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[Open] and this is WHY no one is supposed to go out there, especially alone

WHO: IDW Perceptor and anyone who wants to come help rescue his wangsting aft
WHERE: Beyond the bounds of Haven, out in the badlands
WHEN: BACKDATED to just after Drift's post where he's looking for Perceptor.
WHAT: Perceptor's been missing for a while; that got noticed, and now they're heading out to find him.
WARNINGS: None yet. Just whiny angst of the dumb nerd variety.

notes: actual peril that Perceptor needs rescued from will get posted once the team posts in and is ready.

It's been both harder, and easier, than Perceptor had expected, keeping himself busy out in the wastes beyond Haven, away from the city and its residents. Rocket had been surprisingly good company for most of the sojourn, neither allowing Perceptor to dwell over-much, nor prying into the sniper's melancholy, although the cycle when the Guardian had demanded to be allowed to look at Perceptor's rifle had been a bit tense, until Perceptor had relented. He'd planned on indulging in a little smug gloating - just a little - after Rocket had finished, assuming that there would have been no possible manner in which the raccoon could make any improvements on his precious, personally designed and hand-built weapon.

He'd been pleasantly surprised when Rocket actually had managed to increase the rifle's range and accuracy. Surprised, and a tiny bit vexed; how had it been possible? His rifle had been perfect. HE had designed it! And yet... Now, it is better.

Which had been quite useful in dealing with the odd creatures he and Rocket had come across during their travels. Before they'd found the Crevice, that is.

Just before their last trip to run their scavenged supplies back to Haven, they'd come across a deep, impossibly deep canyon. Perceptor's sensors hadn't been able to penetrate to its depths, and the few tracks and trails that had looked like they might meander into its depths, had looked too dangerous to attempt with the load of materials they'd been toting along at the time. Here and there, the crevice's walls had been scored by deep cracks that glowed from within as fresh energon would glow, but the lambent illumination from the deepest depths of the crevice itself had shadowed even the fissures' glow. He'd seen that spectrum of light before, that color winkling up from the unscannable abyss - impression crystals, with their information storing latices give off such a band. If the crevice holds either energon or impression crystals, such a find would be invaluable to Haven.

Hence why Rocket is, even now, back in Haven, notifying those who would be most useful in assisting with exploring the Crevice, while Perceptor has returned, alone, to more thoroughly mark its location.

And, perhaps, do a little exploring of his own, before anyone else arrives. Anyone else from Haven, that is.

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And that's exactly why Rocket is making his way through Haven, with a large insecticon following him, looking for anyone he can that will help them out. There was something about that Crevice that didn't sit well with him, especially after Perceptor had told him that his sensors didn't work on it. And when the other had said he would stay behind to check things out?

Yeah. Really not sitting well with him. At all.

Making his way to the police building, figuring that was the best way to go even if he didn't really like them, Rocket thought--momentarily--about contacting the Wreckers as well. This was sort of right up their alley and whatnot.

But there wasn't time to get a huge group together because God knows what trouble Perceptor was going to get himself into being out there alone.
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This work?

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Wing doesn't often spend time at Police Headquarters, but with the current investigation being what it is, he decides to stop in for an update after finishing some law committee business next door.

He's about to reach for the door when a strange sight catches his optic: the most unlikely pair similarly approaching Police HQ, a raccoon person and an extremely bug-like mech. Really it's the insecticon that grabs his attention, the thing just looks like a whole lot of potential bad news at first glance, and it makes him freeze on the front steps, optics swiveling between it and it's shorter companion.