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When skies are cloudy and gray, they're only gray for a day...

WHO: Vandal and Wing
WHERE: The yet-unnamed bar at Haven’s Hub. (the rec center)
WHEN: Sometime last week, after Drift leaves for the Badlands and before the bar opens officially
WHAT: Finishing touches on the bar and decorating for the grand opening. Also friends drinking and being stupid. Probably more of the latter than the former, whoops.
WARNINGS: Vandal's mouth, and probably bad innuendo and sex jokes?

It'd been a trying time: friends lost, unseen enemies, and forces they didn't completely understand let alone how to fight. Drift's declaration of love and the following dedication between them was a shining bright point among it all, but lingering on it also brought worry alongside it: because Drift was on a dangerous mission out in the Badlands and who knew what the result would be.

But he had faith in Drift. He just needed to be patient. Keeping busy helped, a lot. Plus he'd promised Drift he'd watch after Vandal. No more friends were allowed to disappear. The bar's grand opening was coming soon and they needed to make sure everything was working properly. Plus the place needed some decoration, it was far too stark and bland the way it was currently.

And so here's Wing, seated on the floor and humming to himself, surrounded by a whole lot of junk that could be pretty or interesting with the right treatment.
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Vandal has thus busied herself with dusting off the bar itself, which is more like a floor to her. So she's taking a mop to it.

"How's it going down there, Wingbits?" She says, huffing a breath and pausing to tie her hair back into a short ponytail (odd that she can even do that now, she needs a haircut.)

"Any creative juices flowing?"

She knows the most creative juices are often the alcoholic kind.
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LOL ok <333

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"Yeah well. Don't look at me. I couldn't art my way out of a paper bag. I only fix shit."

She tosses the mop down to the floor and hops down one of the stools to join her winged companion.

"That's 'tequila', and it gives me an idea."

She strokes her chin, looking over the collection of scraps.

"What better for creativity than a few drinks? Just to loosen things up and let the creative juices flow and stuff."
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"Oh my god you are ridiculous sometimes. Jeez."

She grins in spite of that, though. What a cheese ball.

"Yep! Gotta live while you can, right? Besides, somebody has to uh... test it! To make sure it's good for drinking and stuff. Can't have defective product, now can we?"

Innocent smile.
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"You doof."

Between you and Drift... what a troop of adorable dorks.

"Exactly. So. Let's do this!" She's already scampering around the bar, pulling out a few cases of vodka and some of the tequila and rum.
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She can't help but laugh.

"I think you'll live."

Opening one of the crates and pulling out a bottle, she looks up at him and shakes her head.

"Hell no. Just taking one of each. For you know. Sampling."
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She uses his leg as leverage to climb up to sit on the bar itself. Yeah, she's getting really good at climbing these guys. Even with a bottle in hand. Talent.

"Oh I know. We're really taking one for the team here, Wing. What would anyone do without us?" She gives him a cheeky smile and goes about fixing herself her first drink.
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"Exactly. Probably worse. This will be a great nation or something." She waves a dismissive hand and starts in on her first drink.

"So Wing. You think you can drink me under the table?"

Why yes, that is a challenge.
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She eyes him suspiciously. Bad ideas were kind of her thing, after all. Her glass meets the bar with a firm clunk and she peers at him intently.

"What makes you say that?"

Getting hammered with giant robots has been a favorite passtime since her arrival. Fort Max being the worst offender, but she's never actually seen Wing well and truly hammered.

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The smile widens and she looks utterly delighted as he explains.

"Oh," She says, waving a dismissive hand, "That kind of thing really isn't a problem with me, Wing."

The chance to see him without the prim and proper attitude is too great to pass up.

"Come on. It's just us. And look me in the face and tell me I'd be offended. Really."

It's really quite hard to offend her. At least with that sort of thing.
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She gives him the most sincere, pleading look. Look at her Wing, isn't she just the face of responsible decision making and reliability?

"Yesssssssssssssssss. You can count on it." She nods sagely, one hand over her heart as if swearing that she won't let absurd, reckless decisions be made is definitely her forte.

