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[I'm horrible, take 2] [open~]

WHO: Ambulon, SG Ratchet; open woooo~
WHERE: Initially safe room where Ambulon's catatonic body was being kept; later, Solus's medbay
WHEN: A week after Ambulon went kaput.
WHAT: The good doctor wakes up from his canon update in copious amounts of pain. Fortunately for him, SG Ratchet is there to take him to the medbay! Second thread is for visitation with a very doped up leg; posted after Ratchet's response so chronologically fits. Feel free to badger him!
WARNINGS: Given Ambulon's state and the involvement of SG Ratchet, I'd say yeah. I don't think it'll get very gory, though.


If there is a way to describe the pain, it is much like having a hang-over. Fifty. At once. And falling down endless stairs. But you finally land, and you land in a fun pit of needles, spikes, and Legos. And as you crawl out, the guy you hate most in the world is there to kick you in the face. Even then, the pain is... indescribable.

When Ambulon woke, he could not remember what happened before his collapse, and just how he got to this room. But he remembers--oh, how he remembers--what transpired back in his world. Where he went back. Completely having forgotten all about this place. He remembers the Red Rust and the Lost Light and Luna-1 and Pharma? Alive? and then a chainsaw--a Goddamn chainsaw--splitting him in half. Lengthwise. And Pharma was the one to do it; the Pharma who had apparently survived and gone apeshit bananas.

Ambulon remembers that very moment when things got dark; when everything just... switched off. Cease to... be. And then...

Well, here he was. And he was in pain. Ambulon was whole and very much alive, but the pain of a chainsaw ripping through his system lingered, and it hurt too much to think, it hurt too much to talk, and panic was threatening to--no pun intended--rip him apart. But Ambulon had to get a hold of himself--at least a little, at least enough to punch in this SOS to the medical team. It's a huge feat for someone who is figuratively falling apart from the seams head to toe. Actually, it's more instinctive, mechanical.

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