deadlydoctor: (>:( No I wanted the opposite of this)
Knock Out ([personal profile] deadlydoctor) wrote in [community profile] re_alignment_logs 2014-05-22 04:44 pm (UTC)

Knock Out cringes again, this time because of the suggestion. He would pretty much avoid dying a second time. The medic opens his mouth to protest again when a sharp pain in his side makes him reconsider.

"Alright, I guess that things can't really get worse. I need to weld the wound close until I can get to my medbay and fix it properly but there's that little problem...when I stop pressing on the wound and remove my hand, it opens wide and bleeds more. I'm going to need you to help me with that. I hope your hands aren't dirty."

How do you feel about getting blood all over your persona, Sentinel? Because he's not taking a no for and answer.

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