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[I'm horrible, take 2] [open~]

WHO: Ambulon, SG Ratchet; open woooo~
WHERE: Initially safe room where Ambulon's catatonic body was being kept; later, Solus's medbay
WHEN: A week after Ambulon went kaput.
WHAT: The good doctor wakes up from his canon update in copious amounts of pain. Fortunately for him, SG Ratchet is there to take him to the medbay! Second thread is for visitation with a very doped up leg; posted after Ratchet's response so chronologically fits. Feel free to badger him!
WARNINGS: Given Ambulon's state and the involvement of SG Ratchet, I'd say yeah. I don't think it'll get very gory, though.


If there is a way to describe the pain, it is much like having a hang-over. Fifty. At once. And falling down endless stairs. But you finally land, and you land in a fun pit of needles, spikes, and Legos. And as you crawl out, the guy you hate most in the world is there to kick you in the face. Even then, the pain is... indescribable.

When Ambulon woke, he could not remember what happened before his collapse, and just how he got to this room. But he remembers--oh, how he remembers--what transpired back in his world. Where he went back. Completely having forgotten all about this place. He remembers the Red Rust and the Lost Light and Luna-1 and Pharma? Alive? and then a chainsaw--a Goddamn chainsaw--splitting him in half. Lengthwise. And Pharma was the one to do it; the Pharma who had apparently survived and gone apeshit bananas.

Ambulon remembers that very moment when things got dark; when everything just... switched off. Cease to... be. And then...

Well, here he was. And he was in pain. Ambulon was whole and very much alive, but the pain of a chainsaw ripping through his system lingered, and it hurt too much to think, it hurt too much to talk, and panic was threatening to--no pun intended--rip him apart. But Ambulon had to get a hold of himself--at least a little, at least enough to punch in this SOS to the medical team. It's a huge feat for someone who is figuratively falling apart from the seams head to toe. Actually, it's more instinctive, mechanical.
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As predicted, breaking out of the prison was easy as fuck. Ratchet was almost concerned about lack of resistance, but chalked it up to the police force being incompetent assholes and also himself being super amazing and skilled at everything. Though, just walking out and not killing any of the guards was a bit of a downer. He didn't want to push his luck and go find the commissioner and break his neck, after all.

He went to Ambulon's new room, first of all. There was a guaranteed body in there and Ratchet figured if he gets ambushed again, he can use Ambulon to his advantage. You know, the usual "take a step closer and I'll cut his head off" bullshit.

...Just decided he's gonna take Ambulon's headpiece. As much as he'd like to take a bit more, like a leg, he doesn't have time. Should probably get this dumbass to the medbay before he dies! They're both medics, after all.
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[he frowns slightly then realises what he means.]

Of course. I'm going to take you to the medbay.
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[ratchet gently pulls ambulon's hand off the headcrest. don't damage it, asshole, he's taking that shit. then hoists his arm over one shoulder.

considering he's twice the size of the ratchet ambulon is used to, he might start to notice something's off.]

Unfortunately. I won't let that mad man near you, don't worry.
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[good, good.]

Of course I will. We can't let maniacs run around hurting people.


alright let's get you to the medbay. he'll tear your headcrest off just before he drops you off.]
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[yes, dear that's nice.

oh look at that, they're almost there.]
Of course, of course.

[ratchet leans ambulon against the wall near the medbay door. BRACE TO GET YOUR HEADCREST RIPPED OFF.]
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She'd come when there'd been some indication Ambulon was waking up, but even so, he didn't look exactly... all there. Which might have more to do with the painkillers than anything else.

"If I ask you how aware you are right now, what would you say?" Hopefully she's made enough noise in approaching she won't scare him out of his chassis as she settles down beside the slab, but she'll be able to catch him at least if she didn't?

Oh, and never mind the slightly rough pitch of her voice - she's not sure what it is but it's probably harmless since the medics haven't found anything...
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WAKE UP WAKE UP /bangs pots and pans

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"Are you sure about that, Am?" She smiles briefly and reaches out to squeeze his shoulder, shaking her helm. Considering the time it took for him to pick up on the fact that she was there, she's not sure how redundant that question really was.

But she's teasing, really.

"Phantom pains?" At that, her optics flicker a little and she looks down his chassis, but... well, all his pieces except... one thing. When did he loose that? "Something to do with the recharge?"
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She's good at picking up details, and the grimace is harder to miss than the flinch, but either way she notices both and sets her hand down on the berth instead. Still close, just not... touching.

"That's..." she sighs, and doesn't flinch or move. "An unpleasant way to die. And that means Pharma isn't safe." her optics narrows, because regardless of if Pharma remembers doing it, he's obviously not a safe option either way.
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She'd rather know than not, and is certainly happy he feels he can tell her. It's not as if she hasn't heard of, or seen, some gruesome things. It's just more unpleasant since she considers Ambulon a close friend.

"We'll make sure people know, one way or another..." Pause. She's not sure if she ought to ask now or later, but... "Ambulon. What happened to... your crest?" Because so far no one has really lost anything from going into recharge and remembering/whatever it is what has happened back home.
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It may take a few moments because Pharma is being absolutely silent except for an occasional muttered 'hm', but Ambulon will eventually notice a familiar jet medic lingering nearby with a chart in hand.

"Very interesting," he comments, keying the next page button with a faint smile. "I've always wanted to explore the inside of you like this. It's a pity you won't let me open you up anymore."
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/fashionably late

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Wakey Wakey, sleeping beauty. I saw you move, I know you are conscious.

[He was near after all, with a box in his hands filled with cleaners and different types of paint. He's been repainting Sentinel after the man showed up looking like a gray zombie.]
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I enver mind, don't worry

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[No one is ever in the mood for his sass. All that sarcasm potential, always wasted too. What is he going to do with you all? Keep mocking you, most likely.]

What do you think? [Knock Out shakes it so the familiar sound of canes is unmistakeable.] Paint, of course, Sentinel needed a make over.

[He holds the box in one hand while the other moves to his hip.] Are you still feeling dizzy? You lost quite a lot or fuel.
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[/Cries himself to sleep.]

Then don't move. [Knock Out rolls his eyes.] I repainted Sentinel because he was all grey but I should repaint your everything.

[Please, a hello kitty, really?

Dora the explorer is so much more trendy right now.]
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[Learn to have some fun.]

Please would I prank you when you are in this vulnerable state? [A pause.] ....okay I would. But today I won't.

However, I'm going to fix your awful finish once and forever. Don't go anywhere while I mix the gold and orange in the spray paint gun. [Ha ha as if you could leave.]