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WHO: knock out and sentinel
WHERE: a nondescript area in the junk pile
WHEN: todaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
WHAT: idiots being idiots also one of them gets shot for being an idiot (it's knock out)
WARNINGS: a little bit of robo-blood and also probably lots of robot swearing

Quite possibly the worst thing about being surrounded by mechs you hate means that it gets quite hard to avoid them all.

Thankfully, the Junk Pile was a thing that existed and something that was hideously easy to find neat spots that no-one had any interest in going near. This space even had a neat little robo-couch! Those are so hard to find! Sentinel would carry it back to his room if he cared enough to clean it properly.

Oh, well. Back to being an avoidant dumbshit baby and shooting at those little makeshift targets he made with his totally-not-given-by-the-Pillar-gun. Stopping every now and then to make sure he's still alone and that no-one would get in the way like Cliffjumper taught him.
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It would be easier for Sentinel to avoid them if he was a fast mech but he ended with a snowplow as alternate mode instead of a beautiful sports car like Knock Out. Seriously? Who chooses something like that? The medic will never understand it but also will never stop making fun of Sentinel for it.

He's now taking advantage of his horsepower and driving at fast speed around all the Haven. Bulkhead still has to finish building his roads and when Knock Out get bored of the plain terrain of Trion's quadrant he head to the Junkpile. It's dirtier but it's also uneven and has interesting surfaces to drive on. He's going so fast that he's pretty much oblivious to everything around him.
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One day he's going to need a proper upgrade. With Sentinel's size and frame, Knock Out's sure a Chrysler would look nice.

He's not even looking at you buddy, scowl as much as you want. In fact, Knock Out doesn't even notice the other mech, nor did he notice any of the projectiles Sentinel shot randomly and that now are making their way down.

When the the first one hits the ground next to him Knock Out leaves skid marks on the ground when he makes an startled U turn. It's a second unexpected projectile what finally hits his side, causing him to flip and fell down one of the Junkpile's hills. Thanks Primus it's a small one but sounds of glass shattering and metal groaning can be heard while the car is flipping over and over and until it comes to a stop.
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You tell him, bro. The projectile wasn't so bad, the falling down over pieces of debris and junk was. Knock Out and bad luck go together like Batman and the night.

He manages to change back to robot mode after two failed attempts and one of his hands presses over his bleeding side, all the way cursing in a way that would make a Constructicon blush. For a mech who's usually more classy than that, Knock Out sure has a colorful language.

He would flip you off, Sentinel, if his head weren't buzzing. "W-was that you!? You son of a g...auughh!" Guess what, stressing his system is, surprisingly, not helping him much. I hope you aren't squeamish over bright blue robot blood, Sentinel.
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"Rocks don't fall from air and rocks don't explode! I've been shot at enough times to know when it's happening."

Out of habit, Knock Out reaches out for a prod he doesn't have anymore and cringes from the movement.

"S-stay away from me." The last thing he wants is a much bigger mech around him when he can't defend himself. In the past that never ended well. "I knew you were resentful about what happened between us but I can't believe you'd try to offline me for it."

Dramatic much? That's Knock Out for you in a normal day, it's time time worse when he's in pain. "Easier done than said."

He looks down, murmurs some more curses upon seeing all the scratches in his beautiful finish and then moves the hand away to give the wound a look. It bleeds even more when he's not pressing it close and the hand is back on its former place in seconds. He shakes his head, feeling dizzy. "I stabbed my side with a on the way down thanks to whatever you were doing. I can't fix it myself."
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Pretty sure he can't be more pissed than the guy who got close and personal with a hill filled with pointy debris. And how is he supposed to know you are telling the truth?

He knows people takes advantatge of others when they're this hurt. Then again Sentinel's an autobot. Yet not the best autobot ever either. The medic gives him a wary look.

"I'm not sure if that's a good idea either, moving would make the wound worse."
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Knock Out cringes again, this time because of the suggestion. He would pretty much avoid dying a second time. The medic opens his mouth to protest again when a sharp pain in his side makes him reconsider.

"Alright, I guess that things can't really get worse. I need to weld the wound close until I can get to my medbay and fix it properly but there's that little problem...when I stop pressing on the wound and remove my hand, it opens wide and bleeds more. I'm going to need you to help me with that. I hope your hands aren't dirty."

How do you feel about getting blood all over your persona, Sentinel? Because he's not taking a no for and answer.
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Knock Out exist because some time ago some crazy minded deity probably decided that Sentinel deserved to get laid at least once in his life and they needed someone insane enough to do the task. But that's not the point now.

"Oh that's great. I think I want it on my obituary." He almost growls, words being hissed between clenched teeth. In a different day he might have appreciated the joke. Maybe.

"Ah, this won't be an easy ride..." Quickly, since he still doesn't trust Sentinel to not change his mind and move his hands away, he activates the blowtorch built into his index finger.

Knock Out tries to seal the wound as fast as he can but it still hurts like hell. One doesn't need to be a doctor to know that his systems are struggling to keep him conscious. If something, Knock Out's even more aware of it because he knows the signs the body sends before is about to get into stasis. Once is done he still feels like death and he leans forward, almost passing out.
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"What did I do to deserve you, Sentinel." No, really. WHAT? He asks himself that very often. Knock Out's sure all this is bad karma for his previous decepticon life. Either is Sentinel's bad luck or his own bad karma, he's sure the universe is having a blast laughing at them.

Moving a hand up to hold onto Sentinel's arm for balance, Knock Out has to blink a few times before being able to answer. If asked, he will say he only grabbed the other mech's arm so he could frown at him properly. It's not as he needed the support or anything.

"In case you missed the bright blue pool around us, I'm short on energon right now." He's not letting you go, bro, if you want him to stand up you will have to help him. Knock Out's angry and that is helping but he's also a really pathetic creature when he's in pain.
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"I can't imagine who could be except you." He lives from sarcasm too. But he's not saying anything else for a few minutes, sighing in relief as he has something to lean on. Even if that something happens to be a someone.

" poor finish too..."
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"It takes a lot of time an effort to achieve this level of perfection" He snorts, almost affronted. "Not like any you would understand..."

Knock Out leans some more on Sentinel, optics dim. He's close to get into assistant, which can't be good in his current state. Perhaps someone should drag him to the medbay.
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"" Yep, he was dozing off. Give him a second to process all that.

"No, I sealed it well, it won't open unless you drop me. Are you really offering me help? Oh Primus, I am really DYING AREN'T I? Tell Sora I left him my buffer and my firelizard."

Aside from that, no one's allowed to touch any of his stuff.
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But he's sleepyyyyyy.

"Really considerate of you."

You say that as if he's going to complain about being carried to places. He could get used to it if it doesn't involve him bleeding to death. "You are stronger than you look like."
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"No way. I will come back as a phantom and haunt you all day." He leans against sentinel, closing his optics. "Fair point."
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"Ghn...stop that." Whine, whine, whine. He wrigles against Sentinel but he gets that he has to stay awake.

"Wrong. We had a ghost here, time ago. He had seem really amazing hair too. We also had demons. One was an angel first, though, she worked in my clinic as my secretary."

You might believe he's babbling due to energon loss, Sentinel, but no. All that happened.
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Oh sentinel, never underestimate how weir this place can get. Oh well, they can talk more once they get to the medbay.