"I mean really. What's the worst that could happen, right?"
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"Yeeees, yes, I promise, I won't use this for blackmail purposes or whatever." She wiggles in her spot, grinning at him expectantly.

"What awkward conversations? Everything has the potential to be awkward, booze or no. Come on. Or are you afraid?" Yeah so she totally remembers all that awkward, but at the same time, she's so set on goading him into this that she's going to play dumb.

"Just do it. Do it. Do it do it do it."
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"Finnnneee, fine. Gosh, you have your reputation to protect. Being that proper gentleman and all." She flashes him a wicked teasing grin.

"Yes. I am. I take great pride in my hardheadedness," She lifts her glass and takes a drink, raising an eyebrow at him.

"It's on, then, Sparkles."
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lol wanna timeskip to when they're blasted?

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"We shall see."

Okay then. If he's gonna match her drink for drink she has no problem there. She finishes off her own glass and pours another, tipping it back with no qualms.


Is gonna be great.
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"Um. To. To your little headfin thingers. They're cute. Now drink it."

She's not even trying anymore, the contest long since forgotten, she's three sheets to the wind, sprawled across his lap. Having given up on cups, she simply takes a drink from the bottle.

"Wing if you were king of the universe what would you do first?"
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Oh the little flap-wiggle those things just did is the most wonderful thing she's ever seen.

"Holy SHIT!" She's stifling desperate laughter about it before starting to climb him.

"Okay, that's good. Yeah, th-rude?" She finds that funny too, for some reason, reaching up to sort of slip against his face and head so she can lean over and try to figure out what the wiggle-mechanism is on his flares.

"But I guess I can get behind kittens. What did they do for Whirl? Last I checked he was still a cockmuncher. He did let me see it though so I guess he's only a minor cockmuncher. Wing do that wiggly thing again."
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"Oh hush. Hush hush shoosh I'll wash you later, ok?" Just for good mesure she unclips her boots and tosses them to the floor. She has better purchase on the smooth metal in bare feet anyways.

Now she can go back to playing with his finials.

"I'm being as gentle as I can you are such a little whiner." This is punctuated with a laugh which grows when he says the word 'dicks'.

"HAHAHA oh my god did you just say that? And it means dicks. Say it again. Better yet say 'fuck'. Say like. Like 'I'm Wing, don't fuck with me.' Say it."
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LMAO yes perfect

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"God you guys are so damn into each other it's cute. You're both so fucking lucky. And I totally would."

Her touch turns less experimental and more tuned to comfort him.

"You can feel me breathe huh? Like I was alive or something, imagine that." But then again breathing isn't a thing they do, so she can kind of understand why it would be a point to notice.

The helm flair she was patting gets a joking tweak.

"Haha- yes. And that's kind of the point. Seriously it's just you and me here. Say whatever you want!"
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He gets a lopsided smile, barely stifled laughter.

"I'm so proud of you, baby. Your first F-bomb. God you're adorable." She pats his head apologetically, leaning over to kiss his forehead.

Her hands go back to petting, nimble fingers working into places hard to reach.

"I guess it's not really something you guys do. Breathing. In a way, I guess. But not really. I don't even think about it."
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"Ohhh you're just saying that." She grins, rubbing the spot she'd kissed with her thumb before sliding over his shoulder and flopping comfortably into his lap.

"I'll bet it does. You know humans can breathe through their noses, too."

Because that is totally just as good.
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"Oh honey calm down."

It's great when giant robots shape their behavior to make you comfortable. She gladly nestles down a bit more in his lap.

"Yeah. I know, doesn't really seem logical, but yes."

Calmly, she watches him attempt to refill, chuckling as he makes a mess.

"Wing... maybe you've had enough."
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"Ohhhh sorry." Someone have a problem with a squirmy human in your lap? She certainly doesn't have half the mind to stop moving though. Mostly just voices the apology.

She barks a too-loud laugh.

"No, but you're definitely plastered, you big lush!" She reaches back and tweaks the wiring in his knee-joint with a lopsided grin.
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"You are correct." She doesn't even bother denying it. That's too much effort.

"And you're louder. Always. You're bigger. I'm just compensating." Totally makes sense. Though that's truer in a sense than she realizes.

"That's kind of the point, Wing."