deadlydoctor: (Inconceivable)
Knock Out ([personal profile] deadlydoctor) wrote in [community profile] re_alignment_logs 2014-05-22 12:06 am (UTC)

"Rocks don't fall from air and rocks don't explode! I've been shot at enough times to know when it's happening."

Out of habit, Knock Out reaches out for a prod he doesn't have anymore and cringes from the movement.

"S-stay away from me." The last thing he wants is a much bigger mech around him when he can't defend himself. In the past that never ended well. "I knew you were resentful about what happened between us but I can't believe you'd try to offline me for it."

Dramatic much? That's Knock Out for you in a normal day, it's time time worse when he's in pain. "Easier done than said."

He looks down, murmurs some more curses upon seeing all the scratches in his beautiful finish and then moves the hand away to give the wound a look. It bleeds even more when he's not pressing it close and the hand is back on its former place in seconds. He shakes his head, feeling dizzy. "I stabbed my side with a on the way down thanks to whatever you were doing. I can't fix it myself."

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