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Who: Knock Out & Starscream
What: Basically first meetings.
When: Some point during Starscream's first day
Where: Solus' temple to start
Notes: Totes not a date... Stop using human expressions KO. B(

[ Starscream is fashionably early, if only to give himself time to find the correct location. he stands outside the temple, looking around the area and already making comparisons between this temple and the one that he had awoken in. in the back of his processor, the scientist in him is curious if the FFs are responsible for the terrain and if it reflects upon the FF of the sector. their likes... their personalities...

it's a new experience. something other than war. that is enough for him to latch onto it and just enjoy before it inevitably backfires. ]

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No, never stopping with the human expressions.

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[Knock Out isn't, for once, fashionable late. He was curious about that particular Starscream and he arrived just in time as promised.

He leans against the gates, smiling at the other mech.] Ey there.
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And that's bad..........why? It's culture

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[Do you see any visible insignia on him? No, right? That means that Knock Out is on his own side most of the time. He's slowly learning to be part of a team, so he's at least trying to be a better mech.]

Oh, you were. I just arrived and was enjoying the view. Are you curious about the temple, I guess? An impressive structure, I'd say.
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<_< *cough*

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There are sectors that are nicer than others, I would pick Trion's any day over those with snow. It's more relaxing and there's a lake. But I wasn't talking about the landscape.

[He gets brownie point for trying, in Knock Out's opinion.]

Then please come in, I'll show you around and you can see where the clinics are located. When was the last time you had a check up?
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I will show you the wooooooorld ~

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It's bigger on the inside. [Knock Out looks serious and then chuckles.] Not it's not. The temple is just as big as it looks but I always wanted to say that. Tell me, have you ever been on Earth?

[Oh Knock Out only wants to have some fun, embarrassing newbies is his favorite pass time. Plus, he can appreciate a nice frame when he sees it. And because he's paying attention to Starscream's body language as they walk, he doesn't miss the nervousness.]

I'm going to take that 'a while' as a 'never'. How come you don't have one? havign medics around it's basic.
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B'[ <3?

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How lucky I am that you are so understanding. [Knock Out smiles, clearly joking and then seems surprised.] What were your doing there? Your Cybertron was still alive?

[Ah, poor Starscream.

Knock Out will change his view on doctors for sure.]

Ah yes, your Prime. He sounds an awful lot like the Megatron I used to know. Let's rejoice in the fact that none of them are here. However, that means that we need to have an appointment. Don't worry I'll be gentle. And I'll let you get used to this place first. [But the check up is still happening.]

Most of the medics are in the same temple, which is rather absurd if you ask me, as well as dangerous. [He shows Starscream the temple, pointing to places and giving explanations.]

There's more than one medbay: the main and bigger one is Solus's, then you have Glit's facility and my own clinic. At the beginning only Autobots worked in the main clinic, which made some bots here uneasy.
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8D yay ♥

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Sounds better than mine before we fixed it. Do you have to deal with scraplets too? [Such horrible little pests, Knock Out hates them with passion.]

You know, I wonder why all the megalomaniacs dictators have such fixation with Earth from all the planets. [Knock Out didn't like humans much but he liked the planet and their culture enough to not want it erased.

It will only be a few scans and a good cleaning of your rusty joints, don't be a protoform.]

We are quite the mixed lot in this planet so we needed a clinic that suit everyone's needs. We have neutrals, Autobots, Decepticons, Predacons,....Decepticons who changed sides. [He glances a Starscream briefly to judge his reaction before talking again.]

I can't imagine why I a big, strong looking, mech like you would have anything to fear.
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[What an unexpected reaction at the mention of metal piranhas. Knock Out's confused for a millisecond.] Right, medical purposes...[He's not buying that.] If I see a Scraplet in this planet I'll blast it away and if you value your life you should do the same. Is the best course of action with the little monsters.

[How can you like scraplets, Starscream, are you crazy?Is he inspiring something more than faith then? is he? ~~~]

Their names are Sky Lynx and Darksteel and they are brothers. The predacons were our ancestors. Back in my world Shockwave cloned them from some remains he found.
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The one I know can kill a mech in seconds and only really low temperatures can stop them. Unless you manage to crush them, but they move really fast.

[Those sounds adorable. The ones Knock out's describes....not so much.]

Shockwave was alone in the wasteland planet that was our cybertrone before we restored it, maybe that was the reason at first. But my bet is that he just went 'why not' and used the bones.

Sciencing, you know how that is. One day you are drawing formulas on a paper and the next day you need to get a bigger house because your new predacon's kid doesn't fit in it.
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Shame, I thought that was the norm among scientist. Guess that only makes you even more special.

He's a very special type of Shockwave too, what can I say? How is yours? Does he has two optics?
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No you wouldn't because of your modesty. And that only makes it better. [Can't stop, won't stop.] Common sense is a rare thing around here.

[Knock Out wouldn't categorize his own Shockwave as bad people per sé. Shockwave is in his own side and that side is often science. Granted, the mech has no problem blasting away anybody that gets in the middle of his plans too.]

Just like the one I know. It's hard to imagine him as an ambassador, though. He's not all that good at socializing.
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[Knock Out winks at him.] I am not like most mech, in case you haven't already noticed. [He knows more about insecurity that he lets people know. He won't make fun of Starscream for that. Uh huh. Keep telling yourself that.]

I wouldn't meet meeting your Shockwave, it would be quite the experience.
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I'm sure it would be an interesting conversation.

[Knock Out can't help but look pleased with himself. They pass by the main medbay and Knock Out gestures towards it's door but doesn't stop.]

Here's where red Alert, Ambulon and Ratchet work most of the time. If you ask me, it's a really bad idea to keep all your maedics in one single place with no security.

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No that I am aware. [He doesn't bother showing Starscream the emdbay because he's going to show in an awesome, shinny new clinic. his clinic.]

And I work there from time to time. It proves how naive some mechs can be.

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