light on his feet. He'll come around into view, and pause at the sight of the lonely mech, looking as though he's deep in thought. He starts to turn away, but stops, just...reading something melancholy about the other. His spark goes out to the bot, and Wing, always one to want to help, debates a moment how best to approach.
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Gunmax just gave Kagerou the most deadpan look ever.


For like a solid thirty seconds.

"OH MY GOD. Of course it can! What the hell!? Why am I an idiot today!?"

Probably because he's been completely distracted ever since Power Joe decided to go off on his stupid mystical invisible fake girlfriend quest. Or what the fuck ever he'd run off to do. Gunmax didn't care why he was gone, just that he was. Anyway.

Gunmax ceased his ranting when he realized Kagerou was trying to help with the branches. Dammit and here he was being a loud asshole.

"Sorry, sorry."
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It's the voice. Wing's optics flicker in mild surprise when he realizes he recognizes that voice. He puts on a small smile. "Do you mind if I join you, Kagerou?"
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Wing approaches slowly, not wanting to make Kagerou up and take off on him. He'll look out over that view, seemingly at ease.

"This is a beautiful view. Do you come here often?"
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"Well I did anyway. No take backs."

He was quiet for a moment, just watching Kagerou work on his knee. Damn right today was difficult. Tomorrow probably would be too.

"Thanks. I probably woulda busted something trying to yank that crud out."
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"M'not worried." He knows Kagerou would have his back, yo. And hey. After all the unnecessary trouble Gunmax went through to get up here, he sure as hell wasn't stomping off any time soon.

He watched Kagerou's hands for a moment longer before turning away, looking out over the horizon. It was beautiful, but there was something a little sad about it. Something that just gave off lonely vibes, if Gunmax had to describe it. It was a good thing he didn't try to because that sounded stupid even to him.

"Nice view you got up here. Plannin' on building a nest?"
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Truthfully, Gunmax worries significantly more than he lets on, but it wouldn't be cool to let it show, now would it? NOPE.

Aside from worrying, another thing Gunmax wasn't particularly known for was letting people get all touchy feely on him. It was just a hand on his leg, though. He ultimately decided it wasn't a big deal, and just let Kagerou do what he wanted. Poor guy seemed a little off, anyway.

"They're pretty stubborn, y'know. Might be a little early to start keepin' watch."
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>,>...<,<...>,>.../should be trying to sleep, alarm goes off in six hours...

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Wing could hear the lie in the ninja's voice, and there was no missing how the mech shifted away from him. It hurt, for a number of reasons really. He didn't know this mech, or couldn't remember him in any case, and was being judged by something he could not control; that hurt. It also hurt to see how deeply "he" had hurt Kagerou by apparently leaving as he had. He wished he could make it right, explain himself, but he couldn't, and that made his spark ache too.

"Do you hate me so much now? Because I can't remember?"
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"That's not really unusual though."

Gunmax planted his hands on the ground behind him and leaned back. Might as well get comfortable, seemed like he was going to be up here for a while.

"Even if you know why they left and that they'll be okay, just the fact that they're not here, it. Y'know. It sucks. You're still gonna miss 'em no matter what. It's okay to be upset about it. Hell, it's normal."
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"Totally inadequate."

Well hell, he hadn't come up here to talk about himself (if you didn't count the bitching earlier, that is). He glanced at Kagerou, optics going wide behind his visor for a second as he thought over the question.

"Nah. What? No."

And then he paused again and actually for real thought about it, huffing out an exasperated sigh. "...Actually, yeah. Pretty upset. Guess I haven't been handling it too well, either."
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It wasn't long before something landed beside him. Well. Someone to be exact. But he did try his best to be quiet upon approach. Kagerou needed a moment, and he didn't wish to come crashing down on it. But Shadowmaru stood beside him, staring out in front of them silently.

He doesn't say anything. The weight of the situation was already heavy in the air. He could feel it in his AI. Most of all, he worried about Kagerou. With Kay and Power Joe gone, so suddenly like that... Shadowmaru was slightly afraid of how Kagerou felt. So many people had left him before. And now? Shadowmaru pursed his lips.

He shuffled a little closer and gently rested his head against his shoulder.
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Blurr was looking for Kagerou. he imagined that the robot would be feeling down over Kay disappearance, as well as the Power Joe's. it had been along day and he spent most of it working with Sentinel to reorganize things at the Police Force.

He was tired and instead of driving he was flying. In car mode. So, if Kagerou noticed a blue sport cars floating in mid air and getting close, that was why.

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