☄️ Terrible Chin Being ☄️ ([personal profile] primest) wrote in [community profile] re_alignment_logs 2014-05-22 10:31 pm (UTC)

"I'll bear your last request in mind if you're unlucky enough to bleed out before we get back. You know, if I can get a word in edge ways before twenty different mechs fall over themselves to arrest me."

He's not looking forward to the fallout from this. No doubt, Knock Out will make a scene. Maybe the damage on him will cover the projectile marks. This is really not something he wants to deal with ever.

There's a sigh and he tries to discreetly look away as Knock Out works. Something about all that energon is just... squicks him out slightly. Sure, he's seen stuff like this before, but mechs from his universe don't tend to leak energon like that unless something vital got hit. When the medic is done and leans forward, he puts his other hand on his shoulder and pushes him back, frowning in annoyance. "You sealed it up. Stop behaving like a newly sparked protoform and get up."

If his days as a drill sergeant taught him anything, it's that making mechs angry enough with you to try and prove something usually motivates them to push themselves. Get to it, you red pansy.

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