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When skies are cloudy and gray, they're only gray for a day...

WHO: Vandal and Wing
WHERE: The yet-unnamed bar at Haven’s Hub. (the rec center)
WHEN: Sometime last week, after Drift leaves for the Badlands and before the bar opens officially
WHAT: Finishing touches on the bar and decorating for the grand opening. Also friends drinking and being stupid. Probably more of the latter than the former, whoops.
WARNINGS: Vandal's mouth, and probably bad innuendo and sex jokes?

It'd been a trying time: friends lost, unseen enemies, and forces they didn't completely understand let alone how to fight. Drift's declaration of love and the following dedication between them was a shining bright point among it all, but lingering on it also brought worry alongside it: because Drift was on a dangerous mission out in the Badlands and who knew what the result would be.

But he had faith in Drift. He just needed to be patient. Keeping busy helped, a lot. Plus he'd promised Drift he'd watch after Vandal. No more friends were allowed to disappear. The bar's grand opening was coming soon and they needed to make sure everything was working properly. Plus the place needed some decoration, it was far too stark and bland the way it was currently.

And so here's Wing, seated on the floor and humming to himself, surrounded by a whole lot of junk that could be pretty or interesting with the right treatment.

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