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☄️ Terrible Chin Being ☄️ ([personal profile] primest) wrote in [community profile] re_alignment_logs 2014-05-21 11:51 pm (UTC)

He doesn't even bat an optic at that swearing. When you've been around Cliffjumper long enough (funnily enough, both the one from his own universe and the other one here seem to have a fondness for swearing a lot) you kind of stop caring. Not that he'd really cringe anyway.

If he's bothered by the energon, he's making an effort to not show it - instead choosing to try and remain detached and blase about the entire situation. "No. You must've hit a rock or something." That's an awful lot of energon. People don't usually bleed unless something vital was hit. Well, as long as Knock Out doesn't know about the whole gun thing and doesn't actually die, he'll be fine.

He moves to crouch down next to where Knock Out is whining. "You're the medic here. Try not to go offline."

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