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Starscream [ Shattered Glass ] ([personal profile] loyalflier) wrote in [community profile] re_alignment_logs2014-02-09 05:24 pm

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Who: Knock Out & Starscream
What: Basically first meetings.
When: Some point during Starscream's first day
Where: Solus' temple to start
Notes: Totes not a date... Stop using human expressions KO. B(

[ Starscream is fashionably early, if only to give himself time to find the correct location. he stands outside the temple, looking around the area and already making comparisons between this temple and the one that he had awoken in. in the back of his processor, the scientist in him is curious if the FFs are responsible for the terrain and if it reflects upon the FF of the sector. their likes... their personalities...

it's a new experience. something other than war. that is enough for him to latch onto it and just enjoy before it inevitably backfires. ]

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