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the bells are ringing....

who Drift, Wing, with-permission Barricade and OPEN
what schmoopy nuptials
when nowish
where A crystal geode cave near Solus's
warnings no unhappy allowed.
right, a place in his chassis feeling warm and fulfilled just thinking about it. Wing, his conjunx endura.

From the gutters of Rodion to here. It was a long, impossible journey, a second chance he probably didn't deserve but was determined not to waste. If he could make Wing happy, he'd devote his life to it. Not because he felt he had to, but because he wanted to.

But there's the nervousness of the event to be gotten through. He's spent days, lying in Solus's, yet again, trying to envision this as perfect, as beautiful as he could make it. Wing's love of symbolism was contagious: he wanted their union to get off on a bright start, despite the dark path things seemed to be taking lately.

The stars glimmer overhead, almost dimmed by the bright glow from the geode and the flitting lights of the glowing bugs. Sound seems to emanate from the geode, a soft, piezoelectric ping, soft music that seems somehow fitting for the occasion. He's strung a long garland made of the scraps of fabric from one of Wing's magpie pile, slipping into it a panel from that dreaded skirt he wore when he was human, and a sleeve of one of Vandal's sweaters. He still wished she could be here, making fun of how nervous he was, keeping him level.

He's invited people, but with the way things are lately, he's not sure who can come. But he hopes, as he looks up the path he'd made from shining metal panels he's scavenged in the Junk Yard, that at least some of them show up, if only to have someone else see how beautiful Wing is as he walks down that aisle, fire lizard twined around him. He offers a nervous smile at Barricade as the taller mech arrives: Barricade's patched him up more than once, and been, well, a good friend, even though Drift was pretty sure the other mech didn't believe any of the religious stuff. Still, it was a start, and witnesses made it all the more, well, real.

OOC: starter threads for Ceremony and After Ceremony Mingling. Feel free to join either. :D
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It's a bit rushed and simple and not nearly as formal as the old rituals he knows of thanks to the Circle, but what matters is the sentiment. He knows, has come to accept that their time here in Haven is limited. The fact that none of the previous generations of refugees is here is testament to that. Add the waves of violence in recent months and nearly losing Drift to the Badlands, it was clear there should be no more waiting.

He knew Drift was Tarn's preferred next target, that much had been made plenty clear. But fear, particularly fostered by Tarn, is the last thing that Wing would let rule over them. Since they'd been forbade of taking action against Tarn, this was their best means to fight him: have happiness despite the DJD's every attempt to make it otherwise.

None of that is on Wing's mind at this moment though, even if it is what spurred it all into fruition. No, Ambulon is with him--another mech that deserves happiness despite Tarn's insistence otherwise--escorting the knight down the shining metal path towards the little geode cave. He is buffed and shined to a high gloss, his armor startlingly white. Filament strands, dotted with small crystals, drape in arcs between his audial fins and hang to either side of his crest while swirls of red paint decorate the white armor of his helm and curl up from his wrists. Wing can't help but break into a broad smile when he reaches the entrance to the geode and sees Drift, one that's lit from within, his optics flickering as his spark pulses hard.
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Afer the ceremony

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The ceremony was like nothing Blurr had ever sen. In his world he knew that some bots became partners for life but they didn't had a word for it, like Chromedome and Rewind, or a proper ceremony like the one he just saw.

It was beautiful and sweet and the blue mech was smiling all the time, glad to have something to celebrate. Once it was over he waited until the grooms weren't so busy to approach them.

"That was lovely."
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Ravage had wondered where Megatron was taking him, and why he had to hand over his Link device. When he asked, all he got was "Somewhere fun."

Now that they were at the ceremony, Ravage's eyes lit up. "Ooooo!" And he starts blogging away on the data pad that thankfully does not connect to the Link. He can always post thing later, when Megatron gives his Link device back. That is, if he remembers.
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Wing can't stop beaming. It had been perfect, not in the storybook way he's always imagined, but because it was real and theirs and they made it happen despite the odds. Small, intimate, with only a few close friends; it was a time for levity, reflection and being thankful for the good things still in life.

By now, as the simple reception has rolls around, Wing has lost most of his dangling crystal veil and the fire lizard on his shoulders has gained some of it, but the red swirly paint still adorns his white armor along with the new blue markings on his chestplates made by Drift's hand during their vows. The jet moves around making certain to speak to everyone there, happy to see every one of them.
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It hadn't been very easy, getting Ambulon out of his (new) room. He was going to return to work in a day or two, yet... But with a little cajoling, determination to keep going, wanting to congratulate friends, and an escort, Ambulon came. It had been... It had been quite beautiful. He'd never been to a ceremony like this, actually. It was unique, though.

As soon as their fates were sealed - no, that wasn't-- that wasn't the proper phrasing to use, but he-- he can't think clearly right now - Ambulon felt as if he did everything that needed to be done.

There were tired, black and purple rings around his sunken sickly-yellow optics where lack of sleep and damaged visual circuits burned the metal away into something more thin and almost tissue-like. And he just couldn't stop looking at the entrance every few minutes as if a clown were going to burst in.

A clown with an Uzi. What a horrible wedding gift that would be. Oh, did he need to bring a gift? He read something about that. Shit.

Ambulon approached Wing and though it took some effort, his weak smile was genuine. "I'm very happy for you and Drift," he said. "Though I guess this was simply for show, as you two have been bonded for quite a while now." He's lightly ribbing and teasing, haha, and he checks the entrance again, quickly looks back to Wing. "But I think I should go. It's... It's been fun, and again, I'm very happy for you both."

And though he doesn't want to bring this up at this time - inappropriate for the event, after all - Ambulon looked Wing in the optics and said, very quietly, "Remember what I said. Keep an eye on Drift. Keep him close. Consider a second shadow."
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Megatron made it a goal to seek out both newly weds, hoping to wish them both the best. Seeing Wing he moved toward the mech with a bright smile and reached a hand out to give him a firm arm clasp, rather than attempt a hug.

"Congratulations, and I am glad to see such happiness growing even in the darker times we are having here." He started, only briefly touching on the reality outside the geode cave. "It warms my ember to see love grow and become something so powerful, I have not had a chance to see it in a long time, and often it's easy to forget what it means is missing from the world."
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For Drift

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At the reception Megatron took the time to try to seek out Drift, wanting to share his congratulations with the newly wed. He looked both among others there and in any off to the side areas, wondering if the swordmech was taking a break from the celebration.